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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    Which CBD product is suitable and effective? Have you ever tried CBD capsules? How do you take or access Cannabidiol Pills? This article explains the CBD capsule dosage.

    Taking the right dosage of CBD capsules can increase its efficiency. An overdose may affect one's health, while an underdose may be ineffective. CBD capsules contain an active compound from the hemp tree that is believed to affect the body positively. This compound cannabinoid is not psychoactive as THC; thus, it is safe for use. People use these capsules to treat different conditions such as anxiety and depression, minor and chronic body aches, reducing seizures in patients with epilepsy, improving sleep, managing high blood pressure and other heart-related diseases, and treating inflammatory bowel disease, among other conditions. Taking an adequate dosage is key to treating the intended condition. Cannabidiol Capsules are packed in different dosages. Unlike other CBD products, individuals do not need to measure each time they want to take the CBD. Much research is being undertaken to determine how an individual should take much CBD for specific conditions. However, the amount of CBD capsules one should take differs from one individual to another. There exist no universal dosage for CBD products. It will discuss factors determining the amount of CBD Pills one should take.

    Type of CBD Capsules

    Birnbaum et al. (2019) stated three major types of Cannabidiol Softgels. These are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. These types contain different concentrations of CBD. CBD capsules isolate a higher CBD concentration than the other two types. It contains a negligible amount of THC. The full spectrum Cannabidiol Tablets contain a certain amount of THC, as combining the two compounds is believed to work well in treating some conditions. Broad-spectrum capsules do not contain THC. However, they contain other additional nutrients from the hemp tree. Since these capsules differ in CBD concentration, individuals should be careful not to overdose as it may be harmful to their bodies.

    The Condition being Treated

    People may respond differently to various dosages. Therefore, there is no universal dosage for different diseases. According to Larsen & Shahinas (2020), some dosage has been used to give good results for various conditions, and the dosages include:

    • Insomnia/ poor sleep 25mg once in two days
    • Inflammatory bowel syndrome 10mg once a day for 7 days
    • Anxiety /depression /improving moods 300- 600 mg once a day for 7 days
    • Chronic pains such as cancer-related pain 6oomg once a day
    • Mild body aches 200mg once a day
    • Parkinson’s disease 300mg once a day for 9 days
    • Epilepsy in children 100mg once a day

    Individuals should talk to their healthcare provider before using the above dosage. One's condition might worsen in case of an overdose. If they take other medications as CBD Tablets might interact with some medication.

    Your Sensitivity

    Our environment, genetics, and lifestyles make us different. If one is sensitive to CBD, they need to take a small dose. They need to take higher doses to experience health benefits from capsules.

    Start with Low Dose

    Those who buy over-the-counter CBD products should start with a low dose, unlike those following doctors' recommendations. Users can start with 10-20 mg a day and take the same amount for about one week. If one's body tolerates it well, one can choose to increase the amount. However, increase the dosage by 5ml only in a week until the desired amount is achieved. If one notices some undesirable effects, they can choose to decrease the amount.

    Symptoms of the Disease Being Treated

    The symptoms of the disease being treated can determine the amount of Cannabidiol Softgels one should take. Smoley et al. (2019) explained that those who use CBD pills to manage pain might choose to decrease the amount after realizing changes in pain intensity. If one notices some symptoms have not improved, one may also choose to increase the dosage.

    Age, Sex, and Weight

    Children should take a lower dosage of CBD. According to Rosenburg et al. (2015), an individual can use CBD capsules to lower muscle spasms in children with epilepsy. As the caregiver, strictly give the amount recommended by the doctor. Adults have a high chance of tolerating CBD capsules. They might take a higher dosage compared to children. CBD Pills have therapeutic effects. While administering them, the weight of the user is considered. McGrath et al. (2018) stated that those with high body weight could take a higher amount of CBD Softgels than those with low weight. Physiological differences may affect CBD capsule dosage. Women are more likely to experience reactions to CBD than men. Therefore, women should start with a lower dosage of capsules than men. They may increase the dosage if need be.


    For better results with Cannabidiol Capsules, be consistent. Make sure one does not skip their medication. If possible, take the capsules at the same hour each day. The consistency increases the effectiveness of the capsules. It may also help one notice any side effects caused by the medication.

    Take the Capsules before Going to Bed

    Taking any medication a few minutes before going to bed may increase its efficiency. While sleeping, an individual’s body is relaxed, and less energy is used. This state may make the medicine effects be distributed to the target areas.


    Why is it Important to Take the Right Dosage of CBD Capsules

    Some people tried CBD drugs, but it seems not to work. It might be the wrong dosage. Individuals can treat different conditions with different dosages. Following instructions may increase the chances of better results. It may cause side effects such as fatigue, appetite, and weight changes.


    There is no universal dosage for CBD Oil Capsules. There are different variables in deciding how much CBD to take. These include age, gender, body weight, individual sensitivity, the type of capsules, and the condition being treated. These capsules may interact with some medications. Users should strictly follow the doctor's guidelines. It would be best if you were patient and consistent to get better results.  


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