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8 Reasons CBD in MCT Oil Is Good for You

September 05, 2022 5 min read

8 Reasons CBD in MCT Oil Is Good for You

8 Reasons CBD in MCT Oil Is Good for You

CBD's natural state, when extracted, is powder. Therefore, CBD is combined with different oils, including coconut and hemp oil, to gain the oil status, giving it the base. This article will explain more about CBD and why CBD in MCT oil is good for you.

When you talk about CBD oil, it refers to an organic compound derived from the hemp plant, then combined with a carrier oil (CBD +oil). Furthermore, the concentration of CBD in the MCT oil is even. CBD is widely popular for its therapeutic benefits, such as relieving anxiety and improving mood. Furthermore, CBD has no psychoactive effects. CBD has been legalized and is widely used in many states, including in the US, where it is used for medical purposes, treating two rare forms of epilepsy. You should consider having CBD in your MCT oil for many reasons.

Better Absorption of CBD

The human body cannot absorb concentrated CBD through the digestive tract. To enhance the effective absorption of CBD into the body, the compound can be mixed with MCT oil to increase its absorption ability. Therefore, it can dissolve faster, increasing its bioavailability, and thus CBD quickly dispenses its effects. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors, which are found in the central nervous system of the human body. The cannabinoid's structure is the same as the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Although people respond differently to cannabidiol, CBD works for the body's general wellbeing, unlike THC. According to Watt & Karl (2017), THC is the most common marijuana compound known for its psychoactive effect.

Fast Absorption of CBD

CBD oil is mixed with other carrier oils, which speeds up the absorption rate of CBD into the body, just like MCT oil. MCT oil's chemical structure is smaller than other oils and thus makes it easier for the body to break it down, enhancing faster absorption. CBD is the most common cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, and the hype around it is increasing since it is associated with various health benefits. According to Überall (2020), CBD can help relieve various forms of pain, such as neurological pain and muscle and joint pain. It has limited side effects since it is a natural remedy, unlike the over-the-counter prescriptions, which can cause headaches and increased fatigue, affecting your daily activities. Based on the research, most patients who used CBD exhibited tremendous benefits compared to those who used a placebo. For example, people with arthritis gain their motion since the compound can relax the muscles, reducing pain and inflammation.

Helps Measure CBD Oil Servicing

People have different takes on CBD and its effect. However, getting the right dosage can prove challenging. It is difficult since people's physical reaction to CBD is diverse; thus, starting slow and small while using any form of CBD is advisable and gradually increasing the dosage to your satisfaction. CBD is highly potent, even in small amounts; thus, it will need a small accurate tool to measure the compound. However, when the compound is mixed with the MCT oil, it makes it slightly easier to measure the right dosage.

Furthermore, most people who use CBD understand the importance of finding the right dosage since it depends on your weight, age, and frequency of using CBD. Although CBD does not work similarly for everyone, it is also good to know the pros and cons of CBD oil. You can know how it works for you by consulting a medical doctor.

Prevents Bacterial Growth

Your body is exposed to dangerous living organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Therefore, several organic products may require additional protection against disease-causing microorganisms. According to Gildea et al. (2022), CBD can help prevent various infections in the body and the skin since it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

For example, CBD can treat different skin infections, including acne and psoriasis. Additionally, MCT oil can prevent bacterial growth and thus can protect CBD oil's shelf life and potency. You can benefit from it when it is of good quality. On average, CBD oil's shelf life is slightly more than a year. Still, exposure to factors such as light, high temperature, and moisture can decrease the shelf life because it increases the decomposition rate.

Improves cognitive function 

Researchers suggest that MCT oil can help improve your cognitive functioning since it works as an energizer for the brain. Your brain, at times, might need a boost to function better and more effectively; brain activity can be impeded at times, causing a loss of focus and thus affecting your productivity. According to Bitencourt & Takahashi(2018), CBD can alleviate mental health disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder and Alzheimer's disease. Based on the research and the review from various specialists, most patients showed significant improvement after incorporating CBD into their daily routine.

Provides Energy for the Body

Undoubtedly, the body requires energy to function properly, thus improving the efficacy of various body organs and systems, such as the circulatory and excretion systems. The oil can easily break down and thus be absorbed faster in the body, providing more energy.

MCT Oils Are Clear and Tasteless

CBD has a natural earthy and bitter test, and thus most people tend to love using CBD with its natural test. When the oil is mixed with CBD, it does not affect its taste since the oil is clear and tasteless. Similarly, MCT oil can be easily added to various products, including smoothies and beverages. Thus, an individual can benefit from both CBD and MCT oils without changing the taste of the salad and smoothie.

MCT Oil Can Help with Weight Loss

Many people have turned to natural remedies for losing weight. MCT oil is the most common in the keto community, which is believed to impact the body by enhancing weight loss.


There are different reasons why you should consider using CBD in MCT oil. For example, it is easily absorbed, can help with weight loss, helps in boosting brain functioning, reenergizes the body, and prevents infections in the body. Furthermore, CBD is widely appreciated for its health benefits, including pain relief, alleviating mental disorders, and preventing infection in the body and the skin since it has an antibacterial effect. The only approved CBD drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Epidiolex which is used in treating two uncommon forms of epilepsy.


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