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Can I Refill My CBD Vape Cartridge?

September 15, 2022 5 min read

Can I Refill My CBD Vape Cartridge?

Can I Refill My CBD Vape Cartridge?

It is only possible to refill your vape cart if it is refillable. Herein you learn, what are prefilled vape carts, what are refillable vape carts, how to use a CBD vape oil cart, and more

CBD vape cartridges have been around for the past few years, and it looks like they will not slow down anytime soon. People use CBD vaping for its medicinal and therapeutic purpose since they do not have more than 0.3 percent of THC and hence cannot produce any psychoactive effects. CBD vape cartridges come in various forms. Some come prefilled, while others need to refill on your own. However, you should be aware that refilling your cart is more affordable than buying a prefilled one. There are various types of CBD vape carts, such as disposable and refillable. As their name suggests, with the disposable carts, you throw them away when done with them, while refillable carts can be reused.

What Are Prefilled CBD Vape Cartridges?

Lim et al. (2020) suggested thatCBD carts are small vape tanks that come prefilled with CBD e-juice. They have a coil and wick and are a step up from the disposable CBD vape pens. CBD carts have a 510 threading, compatible with the 510 thread batteries and normal vape pens, unlike pods that need a proprietary device such as JUUL.

Leas et al. (2021)noted that CBD carts are considered disposable. You can refill them several times before their disposal only if they are made of high-quality materials. Lacerda et al. (2009)stated that below are some reasons why these cartridges are popular:

  • Small and pocketable
  • Compatible with various vape pens
  • Disposable but reusable
  • Come prefilled with CBD oil
  • A convenient method to vape CBD

What Are Refillable CBD Vape Cartridges?

Refillable CBD vape carts are empty tanks that use a wick and internal coil. Conuel et al. (2020)stated that you could fill the cart with either CBD vape oil or distillate. They are generally cost effective than disposable and prefilled carts. They are also a good choice for individuals who do not want to mix other vaping substances like nicotine.

How to Refill a CBD Vape Pen Cart

Below are guidelines on how to refill your CBD vape cart:

Twist Off the Mouthpiece

The first step is to unscrew the mouthpiece of the cart by twisting it in a counterclockwise way three or more times. Do not force it since you may end up breaking the pen since some do not support refilling.

The mouthpiece contains a gasket that seals the region between various conjugating surfaces inside the cart that compresses against the toughened glass cart. It also has a thread that holds the gasket strongly to ensure that the fluid does not leak. When twisting the mouthpiece in an anticlockwise way, it loosens the thread from the rest that is in the middle.

Remove the Mouthpiece Easily

Removing the mouthpiece ensures that the inner gaskets move towards the center pole. You can give it a gentle shake or an extra twist if it refuses to bulge. You can remove the mouthpiece easily. Ensure you do not lose the mouthpiece since it is an important part of the vape cart.

Filing Your CBD Vape Cart with an E-Liquid

Use a syringe to fill the cart with CBD oil after purchasing your favorite e-juice flavor. Using a syringe instead of an eyedropper ensures that the fluids do not spill. Carefully drip the oil between the center pole and the e-cigarette glass. Ensure you do not overfill your cart. You can attach your cart to the vape battery since it makes it easier for you to hold and manage it to reduce any mishap from happening.

How to Refill Your Cart without a Syringe

You can utilize atomizers if you do not have a syringe or an eyedropper. An atomizer is a device used for releasing fluids in a machine. You can also place the dropper down and squeeze the oil gently into the cart. Push it back with either tweezers or anything else if it begins to rise. Remember to top off the oil.

Screw Back the Mouthpiece, and Cart

When refilling your cart, you can bolt back its mouthpiece. Restore and firmly close it against its threads to ensure no oil leakage occurs. It is important since you will avoid spilling any oil when smoking.

Twist the mouthpiece clockwise until it firmly holds to avoid leakage. Do that gently to avoid breaking it.

You can find it in various stores; you require a cart filling machine to sell the vape carts.

How to Know When Your CBD Vape Cart Is Empty

While your cart is of clear acrylic or transparent glass material, you can easily see it if it requires filling. Also, if you inhale the oil and no smoke comes out or feel a burnt taste, your oil cart requires filling.

However, the simplest way to know the quantity of your cart is by its weight. It has enough oil if your cart is heavy; you might observe the oil when you hold your device towards the light. Some devices have a side window to measure their quantity, while others have lights, and once it stops blinking, it needs to be refilled.

A well-refilled vape cart produces a dense smoke cloud and tastes toothy.

How to Use a CBD Vape Oil Cart

Below are guidelines on how to use your CBD vape oil cart:

  • Ensure your cart's battery is charged and on.
  • Use the lowest voltage setting of your device
  • Begin by inhaling small puffs to notice its effects. It also helps in priming the internal coil
  • Be aware that some devices need more voltage for you to acquire your desired puff effects
  • When done, turn its battery off by clicking it around five times.


It is possible to refill your CBD vape cart, depending on the one you bought. CBD vape carts are available in two formulations, disposable and refillable. Refillable vape carts can be reused through refilling, while disposable carts cannot. For newbies to vape, disposable vape carts are more recommended since they are easy to use and they already come with everything intact. However, refillable carts are cost-effective in the long run since all you have to do is refill them with time. Before vaping CBD, ensure your doctor has given you the go-ahead to avoid unnecessary effects.


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