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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Absorption through the Skin

    CBD applied to the skin can benefit the body after entering the bloodstream. Read this article to know more about CBD, the benefits of CBD absorbed throughout the skin, and the types of CBD.

    CBD was previously exclusively available in smokable products, also called vapes. To experience the effects of CBD, you have to inhale it. Industries have recognized that CBD can still be helpful when infused into products, given CBD's popularity. When you think of a CBD product, the chances are that it’s already on the market, as observed by Evans (2020). CBD edibles and CBD candies a two of the many CBD products available. CBD is also available as a topical product, meaning we can use it on the skin. When CBD is used topically, the body benefits when the CBD is absorbed through the skin,

    What is CBD?

    Cannabis contains cannabidiol, sometimes known as CBD. The most common constituents of marijuana are CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Grotenhermen & Russo (2002) agreed that hemp and marijuana are sometimes confused. Still, hemp lacks the euphoric qualities of THC, making it a better option than marijuana, which contains a higher amount of THC and is outlawed in some countries. CBD from hemp and hemp products are legally accepted in many countries. The above study describes the distinction between marijuana and hemp.

    How Does CBD Work?

    CBD binds to receptors in the central nervous system involved in pain, memory, mood, and hunger regulation. When used as a topical product, CBD penetrates the skin and enters the body through the bloodstream.

    Benefits of CBD Absorbed Through the Skin

    The use of CBD topically does not end when the skin is applied to the skin. The benefits the user gets from CBD have far-reaching effects on the user. The following are the benefits of CBD use;


    Many people suffer from stress and anxiety, and when researchers discovered that CBD could reduce stress and anxiety, manufacturers of CBD products worked hard to include it in almost every consumable product, including food, so that people who were stressed or anxious would have a variety of options and CBD would be available in the form that they were most comfortable with. CBD is available in various products, including oils, candles, massage creams and oils, soap, gummies, hair oil, and beard oils. According to Ashton (2022), CBD can also be used to treat panic attacks.

    Aromatherapy candles can even include CBD. Although CBD has no intoxicating qualities, it can relax and energize the user.

    Reduces Pain

    CBD has been used as a painkiller and has been shown to relieve pain. CBD may be used to relieve pain associated with arthritis and even multiple sclerosis. The best thing about CBD is that you don't have to take it by mouth; it comes in whichever form you like. According to Evans (2020), CBD products are available in several products on the market. People who use opioids for pain relief may benefit from CBD because opioids can be addicting. CBD, on the other hand, has no psychoactive properties and will not make you "high."


    Ho et al. (2019) noted that CBD used topically may help the user manage insomnia by removing the underlying issues that may cause the patient to have insomnia. The issues that cause insomnia include stressors and physical pain, which CBD can manage.

    To Heal the Skin

    The skin care products are also topical CBDs, and CBD has the properties that enable it to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Sometimes the skin may develop a skin condition like acne. Acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum or the blocking of the pores by dirt and hair. Oláh et al. (2014) established that CBD might regulate sebum production so that the body produces the right amount of sebum for the skin, and we may use CBD to remove the dirt and the hair blocking the pores.

    Types of CBD

    Like every other CBD product, the ones used topically are not the same, and topical CBD products are also placed in categories known as spectrums, as stated by Brockway (2020). The spectrums are grouped under the rationale that the more the components in a spectrum, the more effective the CBD product. There are three main spectrums of CBD;

    Full-spectrum CBD

    The full spectrum of CBDs consists of the components of cannabis and THC and is therefore considered the most effective CBD spectrum. The users of the topical products in this spectrum enjoy what is known as an entourage effect. The entourage effect means the user benefits more from the components than a CBD product with only one component.

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    The broad spectrum has the components of cannabis and THC. The topical CBD products in the broad spectrum are less effective than the full spectrum but more effective than the topical CBD product in the CBD isolate.

    CBD Isolate

    Topical products in the CBD isolate are considered the least effective of the three spectrums because they only contain CBD. They are considered the purest CBD spectrum.

    How to buy CBD

    When buying topical CBD products, the user must research the product first to know if it is a product they want to use. As the research on the product, they should find out the manufacturer's reputation. The users may also read reviews online concerning the product to decide if it is a product they want to use. They should also be sure about the potency of the product that they want to purchase.



    Side Effects of CBD

    CBD used on the skin is safe for as long as it is used properly, and if it is compatible with the user's skin, the user may develop skin problems such as rashes. Using the CBD product improperly means the user does not overdose on the products. First-time users are advised to seek professional medical advice before using the products to know if they are in the right health to use them and if the medication that the new beginner is on can be used with the product.


    CBD used on the skin does not work on the skin alone as it must penetrate the skin and join the bloodstream, after which it is transferred everywhere in the body. The user benefits on the point that they want to feel the CBD all over the body. Absorption of CBD is usually slow and may take 25-45 minutes for the user to feel the effects. Using CBD on the skin may benefit the user by helping them relax, managing any physical pain and inflammation they may have, and helping the user sleep. CBD products are good only if they are not overused like other drugs.


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