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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Have you heard about CBD products that are taken orally? What about the skin? CBD can be applied through the skin to help the patient combat health complications such as pain and inflammation.

    These topical CBD products offer a quick and easy way to apply CBD for much-needed relief in a specific area, such as a muscle or joint. But what are these topical CBD topical, and what are their effects when applied? This article will help you better understand topical CBD products and how they can be applied to the skin for a better effect. 

    What is CBD?                                                                                

    There has been a widespread misunderstanding regarding cannabis and how it affects humans. In many countries, it has been under strict restrictions due to its recreational use, although humans have done this for 5000 years before. Most people don’t know that there are variations in the cannabis plant; there are male and female variations of the cannabis plants. Marijuana is the female variation, while hemp is the female variation of cannabis.

    Marijuana is what most people smoke for the ‘high’ effect, while hemp is used for other purposes. This is because Marijuana has a high amount of THC, a compound responsible for the ‘high’ effect, and a low dosage of CBD, another compound found in the marijuana plant that has been used for its medicinal purposes. The recent discoveries of CBD products have had much success, with researchers finding new ways in which CBD can be helpful to the human body. It is important to note the difference between these compounds and their concentration on a product to help you choose the right products.

    Forms of CBD Products

    CBD products are made in several variations, including CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and Broad spectrum. CBD isolates are products that contain CBD in its purest form and have no other cannabinoids or terpenes in them. Full-spectrum CBD products are CBD products that contain all compounds of the cannabis plant and might include trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrums are those products that contain some compounds of cannabis. It is important, however, to remember that for CBD products to be legal, they must have a THC level that is below 0.3%; this is to ensure that these products don't have any intoxication on the users. This low THC level allows people to use CBD products freely without worrying about turning positive on the next Drug test.

    CBD products can be made in many forms to give the user various choices when choosing the right products to apply. These products exist in forms such as edibles/gummies, CBD oils, topicals, and vape; these different forms are ingested into the body differently. Some might prefer edibles or vapes to topicals because these products give off a calming effect and can be great for those battling anxiety. Topical products, however, are most effective for those who wish to get aid from pain and inflammation they might be feeling; according to Corsi (2018), this is because they can be applied directly to the area of concern. After all, they work by going through the skin to offer relief. When edibles are ingested, they spread their components all over the body through the blood, stream-possibly why they give off a whole-body effect. 

    Topical CBD Compounds

    CBD topical is products that are made to be applied on the skin rather than be ingested or inhaled like other CBD products. These CBD products are easier to apply to the skin and may take a few minutes to pass through the skin's protective layer to connect with nearby cannabinoid receptors. In all different forms and distinctive formulas, too, you might find CBD products in the market in the form of creams, salves, balms, lotions, Bath bombs, sprays, Gels, or even massage oils.

    All these forms give the user an amazing way to enjoy using CBD products with various options.  Because these topical are applied on the skin directly, they quickly go deeper to relieve you of the pain of inflammation in minutes. When CBD products are ingested through the mouth, they might take up to 30 minutes or 1 hour or the effects to kick in compared to topical CBD, which can take only 15 minutes, as stated by McEwen (2018). However, the time it takes to feel the effect may vary depending on different factors. According to Anderson et al. (2021), the time is taken for a person to feel the effect of CBD products might depend on the dosage taken or how frequently the user has been using CBD products.

    Benefits of Topical CBD Compounds

    There has been a buzz about CBD products. What do CBD products offer for humans? There has been and still is extensive research on CBD and how it might benefit our general health. Stern (2020) provided promising evidence that CBD products, especially topicals, might be the remedy for skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis. Moltke & Hindocha (2021) also suggested that CBD might help you with your aging concerns and those with sensitive skin.  This is because CBD products have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, and pain-relieving properties combined with the other beneficial compounds that might be present in CBD topicals. Such compounds as Vitamin C in topical CBDs are just additional compounds that may help you have healthier and more comfortable skin free from acne and spots.

    Although CBD products might seem to cause some side effects on a few who have used them, there is no need to worry. CBD might have fewer and more bearable side effects than other pharmaceutical drugs. Remember to pick a CBD product from a trusted brand and check the dosage. If you are unsure, it is okay to consult your doctor before using CBD products.


    All in all, CBD can be applied to the skin and can be absorbed by the skin because it is permeable. This allows it to pass through and give you the much-needed relief of pain and inflammation or general use. Now you have every reason to start using CBD compounds for your needs. Although extensive research on CBD is still ongoing and much more research is needed, many believe that the natural ways of combating ailments are the way forward. Try it yourself and discover why many people opt for CBD products.


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