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CBD Oil and Coconut Oil Work Well; Know Why

September 27, 2022 4 min read

CBD Oil and Coconut Oil Work Well; Know Why

CBD Oil and Coconut Oil Work Well; Know Why

 Coconuts and CBD oil are the best combinations since they work together for the well-being of the body; for example, they relieve pain, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and stress, hydrate the skin, and prevent skin infection.

CBD oil can work hand in hand with other oils, such as coconut oil, for the well-being of the body. Coconut oil has become popular in recent years since it is linked to different health benefits. Therefore, you can get a much better effect when you combine CBD oil and coconut oil. Cannabis and coconut oil offer different health benefits, including pain relief, anti-inflammation, and increased metabolism. The cannabis oil is used topically, orally, sublingually, vaping, or through edibles. Herein, we discuss the health benefits of CBD oil combined with coconut oil.


CBD Oil and Coconut

CBD is derived from the hemp plant or marijuana. After extraction, it is combined with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Combining CBD and coconut oil makes the oil-soluble cannabis consumable to the body but also dispenses health and therapeutic effects to the body. The cannabis derivative is consumed alone or infused in beverages or food.

Coconut oil improves the immune system and improves general health. CBD oil is saturated with fats that mix to form cannabis coconut oil.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil and CBD Oil


Improve Heart Health

Research shows that coconut oil could reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body. On the other hand, CBD also has THC traces, which maintains blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to serious health issues like stroke or heart attack.


 The oils have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and inflammation. Pellati et al. (2018) posited that CBD can reduce internal and external inflammation. Notably, inflammation is accompanied by pain; CBD can help relieve the pain by suppressing inflammation. The oil is taken orally or topically to reduce swellings on the skin. Therefore, it can treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, characterized by skin inflammation. 

Boost the Functionality of the Brain

Oxidation in the body can damage healthy cells in the and also in the brain. Studies show that CBD can reduce oxidative stress within the brain; a mixture of the oils can protect the brain cells from oxidative damage and its functioning.

Pain Relief

Pain could be mild or severe. Severe pain can affect your daily activities. According to Überall (2020), CBD oil can relieve acute and chronic pain. The cannabis derivative treats arthritis and multiple sclerosis, whose main symptoms are pain. Studies show that patients administered with Sativex (a CBD drug) showed a decrease in pain and other arthritis-related signs, including inflammation, compared to those administered with a placebo. Sativex mimics ordinary medications used for pain relief. The oil can medicate wound cuts and burns since it is gentle to the body and the skin.

Reduce Mental Disorders

 The combination of the oils is essential for alleviating mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression. According to Bitencourt & Takahashi(2018), CBD can ease post-traumatic mental stress disorder (PTSD). Most people tend to have encountered different situations in life which have rendered them PTSD. CBD used alongside normal routine helps to reduce PTSD symptoms. Coconut oil can regulate the production of hormones that calms the body and mind.

Improve Sleep 

The body and the brain need rest to allow the rejuvenation of new cells and re-energizing the body. According to Teitelbaum (2019), CBD can improve sleep and prevent insomnia with its soothing effect on the body and the mind. The oil can also relax muscles and nerves, calming the body and activating the senses. Additionally, coconut oil can modulate the production of hormones that improve sleep.

 When used on the skin, the mixture can perform the following functions;

Hydrate the Skin

Coconut oil has been infused in different skin care products due to its effect on the skin. Also, CBD has several benefits to the skin, including skin hydration. According to Stella et al. (2019), CBD is effective for skin hydration due to its ability to regulate sebum production; sebum is the natural oil in the skin. When produced excessively, it clogs the pores and causes outbreaks. However, when produced in the right amount, it helps to hydrate the skin. A combination of oils makes the skin look healthy and nourished.


The skin is exposed to different compounds, including disease-causing germs such as bacteria and fungi. According to Gildea et al. (2022), CBD has an antibacterial effect that prevents bacterial skin infections.


CBD oil is widely used in the beauty and medical fields. However, cannabis and hemp extract is not medically approved for use. The food and drug administration legalized epidiolex, a CBD drug used for treating epilepsy. In any form, you take CBD to consult a doctor; CBD may negatively interact with other medications you may be using. People respond differently to CBD; listening to your body to gauge its effects is advisable. Coconut oil not only improves the bioavailability of CBD but also complements the cannabis derivative to dispense health benefits to the body.


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