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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read


    It is naturally a good idea to invest in CBD and make it part of your daily routine that you want to get the best out of this naturally existing plant. Many people want to take a relatively large amount to get as many possible effects from cannabinoids by taking two different CBD products simultaneously. So what happens when we consume two different CBD products at once? And is it even safe to do so?

    This article will discuss whether you can mix two serums. It starts by assessing the effects that it can lead to and how each product absorbs into the body.

    Is it Dangerous?

    It is highly unlikely that mixing two serums will have dangerous effects. According to Frantz et al. (2019), CBD serums are non-toxic, meaning that humans should not have adverse effects from taking high doses. It has been claimed that taking high doses of CBD doesn't do much more than making an individual feel like taking asleep.

    Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overdosing when mixing two CBD serums. Another factor that stops you from getting too much CBD at the same time has to do with the rate of CBD absorption into the body depending on how it is given. For example, when you vape CBD, it starts within minutes. If you take CBD serum in the form of edible, it can take approximately two hours before it peaks in the system. So if you take a CBD edible and vape some CBD within a few minutes, you are unlikely to get the full effects of each product simultaneously.

    Why Would Someone Want to Mix two CBD Serums at the Same Time?

    There are reasons why an individual would want to mix two CBD serums. One reason is that they feel like taking just one type of product isn't giving them the effects they want. For example, if a person is dealing with muscle aches, they may choose to go for a tincture and apply a topical in the affected areas. It enables the ingredients to make close contact with the muscular tissue through the tropical while also allowing the possible pain-relieving compounds to work in the body when consumed internally. Tran & Kavuluru (2020) commented that a person who struggles with anxiety may be attracted to borrowing the idea of consuming edibles daily while Feng et al. (2021) also recommended having CBD vape serum on hand because CBD serum absorbs quickly. It may be able to help with immediate panic attacks. According to Shannon & Opila-Lehman (2015), consuming two CBD products daily allows the potential anxiety-reducing compounds to stay in the system throughout the day.

    Can you Mix any two CBD Serums?

    The answer is yes. You can take any two CBD serums together simultaneously. This is because, as Machado Bergamaschi et al. (2011) related, CBD is nontoxic. Therefore, there’s no risk of combining changing administration manner and concentrations of CBD serums.

    Factors that Determine the Effects of Mixing two CBD Serums

    Below are what will determine the amount and the rate at which one may do so.

    Rate of Absorption of each Method of Administration

    As it was noted earlier, CBD serums absorb into the body at different rates. Each product picks at a different time, so one factor determining the effects you may experience after mixing two CBD serums is how long it takes for each one to pick in the body due to the duration it takes to absorb.

    The Strength

    The strength of each serum also determines how you are likely to feel after mixing both serums. The serum with low potency is taken one after the other will make you feel weaker than two high-potency serums.

    Chemical Composition of Each Serum

    We have three extracts: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Each has its indistinguishable composition of plant compounds that may provide unique results. The type of extracts in each product can affect how you feel after mixing both CBD serums simultaneously.

    Your Tolerance to CBD Serums

    Your unique tolerance to CBD serums obviously can determine what you experience after mixing the two CBD serums.

    How to take Two CBD Serums Together Properly

    Having a better understanding of the effects of taking two CBD serums, it's time to know the right ways to take these products shortly. 

    Start Slowly

    If wishing to mix two CBD serums simultaneously, the first recommended thing is that you may start with a relatively low dose of each. This will enable you to closely monitor how you feel after mixing two different CBD serums.

    Consider the Timeline for Consumption

    It is recommended to wait for a little moment between each administration, preferably 20-30 minutes. Because there is a probability that just one CBD serum is enough for you, if you take the second CBD serum, you will have wasted the product since the first product will have already achieved your goal.

    Ensure each product is high in Quality

    Each CBD serum must be equally high in quality and the purest form. Taking the low-quality CBD serums will likely not give you the maximum results. Ensure that you buy your CBD serums from a trusted brand or manufacturer to attain the desired results. When taking the two serums, care needs to be taken to reduce overdoses. CBD serums can also interact with other medications you are taking; the best thing is to avoid taking CBD serums with any medications that carry side effects. CBD serums have varied uses. They are claimed to control many physical and physiological symptoms in both humans and animals.


    There is no harm in mixing two CBD serums. One thing, it is non-toxic to humans, and secondly, each type of CBD serum has different absorption meaning that the CBD concentration will peak at different times and change in terms of potential. If you can take two CBD serums at once, always ensure teach of the product is high quality and that each dosage level fits your unique needs and tastes. Use this guide to consider what you need before mixing two CBD serums. This way, you will have the best results possible and have a satisfactory experience of mixing two CBD serums. Lastly, you need to remember that CBD serums are still in the early stages of research. It’s always a nice idea to consult a healthcare professional to determine what is recommended when mixing two CBD serums. If it might interact with any medications or supplements, you take.


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