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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read


    What is a CBD serum? What is a facial moisturizer? How best can an individual use these two products? What is the difference between these two products? This article explains what CBD serum and facial moisturizer are and what are the known differences.

    The idea of using skin serum was basic. But the current boom in affordable skincare suggests that high-quality ingredients and excellent skin serums have become more available. However, with the current growing popularity of skin serums come many questions that need to be answered.

    The main noticeable difference between serums and moisturizers is the formulation. The Serum is designed to provide a potent shot of targeted ingredients into the skin after cleansing, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Typically, it has a thinner formula that allows concentrated active ingredients to absorb faster and more effectively for maximum benefit. The article discusses the differences between moisturizers and serums, how to layer both the Serum and moisturizer, and determine which can work better depending on your need.

    What Is the Difference Between Moisturizers and Serum?

    Spada et al. (2018) stated that a moisturizer is a thicker cream formulated to soothe and hydrate the skin. It should be one of the last steps in your skincare routine as it is designed to keep the skin hydrated all day and prevent moisture loss. Moisturizers also protect dry skin from some elements such as sun damage. But this is important during the cold months when central heating, harsh winds, and the cold winter hair may be havoc on your skin needs. Moisturizers are made of one among three factors: That are occlusives in trapping moisture towards the skin, humectants meaning to attract water towards the skin, and lastly emollients as a conditioner to the skin.

    Which Is Better: Serum of The Moisturizer?

    The basis is that both are good because they are formulated to perform different things entirely. Depending on the concern you want to address, the Serum and moisturizer will perform differently to reach the target

    Relying on Serum is not enough if you want to hydrate the skin. According to Dalawai (2019), moisturizers function like a thicker blanket. It seals hydration to the skin and hinders high moisture loss during the day. As serums may promote hydration, such as hyaluronic acid face CBD serums, they are not sufficient to keep the skin hydrated and also protected. Moisturizers also work by trapping all active serums to the skin to perform their magic. To get all the benefits from the Serum, followed by a moisturizer as it is recommended to use the Ultra-hydrating moisturizer.

    Do I Need Both?

    Yes, because both perform differently, you cannot apply one after the other. As you apply a product more consistently to achieve the outcome, you may change up the Serum to fit the skin’s daily needs. Suppose you are looking for some extra hydration. Aziz et al. (2017) stated that one should ensure you start the day using hyaluronic acid facial serum and if you want to increase your skin glow, focus on AHA and Vitamin C facial serum. Moisturizers are more seasonal products that you may not change as much as you can swap to a thick way of using during the colder seasons. It may be a consistent commodity for the daily regime.

    As there are many moisturizers with specific active properties, such as generating collagen moisturizers. The main work of a moisturizer is to maintain the skin moisturized. Studies have shown that oily skin results from a lack of linoleic-fatty acid, a thinner fatty acid in the skin sebum as it leads to excess oleic acid. A thicker fatty acid can cause acne breakouts.

    Which can I Use Before the Other?

    The Serum goes before the moisturizer. Wearing the facial CBD Serum the moisturizer is good for the skin by pouring it directly into the sink. Applying the serums after the moisturizer prevents the Serum from penetrating the skin. Thakre (2017) stated that serums are applied directly after toning. The thumb rule says that you start from the thinnest towards the thickest formula while applying the skincare products. It enables everything to be absorbed to the best for personal skin type. Using essences may fit midway between the toner and the Serum if you use essences.

    Can I use Many Facial CBD Serums at one time?

    Get used to the formula of thin towards thick. It is good to apply the serums depending on their consistency. If one is thicker in texture, such as silicon-based serum, it is applied last before the moisturizer. Don’t combine serums and apply one in a go because this may hinder some active properties from functioning efficiently. Some properties may outdo each other and cause irritation. vitamin C and other exfoliants. Try to avoid applying layers of many products at once. Instead, you can choose two serums to apply.

    How to Layer Serums and Moisturizers

    Mohammadi & Nairn (2017) explained that once it comes to layering skincare products, the order matters, skincare products are layered from the thickest to the thinnest products applied to the skin. If you are focused on the intended goals, it makes sense. Serums are intended to deliver some active ingredients deep into the skin, and the moisturizer forms a seal to make the serums more efficacious. To effectively layer out your Serum and moisturizer, you first rub the Serum on your face and the neck. Then wait for about 30 to 60 seconds before applying your moisturizer on the top. Waiting is to allow the Serum to settle before you apply the moisturizer. Hadžavdić & Bukvić Mokos (2021) explained that most Serum and moisturizers are applied in the morning and the evening. But some serums and creams should only be used at night depending on their compounds, like the retinol products, because they increase the skin sensitivity to the sun.


    If you may be having some problems with your skin and you would like to improve, like the dark spots and early signs of aging, adding a targeted serum to your daily skincare routine may help improve the appearance of the skin. And for people with dry skin, the right Serum and moisturizer can make all the difference.


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