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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read

    Benefits of Hemp Shampoo

    Hemp shampoo is gaining popularity in the world of natural beauty. Thanks to its valuable nutrients that provide significant benefits to the air. Hemp shampoo can promote hair growth, repair damaged hair, prevent scalp infections, repair hair strands, hydrate the hair and prevent hair breakage with its natural ingredients.

    Natural hair products are consistently gaining popularity. Hemp shampoo particularly can deliver significant benefits with little to no side effects. Hemp shampoo is rich in an array of nutrients, making it perfect nourishment for the hair and the scalp.

    What is Hemp?

    The term hemp refers to a cannabis plant with a low level of THC, a psychoactive substance found in cannabis plants. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family like marijuana. However, the THC level differentiates these two plant species (hemp and marijuana). Hemp contains as low as 03%, making it safer and legal. In other words, has less to zero THC content than marijuana strains. Rather than THC, hemp is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), one of several cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Unlike hemp, marijuana contains more than 0.3% THC.

    Hemp can be grown outdoors at 2 to 4 meters tall since it flourishes under natural conditions, as Clark & Merlin (2006) stated.

    What Is Hemp Shampoo?

    Hemp shampoo is a hair product with hemp oil as the main ingredient. Hemp oil has a perfect ratio of omega 3-6 fatty acids. Hemp shampoo is a perfect solution for dry and itchy scalp since it can easily be absorbed into the skin when applied. Wilson & Nutbrown (2021) noted that hemp oil could reverse hair damage and potential hair loss as the key ingredient in hemp shampoo. Using hemp dietary supplements supports the benefits of hemp shampoo.

    Hemp shampoo is an intense moisturizer that absorbs and locks in moisture, unlike normal hair shampoos, which can make your hair dry and dull. According to Dar (2011), hemp shampoo can sometimes repair damaged hair by triggering dormant strands.

    Benefits Of Hemp Shampoo To Your Hair

    Hemp, when used as an ingredient in making hair products such as shampoos and conditioners, can deliver essential nutrients and CBD to promote natural hair growth, as Adesina (2020) stated. The following are the benefit:

    Natural Moisturizer

    Hemp shampoo is a perfect hair moisturizer, unlike ordinary shampoos, which can expose your hair to dryness. It is light compared to ordinary shampoos, making it easily absorbed into the hair and scalp. It locks in the natural hair moisture rather than settling on the surface and forming a greasy look. It stands out from other products because it absorbs moisture that can be delivered free into the hair and scalp while locking in the moisture. Therefore, using hemp shampoo means that moisture can be absorbed into your hair and scalp but cannot easily evaporate.

    Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

    Hemp shampoo is a perfect remedy for those experiencing poor hair growth and loss due to omega fatty acids, as Pragst & Balikova (2006) noted. Taking omega acids can benefit the hair, nails, and skin. The study above also noted that when hemp is applied directly to the hair, it is absorbed into the scalp, stimulating blood flow to each follicle and promoting natural hair growth and healing. These oils nourish the hair follicles, ensuring they have everything they need to regrow.

    The oils are also rich in vitamins E and D and magnesium and calcium, which are critical for healthier and stronger hair growth. These nutrients are delivered directly into the follicles through the shampoo.

    Repairs The Damaged Hair

    Hemp shampoo is rich in vitamin E, which turns out to be a perfect antioxidant. Oxidation may occur as a result of bleaching and chemical treatment. The hair pigment and color away. Vitamin E prevents this process, allowing your hair to retain its dazzling color. Benhaim (2003) suggested that hemp shampoo is rich in lipids that prevent hair breakage and retain its natural bounce.

    Prevents Scalp Infection

    The damaged scalp is vulnerable to several infections which can affect your hair. Apart from moisturizing and maintaining the scalp, hemp shampoo has antibacterial features to prevent bacteria from invading and havoc on your scalp. The hemp and cannabis plants are well known to be resistant to bacteria. Their seeds also have these qualities later transmitted to hemp seed oils.

    A Perfect Solution For Hair Breakage

    Hair breakage is the most notable hair problem experienced by many folks. And this hair problem is a result of heat styling, coloring, and wear & tear. Hemp shampoo nourishes the scalp and straightens keratin layers of each hair strand. The stronger the hair, the lesser the chances of breakages.

    High In Nutrients

    Hair shampoo is rich in nutrients and vitamins to promote the health of the hair and the scalp. Apart from omega 3-6 fatty acids, these hemp products are high in calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamin E. These nutrients and vitamins are absorbed into the body through the hair and the scalp. It benefits the health of your hair and scalp as well as the rest of the body.

    Strengthens The Hair

    Weak hair is one of the common hair problems encountered by many. This hair condition is nutrient deficiency. Borhade (2013) revealed that hemp shampoo contains gamma-linoleic acid that aids in optimizing the development of keratin, an essential process for healthier hair. Additionally, gamma-linoleic acts as a ceramide to retain the protein and natural hair moisture.

    A Perfect Solution for Inflammation

    Hemp hair products include hemp oil or hemp seed oil as the main ingredient. All these essential oils are rich in omega fatty acids, which prevent inflammation within the scalp. According to Rancone et al. (2011), gamma-linoleic can deliver anti-inflammatory properties when combined with omega fatty acids.

    The bottom line

    Hemp shampoo is a hemp-derived hair product that can greatly benefit the hair and the scalp. Hemp shampoo is gaining popularity worldwide due to its high nutritional value. Several studies prove that those suffering from hair loss and other hair problems can benefit from hemp shampoo. No worries about getting "high" since it is a hemp product.


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