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Can You Take Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil?

August 17, 2022 5 min read

Can You Take Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil?

Can You Take Alcohol While Taking CBD Oil?

CBD oil is popular among people. Some use it to treat acne and other skin infections, while others get high. However, some people use it with alcohol. Herein is about taking CBD oil while taking alcohol, including; alcohol and CBD interaction, body's reaction, and benefits.

Regular CBD users, particularly those who take CBD oil for medical reasons, may question whether it's safe to combine CBD with alcohol. Though there is less data on the topic, people may examine CBD and alcohol to see whether it is safe to combine CBD with wine. The comprehensive response is far more involved. Mixing intoxicating cannabis with alcohol has several clear risks. In college, many students found out the hard way that drinking and smoking pot don't mix well, but cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, must be an entirely different story, given the widespread belief that it facilitates sleep and reduces anxiety, among other benefits. A person could believe that because CBD is being added to more and more alcoholic beverages, it is safe to consume. However, the reality is more complex. People suspect that CBD and alcohol interact; however, there is a lack of data to support this. Sedating effects of both medications may be amplified when used together. The implication is that the total impact may be greater.

Alcohol and CBD Interaction

According to Nicholson et al. (2014), similar results, such as drowsiness or sedation, may arise from combining alcohol and CBD, although the two have distinct physiological effects. The effects of alcohol might start happening as soon as 10 minutes after drinking. Alcohol alters the brain's normal functioning, which may lead to impairments in motor skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional and behavioral changes. Alcohol impairs cognition and the ability to communicate, depending on how much you drink. A person's equilibrium may be negatively impacted by alcohol use, increasing the likelihood of slips and other accidents. It's important to note that CBD does not have the same intoxication effects as alcohol. According to Skaper & Marzo (2012), CBD may have several impacts through interacting with the body's ECS (endocannabinoid system), which is made up of receptors all over the body, especially in the central nervous system. Some impacts include;

  • Reducing tension in the brain and nerve system.
  • The alleviation of anxious symptoms
  • Better quality sleep is achieved.
  • Reduction in the severity of chronic pain

Advantages come with disadvantages, and mixing these products may also bring about undesirable characteristics such as; drowsiness, nausea, sedation, diarrhea, vomiting, and fatigue.

How Your Body Reacts after Mixing Alcohol and CBD

Alcohol has sedative and anesthetic effects. This substance inhibits the central nervous system, hence reducing brain activity. A person's social skills may improve, but they risk cognitive decline and even neurodegeneration in the long run. This is where cannabidiol (CBD) comes in. According to Nona et al. (2019), combining CBD with alcohol may lower the amount of alcohol in the blood, potentially protecting brain cells and other organs. However, It does not mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. The study above also stated that CBD had been shown to improve the drinking experience without reducing the associated risks of cognitive impairment and motor skill delay. The combination of CBD and alcohol mimics the sedative effects of both, which may explain why this is the case. However, more investigation is required since other chemical processes may be at play. De Ternay et al. (2019) revealed that CBD lowers blood alcohol content in users addicted to alcohol. There's some speculation that doing so might help the body absorb alcohol more quickly by decreasing inflammation in the liver.

Is the Mixture of CBD and Alcohol Safe?

Karoly et al. (2021) discovered that CBD might mitigate some of the negative effects of alcohol in both human and animal trials. However, there is a lack of data on the consequences of combining CBD with alcohol. It's also unclear whether or not combining CBD with wine would have the same effects for everyone, given that the psychoactive properties of CBD vary from person to person. Furthermore, most current studies examine the effects of using very high doses of alcohol combined with CBD rather than the consequences of using a more moderate quantity of CBD in conjunction with alcohol. There is still a lack of data on the long-term consequences of light to moderate use. Due to the potential for additive effects, it is best to exercise caution while combining CBD with alcohol. Dosing CBD and alcohol together should be done with caution since even little amounts of both may have significant consequences.

To What Extent Is It Beneficial to Combine CBD with Alcohol?

Alcohol mixed with CBD has some positive health effects. Research suggests that CBD may help those battling an addiction to alcohol. Hurd et al. (2019) suggested that cannabidiol (CBD) aids in both reducing alcohol consumption and preventing relapse. CBD's anti-hypothermia effects extend to those caused by alcohol. Arkell et al. (2020) stated that CBD might also be useful for reducing BAC (blood alcohol volume).

Combining Both CBD and Alcohol Brings Out a New Experience.

A new drinking adventure awaits when people use tasty CBD beverages as mixers. One can try mixing their favorite liquor with a CBD-infused beverage as an alternative to the standard gin and tonic. However, it may provide the fresh perspective you need on an old favorite. When combining CBD with alcohol, the possibilities are endless. Hence, there is now little evidence to show a problem with taking CBD while also drinking,  although CBD and alcohol may enhance each other's effects on the body. Hall & Lynskey (2016) revealed that cannabidiol might help mitigate the side effects of alcohol. However, that excessive use of any drug is to be avoided.


There hasn't been enough study done on the topic yet; however, drinking alcohol while also using CBD may have undesirable side effects. People might presume that the anxiolytic and sedative effects of CBD are enhanced when combined with alcohol. Intoxication from alcohol is well-known to have negative consequences on the mind and the body, but whether or not cannabidiol (CBD) compounds these effects remains unknown. The interaction of CBD and alcohol is poorly understood. However, no anecdotal reports are linking the use of alcohol with CBD to any negative outcomes. Responsible alcohol consumption should have few negative consequences since CBD has no lethal dosage.


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