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  • August 23, 2022 4 min read


    The use of CBD oil in health products is on the rise. Maroon & Bost (2018) showed that CBD could help struggle with Seizures, Anxiety Addiction, Parkinson’s, and some effects of cancer treatments. The product proves itself as a formidable ally in fighting against many conditions that show what CBD cream benefits are. The oil is used in ingested products, inhalants, and   CBD topicals like creams to soothe inflammation.

    The latter is commonly used and popular amongst athletes, applied through cooling gels and soothing creams that tackle aching muscles and the joints after intense exercise. But anyone who has ever had a sore or injured muscle, undergone arthritis pain, or struggled with other inflammatory conditions would benefit after using CBD creams. This article covers the definition of CBD, the benefits of using CBD, and its regulation and reliability.

    What is CBD?

    CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. It can also be produced through the human body’s endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoid receptors in the body system are responsible for reacting with the cannabis we inhale, absorb, ingest and trigger numerous responses in the body system. The ECS is the body plays a crucial role in managing sleep regulation. Appetite, pain response, and the immune system. Pamplona et al. (2018) listed various benefits of CBD as:

    • Offer significant soothing and relief.
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Stabilize mood
    • Alleviate joint and arthritis discomfort
    • Assist people struggling with addiction
    • Treat nausea and improve appetite (it is important for people undergoing cancer treatment and suffering from gastrointestinal conditions that make it hard to eat regularly).
    • Prevent and end seizures.

    CBD oil has become popular as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical relief medication and antiepileptic drugs. Unlike smoking or ingesting the cannabis plant. The use of CBD oil may not produce a high impairment. If any are experienced, the worst side effects tend to be weight change, sleepiness, and potentially diarrhea. The prescription drugs they offer are not limited to heart attack, stroke, and many more serious conditions. The treatment would be preferred for those suffering from chronic pain. Hemp plants offer an even safer CBD oil than cannabis with no side effects.

    Benefits and Effectiveness of Topical CBD

    You may be familiar with one of CBD’s ideas of being effective through ingestion and inhalation methods in which this compound directly enters the body. But how does it work when applied to the skin? CBD topicals are effective. CBD cream benefits tend to be geared specifically toward inflammation relief. The cream is incredibly helpful for:

    • Athletes are recovering from injury, joint pain, muscle inflammation, and other musculoskeletal ailments.
    • Those suffering from arthritis pain
    • People with pain and inflammation due to a lack of enough vitamin intake
    • Any person dealing with painful inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions

    Reputable CBD cream is produced by taking high-quality cannabis and hemp plants. Extraction of CBD uses the isolating process to separate it from any high-inducing factors within the plant and infuse it with other high-quality oils like primary coconut oil. Some other producers will include more benefits by using essential oils in the product. The oil can either have practical uses or be purely giving the product a pleasing scent. Once fall into any of the above categories, it can be worth looking for CBD topicals as an alternative treatment. Do personal research on such matters. A doctor can also prove helpful when searching for the right product.

    Regulation and Reliability

    The Food and Drug Administration has had jurisdiction over the production of CBD creams. According to Corroon & Kight (2018), products derived from hemp are legal in the 2018 farm Bill. It is important to note that it does not mean that such products are heavily regulated. Reputable cream products should use high-quality products. But they should not contain more than 0.3% THC, which the FDA allows. Try to rely on products recommended by a doctor.

    Some CBD topicals only allow for a maximum of 20% absorption. Absorption is one of the challenges that CBD topical manufacturers face. CBD muscle cream uses eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. The two are essential oils used for anti-inflammatory properties and promoting relaxation.

    Consult a Health Provider

    Talk to your health professional about the symptoms to see how CBD cream can benefit and alleviate pain. Ask them directly about certain products you may have discovered in your research. Also, make sure that you are confident with the information. The doctors may have their recommendations. They can take of that for you during your visits. If no prescription is required, confirm with them that the product seems reliable and that you would find genuine inflammation relief through the CBD cream benefits. 

    When one applies CBD cream to the skin, it interacts with the natural receptor of the body, the CB2 receptor. It signals the endocannabinoid system to inflammation and pain, apart from chronic pain, sore muscles, acute pain, and sore joints. Tabassum & Hamdani (2014) identified that CBD cream could also deal with several skincare diseases, including skin infections, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, and sunburns. It still helps inhibit dead skin cells' build-up and soothe pain caused by various skin infections.

    Recent studies have also found that CBD oil contains more antioxidants than most essential oils. People have included CBD creams as part of their skincare regime. CBD creams contain various medicinal qualities and anti-aging properties that make the skin smooth and youthful.


    In combination with THC, CBD may reduce certain types of pain associated with conditions like MS and fibromyalgia. More research is still needed to investigate its potential in pain management. The use of CBD has improved some symptoms related to anxiety disorder. Researchers are currently investigating how CBD can treat other mental disorders.


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