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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read

    Benefits Of Aromatherapy Candles

    Aromatherapy candles are important because they have a pleasant aroma and healing properties. Please read this article to understand more about aromatherapy candles and their benefits of aromatherapy candles.

    Individuals may have to split the word and define aroma and therapy to understand aromatherapy. Aroma means a nice smell, and therapy is the treatment aimed at healing emotional and physical ailments. Therefore, aromatherapy uses scents to heal emotional and physical ailments. Aromatherapy has been described as the “practice of using naturally extracted essence of aromatic plants to promote the health and well-being of your body, mind, and emotions". The ‘extracted essence' is referred to as essential oils present in plants and resins.

    What Are Aromatherapy Candles?

    Reis & Jones (2017) explained that aromatherapy candles are candles that have essential oils in them. Essential oils are extracted from plants through distillation. Essential oils are important for their aroma and flavor. Aromatic candles come with essential oils and are important in holistic healing by healing the mind, body, and spirit. Patil et al. (2021) explained that aromatherapy is not a modern practice as it has been around since the ancient ages and has been used to relieve stress, allow concentration, and heal pain. The aroma that the candles emit can be used to evoke the senses, especially the smelling senses. Aromatic candles also enhance mood as they can fill one mind with positive thoughts because the smell is connected to the brain. The olfactory nerves will likely influence the mind when they receive a nice smell. Emotions and scents are connected to the brain. When you inhale a nice aroma, the whole body responds to enhance your mood and overall health. The term essential is derived from 'essence', which means ‘flavor' or 'fragrance'. How the essential oils are prepared determines the oils good for aromatherapy. Essential oils are the best for aromatherapy and can interact with the body in many ways; for instance, they should not be swallowed through absorption by the skin.

    Uses Of Aromatherapy Candles

    Below are the benefits of aromatic candles:

    Candles Make The Décor Look More Beautiful

    Rogula-Kopiec et al. (2019) explained that the designers of aromatic candles made the candles resemble the scent they emit and are beautiful. The aromatic candles come in various designs that make your room more elegant. There are a variety of candles that you can get in the market to liven your décor. Some aromatic candles are big and bright and make a statement. If you want to give your rooms a romantic or more beautiful appearance, you can place the candles strategically so they may stand out. You can have them near the bathtub for a romantic feel.

    They Add Fragrance

    Salthammer et al. (2021) explained that aromatic candles are mainly popular for the fragrance they emit when lit, which can be a perfect way to add some scent to your room. Sometimes the candles are important in masking the unpleasant smell. There are a variety of aromatic scents in the market, so you may have any aroma that you desire, depending on what you like. If you want a floral, green, fruity, spicy fragrance, you may have it. Below are some fragrance families that people who are into aromatherapy should know so that they do not pick anything that might not please them at the shop. Knowing the scents also prepares you for the scent to expect.

    Fresh Fragrance

    Fresh fragrances are uplifting, crisp, and clean. When you feel a fresh fragrance, it reminds you of plants like stems and grass. Fresh family scents include citrus, water, green, fruity, and aromatic. Lavender, sage, thyme, rain, leaves, bamboo, apples, cucumber, almond, and coconuts are scents that also fall in this family.

    Warm Fragrances

    Warm fragrances have a rich and spicy scent as spices and resins fall in this family and include cinnamon, sandalwood patchouli, and warm spices.

    Woody Scents

    The woody scents include tobacco, leather, and fresh herbs with a woody scent.

    Aromatic Candles Have Health Benefits

    Being healthy does not only mean that you are physically okay. It also means that you are peaceful and relaxed in the right mind. Aafaque et al. (2019) explained that aromatic candles could help you relax and ease tension as it is common to use aromatic candles to relieve stress and anxiety. The best deal about some aromatic candles is that they are versatile. They brighten up our homes because they are beautiful, provide light in the dark, and provide the aroma, and some have been built specifically and can be used for massage when it melts so that your skin also benefits from the candle. Also, individuals can use aromatic candles to remove the wax in their ears.

    Can Be Used for Meditation.

    Some people use candles during meditation. A candle with some aroma is perfect as it evokes its olfactory nerves and livens your mood. As you look into the candle and relax into its presence, the meditation will feel more effective if you have a beautiful candle emitting a sweet aroma.

    You Can Make A Statement With The Aromatic Candle.

    Some people must be associated with a certain scent. It's the same way you would go to the shop and buy perfume or a lotion you want to be associated with so that people may connect you with that scent. When a candle has a certain aroma that you like, you may want it to be part of your environment. The best deal about aromatic candles with essential oils is that the fragrance is long-lasting. You make a statement with a fragrance that lasts and lifts your spirits.


    The best aromatherapy candles are laced with essential oils. When made with essential oils, they burn slower and produce less soot. You do not want a candle that runs out fast like the old-fashioned paraffin wax candles. Most people do not buy candles for the lighting but to brighten the environment with how their appearance and the fragrance they emit. The aromatherapeutic candles come in handy because they provide light, are also aesthetically appealing, and emit a fragrance beneficial to our well-being.


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