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Can You Travel With CBD Gummies?

August 13, 2022 4 min read


Can You Travel With CBD Gummies?

Most people travel with CBD gummies because they calm the nerves as they travel by plane. This article discusses some things to have in mind when it comes to traveling with CBD gummies, including; the tips for traveling with CBD gummies and the stress factors surrounding them. 

CBD gummies can be taken anywhere as long as they are derived from hemp. This is because the hemp-derived CBD does not contain the psychoactive component, tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC), that makes one high. All the products derived from hemp and FDA-approved can always be taken with as you travel. However, consumers must produce a certificate to show that they do not have the psychoactive component just in case they are stopped from having the CBD gummies.

Tips For Traveling With CBD Gummies

Carry A Printed Version Of The Ingredients

According to Finn (2020), it is important to have an ingredient list printed out. The analysis results should also be printed independently to prove that the CBD gummies contain 0.3% THC. Consumers claim that CBD extracted from hemp does not have the psychoactive compound, but at times it may have traces of THC (0.3%). The importance of carrying the printed ingredient list of the CBD gummies is that when stopped over, you can explain to the law enforcers that the CBD gummies do not have the presence of THC compound and do not pose a risk of getting one high.

Research The State Or Country You Are Going To

Different states and countries have different rules. Before traveling with CBD gummies, research the regulations and rules of the country or state you are traveling to. Find out if CBD is legal in that state or country and the agreed dosage of CBD gummies that the state or country allows. For example, McGregor et al.  (2020) stated that the government allows 70 mg of CBD per gummy as the use maximum dose in the U.K.

Get to know the laws of even where you may take a break before embarking on your journey. This may be because their state's laws do not permit the sale of CBD gummies. This means you should check the laws of the state you are visiting and the stopovers.

Buy CBD Gummies At The Final Destination

After researching the states or countries, you are traveling to and finding that it is legal in that particular state/country, buy CBD gummies in your final destination. Ensure you have the most updated information regarding the CBD gummies in your country or state of destination.

Dunuwila (2022) suggested that CBD gummies are discreet and can go unnoticed, especially when traveling with them. The packaging is inconspicuous and can easily pop into the mouth without attention. 

Research on the laws of the layovers/connecting flights

One may be updated with the laws of the state or country they are traveling to. Still, there is the possibility of making a stopover at a particular state before reaching the destination. Check the rules and regulations surrounding that place to avoid being on the wrong side of the law in that state.

Be Prepared To Be Questioned

CBD gummies are always within the law's parameters at every journey's stopover. However, since hemp products are all over and evolving rapidly, law enforcement officers may not be updated on the laws surrounding CBD gummies. This means that law enforcement officers may question the possession of CBD gummies and if they have the psychoactive compound during stopovers. This is why it is important to carry the printed ingredient list to prove that CBD gummies do not contain THC. Most times, the law enforcers may not be good with the laws regarding the use of CBD gummies.

The Stress Factor Regarding CBD Gummies

Brand (2020)  reported that CBD gummies could help deal with the potential stress that surrounds the uncertainty of traveling. Sometimes, one becomes anxious and stressed about the possibility of traveling to a new state or country. CBD gummies help calm one's nerves and give a sense of calmness, especially when faced with anxiety when traveling. Most people use CBD gummies in their daily routines while others use them, especially when they are stressed or anxious about a particular issue and want to calm their minds. This is why they are mostly used in traveling because some people are always anxious when traveling to new destinations.

Benefits of having the CBD gummies when traveling

Not only does the CBD help in dealing with travel anxiety, but it also assists in several ways. When dealing with CBD gummies, they can assist in jetlag. Those traveling by air are always at risk of getting tired and would like to shake off the jetlag feeling. The CBD gummies help in such a case, and one can relax their body and mind and even have some great rest and sleep.


CBD gummies are great when you plan to travel with them as they help calm one's nerves and minimize the stress associated with traveling. However, one should make sure that they know the rules and regulations of the areas they are traveling to. Some states are against CBD products, and you may be violating their law. The best thing would be to avoid carrying them and buy them at the place of destination. If they are legal, you will likely find a shop that sells them. This way, you will avoid the risks associated with stopping the places against using CBD products.


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