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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read


    Facial CBD serums constitute a water-or oil-related treatment that specifically offers concentrated and targeted nutrients to address certain skin conditions. Purchasing these products is expensive, and customers are challenged when choosing high quality. This guide provides more information concerning homemade facial cannabidiol serums.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) infused products are in high demand following their significant impacts on the skincare and cosmetic industry. They will keep dominating the market because experts have approved their effectiveness and safety. Nowadays, cannabidiol products are available in numerous grocery stores throughout the country. Purchasing facial CBD serums is expensive, and consumers might be challenged when choosing the high quality. However, homemade natural facial cannabidiol serums are safer because consumers will regulate specific ingredients to include. Also, they are cheaper because no shipping fees are required, and ingredients are readily available. This guide will provide more information concerning the aspect.

    What is a Face Serum?

    According to Morganti et al. (2019), face serum is among the skincare lifestyle that offers specific and premium nutrients to the human skin. Typically, these products have lesser thickness than moisturizers and contribute to sealing in moisture and optimizing the moisturizer effects. They provide the skin with highly concentrated advantages of numerous minerals and vitamins to optimize anti-aging effects.

    Types of CBD Face Serums

     Jalal et al. (2018) showed three methods to approach serums based on various skincare needs. People use various bases to appropriate skin varieties. These recipes constitute many products transferred into two-ounce bottles and doses at one hundred milligrams. In addition, these products are non-greasy and lightweight formulations that are utilized to begin a new day or concentrated on applying before sleeping. Also, individuals can experiment with high-quality bases to acquire the appearance they intend.

    Weightless CBD Facial Serum

    Some individuals are curious when they notice the term oil being used on faces. Fortunately, the weightless dry oil bases from reputable brands are an excellent mixture for oils that absorb faster, implying that the skin will not have an oily feeling. Michalun& Michalun (2001) revealed that dry touch encounters correspond to people with a combination of normal dry and oily skin. Because the facial serum is a natural oil, consumers can incorporate their solution straight or isolate it into gallons. After this, pack these serums into glass bottles containing droppers for an expensive product. Finally, examine in minimum batches to ensure the isolate coincides with your base before blending into huge amounts.


    • Essentials (1 gallon)
    • Isolate solution (one ounce) or CBD isolate (3.24 grams)
    • Fragrance or essential oil (10.89 grams)
    • The time required is 30 minutes

    Regarding this recipe, an individual requires three simple ingredients. For instance, weightless dry oil, fragrance or essential oil, and CBD isolate. Follow the procedure below:


    • Measure out the cannabidiol isolate to one’s preferred dosage.
    • Transfer oil into the gallon. Also, incorporate 0.3 percent and isolate into the desired fragrances to the weightless dry oil gallon, and tighten the cap.
    • Fill the end product into the bottles after all the oil content is dispersed and uniformly distributed throughout the gallon.

    Aloe CBD face Gel serum

    Aloe gel products from reputable brands are ultra-versatile. This means that individuals can apply this product to their faces. Simply incorporate a specific fragrance amount for light and cool daily moisturizer. Alternatively, include actives and peptides to develop an extended serum treatment. Manufacturing this product is simple and cheap for most customers. Individuals will require solubilizers like poly 20. The section below shows the easiest method to prepare aloe cannabidiol face serums because it requires 10 minutes.


    • Poly 20 (181.43 grams)
    • Cannabidiol isolate (3.64 grams)
    • Fragrance (10.88 grams)
    • One gallon of aloe gel


    Since some aloe gel products are water-based, the solubilizer is needed for oil to combine with the product.

    • Blend oils using solubilizer: Blend oils using solubilizer until emulsification is achieved. Incorporate the isolate and fragrance into poly 20.
    • Put the oil into the base and mix: Incorporate it into your aloe gel base after the solubilizer or oil is combined. Then, mix the compound thoroughly.
    • Fill: After the base is mixed appropriately, fill the end product into the containers.

    Hyaluronic acid cannabidiol face serum for mature skin

    Schagen (2017) noted that for mature skin, hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient that extracts moisture from the skin and lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The hyaluronic acid gel creams from reputable brands are powerful formulations and excellent for developing a serum. Manufacturers integrate this substance with skin-friendly ingredients such as cannabidiol which addresses inflammation. In addition, the base is packed in jars because of its thickness and nourishing properties. When blending fragrance and cannabidiol into such bases, one must utilize a solubilizer like poly 20. Notably, this product is prepared similarly to aloe gel.


    • Fragrance (10.89 grams)
    • Polysorbate 20 (181.44 grams)
    • CBD isolate (3.63 grams)
    • Hyaluronic Acid Face Gel-cream (one gallon)

    How to utilize a CBD face serum

    Before using cannabidiol face serum, the experts encourage users to moderately clean and pat their faces dry. After this, administer the dime-sized serum amount to the face in a restricted circular motion. After the face serum is administered and absorbed appropriately, apply moisturizers such as cannabidiol night cream. According to Aldag et al. (2016), using moisturizers and serum helps to optimize your skin benefits.


    CBD face serum is among the cosmetic and skincare routines that provide premium quality to the skin. These products are essential in hydrating human skin and addressing certain skin issues. People have unique skin requirements, thus, they should choose the appropriate cannabidiol facial serum for optimum benefits. Weightless CBD facial serum, aloe CBD face Gel serum, and hyaluronic acid cannabidiol face serum is three major cannabidiol facial serum varieties. However, they contain different ingredients designed to provide the required skin benefits. Besides, consumers should moderately clean and pat their faces dry before administering this product. One can incorporate moisturizers after the face sebum is absorbed appropriately.


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