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CBD Pre Rolls Vs. Vaping: Which Should You Choose?

September 01, 2022 4 min read

CBD Pre Rolls Vs. Vaping: Which Should You Choose?

CBD Pre Rolls Vs. Vaping: Which Should You Choose?

The more awareness is brought about the use of CBD and its alternative products; the newer ways are coming up in how CBD can be ingested into the body. One of the debates is the choice between using pre-rolls or just vaping. This article explains between CBD pre-rolls and vaping and which of the two is a better choice for an individual.

When one mentions CBD pre-rolls, the first thing that comes to mind is smoking marijuana associated with THC. However, this is not the case since the hemp-derived joint contains CBD. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about arrest when found in its possession. CBD was made legal after the passing of the 2018 farm bill, which allowed the use of industrial hemp. What this meant was that farmers were allowed to cultivate and produce hemp-derived products, which could be used to make products such as skin care products for recreational and medicinal purposes in some states, such as California. Acceptance of CBD in the market, of which some experts say that CBD is the new billion-dollar market in the future years, has seen manufacturers come up with new ways or improvise ways that can be used to take in CBD compounds in the body. Mention a few include tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD gummies, and E- smoking. Vaping is one of the new e- smoking ways that some users prefer to take in CBD.


Advancement In technology has also engulfed the CBD industry by producing vape pens. Berg et al. (2020) explained that vape pens are devices that can hold CBD oil and are used to vape CBD. This CBD intake allows one to heat the content to the preferred temperature and get the best out of the ingredient. Vaping has become the new trend where CBD smokers can get the benefits of CBD faster.

What Could Be the Benefits of Vaping?

Vaping is preferred by people who are starting the use of CBD. Their small-shaped pen devices can be used anywhere due to their portable nature.


Sharan et al. (2020) explained that vaping is beneficial for human health and an excellent alternative to CBD consumption. Another advantage of ingestion is that no smoke is produced but rather an excellent scented vapor less noticeable to others. This feature makes it not to be a nuisance to neighbors and other people.


The concentration of THC in the cartridges is very high. Therefore, when vaped, it provides a high amount of THC concentration that kicks in effect in minutes as the product is ingested in the body very fast.


Various factors affect the type of ingestion of CBD vaporizer products. Though it's the fastest way to ingest the substance, the level of temperature that heats the CBD oil or flower in the cartridge plays a role in the effect felt by the product. Higher cartridge temperature ensures a higher rate of absorption into the bloodstream. The level of dosing also is a factor because a high dosage has seen an increase in the effect of the CBD ingredients compared to an allowed dosage.

What Should Be Invested in?

It is essential to know what one is putting their money on. Although some vape pens are affordable, they require maintenance and constant refills. While some have rechargeable batteries, others have a battery that must be changed after some time or otherwise wear off in due time.

CBD Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls have been the traditional way of taking in cannabis. Hyson (2022) explained that this is the best way to consume CBD products more cheaply and quickly; one will only have to reach out to their local store or make a purchase online to obtain this commodity. One can also make pre-rolls if they are an expert, but if one is a beginner, one can purchase the pre-rolls device. The beauty about pre-rolls is that they are pretty stylish and can be elegant, making them feel the discrete and natural feeling of consuming CBD.

How Does Smoking CBD Work

It's no doubt that smoking CBD is the oldest method of imbibing CBD or any other cannabis-related product. The sole reason is that smoking is on the topic of bioavailability. Bioavailability in this context describes the ability of a drug to get into the body, circulate and produce effects. The higher the rate of bioavailability, the higher the effective induction of the impact of the drug felt in the body. According to Young (2021), using CBD tinctures as an oral ingested substance showed that its bioavailability was around 86%. A variable number with an increased number on the bioavailability of the same CBD substance showed that the bioavailability of smoking increased by an incredible number of 31% in a separate. Smoking CBD increased the effectiveness of CBD in comparison to the other forms of CBD ingestion.

Why People Prefer CBD Oil

When this is a question regarding the social setting, even though smoking offers a greater bioavailability, some people still prefer using oil. If individuals have tried smoking CBD in public or anywhere they choose, everyone would know about it. Some people do not like smoking at all or do not want to be associated with smoking. Furthermore, the CBD-derived products bring in the question of legality, which some people consider unpleasant; hence, it may be difficult to persuade them otherwise. Some people also have underlying health conditions such as asthma and other respiratory ailments that doctors have warned about smoking. Hence, people tend to stick to CBD oil instead of pre-rolls due to their convenience.


Well, no specific form of CBD ingestion method is the ultimate one to choose. The substance choice depends on cost, individual preference, and societal outlook. Each experiences CBD effects differently and will select the method that suits them perfectly.


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