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  • August 15, 2022 11 min read


    CBD Balms and Gels are becoming increasingly popular, and CBD pain cream brands offer more of them. This article makes your search for CBD topical easy by sharing this list of the top CBD creams and gels for you.

    CBD Cream are like any other, except they have CBD oils as the extra ingredient. They are applied to the skin for external CBD benefits and often have essential oils. Would you like to find the best CBD Cream for your skin? You must know how to tell the best topicals from the many CBD brands in the hemp space, which this article helps you do. It also highlights the best CBD Balms and Gels you may want to try in 2022 and beyond. What, though, is CBD? How does it affect the skin? What types of CBD do CBD Cream have? This article addresses these and many other questions.

    What Is CBD?

    Although CBD Cream get popular daily, note everyone knows CBD for what it is. Would you like to join the CBD regime and make CBD-infused topical part of your skincare routine? You must know and appreciate CBD. Mascal et al. (2019) and Bauer et al. (2020) reported that CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Cannabinoids refer to the active chemical compounds in cannabis plants, some having similar properties while the majority differ widely. Of the more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis plants, CBD is among the most sought cannabinoids for its non-psychoactive properties. It is becoming popular daily, and you can find it in many products, including topicals.

    Does CBD Benefit the Skin?

    Before buying CBD topical for your skin, you must know if CBD has anything to do with the skin. Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, and users are to tap into it after it. The big question is, how therapeutic can CBD be for the skin? CBD research is in infancy, and we cannot tell what the cannabinoid can or cannot do. However, according to Hammell et al. (2016), CBD helps with inflammation, one of the many skin problems. Because of the said powerful anti-inflammatory properties, you can find CBD in many beauty and skincare topicals. What are CBD Cream?

    What Are CBD Balms and Gels?

    As casual as it may sound, you must know the answer to the question; what are CBD Cream? Of course, you must know what topicals are before thinking about spending your hard-earned cash on them. CBD Balms and Gels are CBD products applied to the skin or externally. CBD gummies, oils, vapes, and capsules are CBD products, but they are more internal. Meanwhile, you can apply CBD Balms and Gels to the skin to feel CBD effects without getting that CBD into your bloodstream. Although CBD Balms and Gels are not diversified as CBD gummies, they feature many products you want to try. For instance, why not try CBD balms, patches, creams, oils, lotions, massage oils, and bath bombs? Most topicals are available for hands, face, and whole body, so you must choose the product you will use well, depending on the purpose.

    The Best CBD Balms and Gels- What to Look at

    Since CBD Balms and Gels are becoming more popular in the CBD world, major CBD brands offer them, revealing that there could be too many choices to tap into. Choosing the best CBD Balms and Gels could be more challenging than you think, making this article timely. Would you like to buy the best CBD Balms and Gels? Dr. Laura Geigaite found the following factors key in finding the best CBD Cream, and you may also want to pay attention to them as keep up your quest for skin care products;

    1. Reputation; while what people say about a brand’s products does not always have to be true, you cannot ignore red flags and many negative comments on a brand. Thus, you must confirm a CBD brand's reputation before buying its topicals.
    2. 3rd party tests; besides reputation, you must also look at 3rd party test results to gauge the quality of CBD Cream. The CBD world is largely unregulated, and the only way to determine the quality of different products is to look at the 3rd party test results.
    • Contaminant purity; look at the 3rd party test results to gauge how pure the topicals are. If they are free of standard contaminants, you can rest assured of their quality, and the absence of 3rd party test results is a red flag.
    1. Source of CBD; CBD can be found in most cannabis plants but make sure that the topicals you are using are sourced from hemp. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp with less than 0.3% THC is regarded federally legal, so CBD Cream with hemp-sourced CBD are more authentic.
    2. Hemp quality; confirming that CBD Cream are from hemp is one thing, and hemp quality is another. Ensure that the hemp is grown in one of the richest hemp-growing zones and that strict regulations abound throughout the CBD cycle.
    3. Transparency; you need to confirm the authenticity of a CBD brand using the data it provides on its website. Thus, brands that barely reveal their information are not worth your hard-earned cash.
    • Many people do not pay attention to the method a brand employs to strip CBD from the hemp surface, not knowing that it determines the quality of the final CBD products. Thus, confirm the method used in extracting hemp to be clean, not leaving behind traces of contaminants.

    Types of CBD in the CBD Balms and Gels

    Are you ready to buy CBD Cream for your skin? You must know the CBD types featured in the topicals. There are many CBD Cream for you to explore, and the last thing you should be confused about is the CBD formulation. CBD Cream sound great until you get to the CBD stores and realize how many options you must choose. That said, here is all you need to know as far as CBD formulations are key;

    1. Isolate CBD; is the purest CBD form. It features the cannabinoid without THC, terpenes, flavonoids, or additional compounds; hence it features no flavor or tastes common in other CBD products.
    2. Full-spectrum CBD; is one extreme to CBD isolates. It features CBD with extra compounds, including THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and many cannabinoids. According to VanDolah et al. (2019), the many compounds result in a synergy called the full entourage effect.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD; is like full-spectrum CBD in composition. It features many compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids but no THC. It is a type of CBD that allows you to enjoy a THC-free full entourage effect.

    There is no better or worse type of CBD than the other. Rather, the three different CBD formulations allow you to have many options from which to choose, depending on your unique preferences. You can go for full- or broad-spectrum CBD to enjoy extra cannabis compounds, the latter being more deal for fans who would not like THC in their system. Meanwhile, CBD newcomers and people who take drug tests occasionally take isolated CBD to increase their chances of taking drug tests and enjoy the cannabinoid without any tastes or flavors.

    JustCBD Cream

    The JustCBD topicals, including bath bombs and soaps, are among the best in the market, so our list of the best CBD topicals cannot be full without them. Like Olio Lusso’s topicals, JustCBD deals in reputable CBD pain relief cream made from US hemp and prepared in a GMP-certified lab. Besides, they feature the three CBD formulations; isolate, full- and broad-spectrum CBD, allowing you to have many options to tap into. Do you enjoy variety in the CBD world? The brand offers several body topicals, including body pumps, massage oils, creams, gels, and roll-ons. It has another line for CBD bath bombs, which features CBD soaps, hemp soaps, aloe lotion, and other bath products. 3rd parties test all these products, and the results ate posted online for easy viewing. Besides the high-quality CBD Cream by the brand, it helps you save on every purchase by offering you a 2-0% offer. You can shop JustCBD Cream by visiting a brand's physical store or website.


    Pinnacle CBD Cream

    Pinnacle is one of the veteran CBD brands, having launched in 2015 when the Farm Bill that led to most CBD brands' opening was not passed. The people behind it are a couple looking for CBD to help their daughter manage epilepsy and a farmer who helped them through the journey. It has since become one of the best CBD companies, although it deals in many other topicals, including THC, delta- 8, delta- 9, and THCV. Pinnacle takes pride in offering quality CBD products that it tests for 3rd parties and provides the lab results for easy viewing online. Its extensive CBD topical features many products, including CBD lotion, sugar scrub, men’s lotion, pain cream, and beard oil. Some have as little as 120 mg CBD, while others boast a whooping 1000 mg CBD. The large CBD concentration covers CBD vets and novices, ensuring they all have products that meet their CBD needs and experience. According to the company, its CBD Cream are the best in the market since they have no junk and are potent. Besides, the additional compounds they have added to their benefits. You can save a few bucks buying your CBD Balms and Gels from this brand that offers you free shipping for orders worth and above $100.


    Kyoto Botanicals Topicals

    Kyoto has been Japan's capital for the longest time. Kyoto Botanicals sourced its name from Kyoto since it purposed to conserve nature from its inception, as does Kyoto. The brand's efforts in conserving nature are seen in its waste management. Its cartons are 80% human waste, and 30% come from hemp fiber. Are you looking for CBD Balms and Gels to apply to your skin? This brand's topicals will not let you down. They are 100% organic and feature all-natural ingredients. People have been using its 400 mg CBD (re)Charge Sports cream to manage pain, but there are many other products you may want to buy from this brand regarding topicals. You can opt for the (re)Charge CBD sport stick or Warm(th) CBD balm for skin benefits. Both feature 400 mg CBD, allowing you to feel CBD effects for a long. They have CBD oil, camphor, menthol, and other compounds contributing to their benefits. Besides, they are all tested by 3rd parties, and the results are posted online for easy viewing.


    Pure Hemp Botanicals Topicals

    Pure Hemp Botanicals has the mantra that reads 'benefit-driven and result-oriented.' From the name, it is clear that it is motivated by benefits and results. Its ethos is 'Compassion in Action,' which aims to use nature to extend compassion to human beings while ensuring that it preserves it in its best condition. In line with this, Pure Hemp Botanicals offers quality CBD Balms and Gels you certainly need. Its topical inventory has CBD lotions, massage gel, lip balms, and hemp extract balms. They have a CBD concentration range of 100- 500 mg CBD, allowing users with different experiences to have a potency that matches their needs. All Pure Hemp Botanicals topicals are gluten-free, made with 100% organic ingredients, and tested by 3rd parties. You can buy the topicals from the brand’s website and get free tea for purchases above $75.


    Rasasvada CBD Salve and Creams

    Rasasvada is a Sanskrit phrase that means bliss of hope. In line with this mantra, Rasasvada offers quality CBD products to give people hope, happiness, and the ideal life quality they desire. For example, its CBD pain relief creams are designed to help you ease discomfort and manage pain. Although the brand’s CBD topical inventory is narrow, you can get the most from them. You can choose the 500 or 2,200 mg CBD creams and apply them to the skin to manage pain. Meanwhile, you can opt for the 900 mg CBD salves original and arnica flavors. Rasasvada ensures quality with its CBD products and tests all the items it offers by 3rd party, providing the lab results for easy viewing on the company’s inventory.


    Do CBD Balms and Gels Make You High?

    Ate you set to enjoy CBD benefits through CBD Balms and Gels? You surely want to know if the topicals will make you high. What is the cause of the high effect one feels in cannabis products? Schlienz et al. (2018) noted that THC is psychoactive and behind the effect of smoking weed. Meanwhile, Kicman & Toczek (2020) and other CBD studies agree that CBD is non-psychoactive and will make you high. Interestingly, you must know that the THC percentages in CBD Balms and Gels do not affect the high feeling of smoking weed. With or without THC, the CBD Balms and Gels will not make you high. They are applied on the external body parts and do not allow the cannabinoids in them to go past the top skin layer into the bloodstream, hence not affecting the high feeling you get from smoking weed.

    Do CBD Balms and Gels Show Up in Drug Tests?

    Another concern many have about CBD Cream is whether they will lead to positive drug tests. As noted in the above section, CBD Cream do not allow cannabinoids in them to go beyond the top skin layer into the bloodstream. How do cannabis drug tests work? They use saliva, urine, blood, or hair as specimens and detect THC in the topicals. Thus, a CBD product could make you fail drug tests if you had TGC, but CBD Cream are exceptional. Since they do not allow THC and other cannabinoids in them to traverse dermal layers into the blood, they will not influence drug tests. However, things are different with ingestible CBD products, making you fail drug tests if they have THC. The THC in them gets to the bloodstream and certainly shows up in drug tests, jeopardizing them.

    CBD Massage Oil vs. CBD Oils

    CBD massage oil is one of the CBD Cream sold by many CBD brands, including JustCBD. How does it compare to CBD oils and tinctures, the primary way to take CBD? Of course, they all have CBD and may share the same base oil as MCT coconut or hemp seed oil. Yet, the individual ingredients in each differ. For instance, CBD oils may have preservatives to keep them lasting longer, and some of these preservatives may not be present in the CBD massage oil. Similarly, the CBD massage oil may have some ingredients not present in the CBD oils. For instance, they may have essential oils for additional skin benefits, and the oils do not necessarily have to be present in CBD oils. Of course, CBD and CBD massage oils differ in use. CBD oils are prepared for oral or sublingual intake, but you can also add their drops to meals and drinks; you are not supposed to apply them on the skin, although some do. Meanwhile, CBD massage oils are topical and should not be ingested at any time.


    CBD Balms and Gels are CBD products for the external skin. You apply them to the skin to feel CBD effects without letting the cannabinoid into the bloodstream. Many like them, hence why they are becoming popular daily and include CBD patches, balms, massage oils, and pain relief creams. Since they do not allow their cannabinoids to penetrate the dermis into the bloodstream, they do not make you high, regardless of their compositions. What are CBD Balms and Gels? How do you use them? What are the top five CBD Balms and Gels? How do you know the best CBD Balms and Gels among the masses? These and many other CBD topical questions are answered in this article.


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