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  • August 22, 2022 5 min read


    CBD, also known as hemp or cannabis, is a compound used in the making of sophisticated beauty, health products, and gummies. However, most people wonder why a cannabis sativa compound would be included in a moisturizer or a cleanser to boost clear skin. Herein, we discuss CBD face scrubs and face masks, the pros, and cons, and how to use scrubs and masks that are enhanced with CBD.

    Skincare enthusiasts hype the need of having a skincare regimen because just like our bodies, our faces require the same care. Over the years, face products enhanced with CBD have been on the top shelves of most skin care shops because of their numerous benefits. Recent research studies have also shown that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect when used on the face which may be beneficial for people with acne-prone skin. Due to this, CBD face scrubs and masks have been at the center of the hype when it comes to skincare gurus.

    CBD Face Masks

    Simply put, CBD face masks are masks that are ingrained with CBD. Face masks infused with CBD are a cult favorite because they are made from natural products that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Most people are after CBD-infused face masks because cannabidiol is easily absorbed into the skin and also the risk of skin irritation is minimal. Since CBD is an organic product, skin care products made with it appeal to people who are not after chemical-infused skin care products. When applied to the skin, CBD skin care products boost skin rejuvenation after it has been exposed to free radicals and pollution.

    Benefits Of Using CBD Face Masks

    Over the years, scientists have conducted tons of research into the benefits of infusing CBD in skin care products. Herein, we explore some of the benefits of using CBD face masks.

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Most face masks derived or infused with plants have antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is no surprise that CBD has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can occur naturally or artificially and they help the body fight off free radicals; compounds that can harm the body if they are not flushed out. Furthermore, CBD face masks can help to counteract fine lines are wrinkles that cause aging.

    A Natural Hydrant

    The reason why CBD face masks is one of the most hyped skincare products globally is due to their hydrating properties that are beneficial to the skin, especially for people with dry skin. CBD seeps into the inner layers of the skin thus making sure that your skin looks and feels hydrated. Therefore, using a CBD face mask will ensure that your skin stays supple and well rejuvenated.

    Cons Of CBD Face Masks

    CBD Face Masks Are Not Self-Sufficient

    Normally, face masks do not get the job done if they are not used alongside other skin care products like cleansers and moisturizers. A mask is used to complement other products therefore, using it on its own will not benefit your skin. It is hard for CBD to be absorbed into the skin because the skin is not porous which means that you will have to use a generous amount of CBD face mask to see its benefits. Using the right amount of the CBD face mask will allow the pores to absorb it. In essence, if you want to milk the full benefits of a CBD facial mask, make sure that you use the right amount.

    They Are Costly

    Even though most skincare enthusiasts and dermatologists hype the benefits of CBD-infused skin care products, especially masks, most of these products are a luxurious investment that only the well-off can afford. Such costly products may deter users from purchasing them even though they offer a bunch of benefits. However, there are cheaper solutions for people who still want to mint the benefits of CBD but at a cheaper price. There are CBD salves and creams, some of which are available in drug stores and over-the-counter prescriptions.

    They May Cause An Allergic Reaction

    Not all CBD products are skin-friendly. Certain CBD face masks are infused with ingredients that may cause potential harm to the skin. Therefore, before purchasing any CBD facial mask, you should go through the packaging to make sure that it will not irritate your skin. Also, if you are under medication, consult with your doctor before using any CBD-infused face mask.

    CBD Face Scrubs

    There are a ton of exfoliants in the skincare market, but what properties of CBD face scrubs make them the perfect exfoliants? CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Often, physical exfoliants like face scrubs contain abrasive ingredients that may harm sensitive skin. However, face scrubs that contain CBD may help to avert some of the abrasiveness of some face scrubs.

    Pros Of A CBD Face Scrub

    Improves Skin Tone

    When free radicals build up on the face, it may leave our skin feeling and looking dull. However, with regular skin exfoliation using a face scrub, it is possible to get rid of the dull look and bring out a healthier-looking skin.

    Helps To Unclog The Pores

    Often, the pores on our skin get clogged due to several factors such as dirt, sweat, and sebum. Therefore, regular exfoliation using a CBD face scrub is the best way to make sure that your face sheds off dirt and grime.

    Cons Of CBD Face Scrubs

    • The abrasive properties in most CBD face scrubs may irritate the skin and cause scarring and in worst-case scenarios, skin inflammation. Also, if your skin is sensitive, it may react to the chemicals present in the scrub.
    • Over scrubbing the skin may cause it to get pre-disposed to free radicals and UV rays.Aside from that, it makes your skin prone to infections

    The Bottom Line

    Skincare experts advocate for the importance of following a skincare routine because, like our bodies, our faces require the same attention. Face products containing CBD have been on the top shelves of most skin care stores for years due to their numerous benefits.CBD often referred to as cannabis or hemp, is a chemical found in high-end cosmetics, health supplements, and candy. Most individuals, however, are mystified as to why a cannabis sativa ingredient would be put in a moisturizer or cleanser to promote clear skin. The article above gives an in-depth view of CBD face scrubs and face masks, their benefits and drawbacks, and how to utilize CBD-enhanced washes and masks for people who are obsessed with skin care.