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5 Easy Steps to Store Your CBD Gummies

August 13, 2022 5 min read

5 Easy Steps to Store Your CBD Gummies

5 Easy Steps to Store Your CBD Gummies

CBD gummies require refrigeration to serve you right, and so will seal the gummies in a jar. The guidelines for proper storage will require avoiding excess light and keeping them away from moisture and from being vulnerable in the house.

If you have acquired CBD gummies, there will always be concerns about storage, particularly after breaking off the seal. It's no doubt that CBD is effective, and because of this, they are gradually dominating the market. Unlike CBD topicals and tinctures, gummies are more discreet and convenient. The variety of flavors also makes it possible for people to avoid the natural flavor of gummies. Storage has a huge impact on the safety of gummies. Although many places may serve well for storage, the bottom line is to store in a cool, dry area and avoid tampering with their quality.


Kornnonntud (2018) stated that gummies should be stored in cool, dry places, and a fridge will serve just right. Considering the number of gummies you have purchased, it would be beneficial to store them appropriately for durability. Čižauskaitė et al. (2019) noted that properly storing the gummies would help prevent bacteria growth and ensure that the gummies last longer. Considering how often you use the gummies, you can store a few in the fridge for short-term use, maybe for a day or two, then store the rest in the freezer. Preserving them in the freezer will maintain their original taste and effectiveness. For better results, consider putting the gummies in the freezer immediately after unpacking them; this will go a long way in preserving their effectiveness, original taste, and durability. This is in the case where you have bought them in bulk.

Sealing in a Jar

For durability, keep them airtight in a jar as another storage method. Crino et al. (2007) found that gummy exposure to air interferes with their effectiveness, taste, and durability. A tightly sealed jar will not be habitable for bacteria reproduction and multiplication, often with those that require oxygen to reproduce. Sealing gummies in a jar prevents decay and even humid tampering due to the air tightness inside the jar. Another benefit of sealing gummies in a jar is that it keeps the gummies safe from pests, bugs, and pets. One thing to consider when using a jar as a storage method is that it is better to go for opaque jars since they prevent the gummies from being exposed to light. Light, especially sunlight, might melt the gummies.

Away From A Vulnerability Within The House

You might consider how far you keep the gummies from their reach if you have kids. Kids are adventurous, and exposing them to gummies may bring havoc in the house since they may be tempted to taste or even chew them. They resemble candy, and their different flavors might make children mistake them for regular candy. Brown & Winterstein (2019) specified that CBD gummies might have adverse side effects on children, particularly those with a higher potency. These side effects might be severe considering that kids have weaker bodies than adults. Depending on the child's age and CBD type in the gummy, this may go as far as death. Consider storing them at higher points away from the reach of children. If you keep the gummies in a bottle or jar, ensure that the jar is airtightly sealed to avoid easy access by children if they come across the CBD gummies. 

Avoid Excess Light

Heating the gummies will lead to the breakdown of proteins, decreasing the quality and damaging the gummies. Exposing the gummies to a lot of light, especially from the sun, might interfere with their effectiveness. Storing them in the fridge or freezer is considerable. Refrigeration is the preferred choice as it also improves the durability of the gummies. Place gummies in opaque containers when using the freezer or fridge for preservation; this is mostly in the case that the gummies had not been packed in a bottle.

Away from Moisture

Gummies also lose their effectiveness when exposed to moisture which hardens them. Consider preservation free from moisture to guarantee their effectiveness, original taste, and durability. For instance, you might want to refrigerate the gummies to ensure they are moisture-free and that the switch is always on. This will create a conducive environment for the gummies. Even though it is not recommended to store the gummies in direct sunlight, it is also not advisable to place them in dark places as you put them at the risk of attracting mold. Temperature is also essential in the storage of gummies as it directly impacts their function and quality.

Avoid Contamination And Bugs

If you want to keep enjoying gummies with no side effects, avoid leaving them in the open, exposing them to germs. When mixed with unnecessary materials, gummies are more likely to draw germs when exposed to the open ore. As many people would prefer refrigeration, ensure that the containers used in their storage are thoroughly cleaned and dried before placing the gummies.

It would be best to be careful where you place the gummies, even when placing them on the table or carelessly; they might attract insects such as flies because of their sugary taste. Promptly inspect the place of preservation to ensure it is bug-free. Bugs may come as a minor concern, but again they may distort their quality since they love eating everything sweet they come into contact with. Store them in a clean container and, as a precaution, check on the tidiness and safety of the storage area.


Even though they are striking the market with a bang, CBD products are a bit expensive compared to other health and wellness products. Leave expense alone; they also require more care when handling since CBD products, in this case, gummies, may harm the body if not properly handled. Remember children's safety when storing them. This is because gummies present adverse effects when children consume them so severely that they may lead to death. However, the severity of gummies will depend on their potency; the higher the potency, the more severe side effects they have on children. Gummies should be stored in cool, dry places for durability. Check on the condition of gummies whenever you are retrieving them to avoid using sour gummies; check on their smell and taste, and in some instances, their color might also change. Proper storage will go a long way to keep you safe from the side effects of ingesting bad gummies, such as diarrhea and severe headaches.


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