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OmniPeace Signorelli Shirts: End Extreme Poverty in Africa by 2025

Boutique to You and C.L.I.C.K. Bag
Featured on Style Bakery

Kidada for Disney Couture...Fairytales Do Come True!

Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan love this new couture collection inspired
by Disney's princesses and designed by Kidada Jones.

Hilary Duff Loves Her
CC SKYY Bamboo Earrings

Vitamin A Swimwear by Amalia Stevens is HOT this summer!

View our entire hairdo� collection!

The Moni Moni Splendor handbags are the darlings of the Hollywood fashion scene. Recently spotted with Paris Hilton, Brooke Shields, and Lindsay Lohan to name a few!

Made in Italy then washed and tinted with an innovative technique that renders them supple and vintage looking, these buttery soft genuine leather bags will soon be your wardrobe staple like a comfy pair of jeans!

Carrie Valentine Handbags!
Ahead of the fashion curve with sleek sophistication....

Sir Alistair Rai!
Making the World a Better Place one Tee at a Time!

Sir Alistair Rai

Click on the image to watch Jessica and Ken discuss their new hairdo hair extensions product line. Also included in this video is Ken Paves explaining how to wear hairdo extensions.


Vita Bracelets seen on Jessica Simpson, Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie!


If you need leggings with a little more control, try Spanx Footless Tights!

Cello Lined Fur Hoodies
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