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CBD Skin Cream and Dry Hands

September 27, 2022 5 min read

CBD Skin Cream and Dry Hands

CBD Skin Cream and Dry Hands

Dry hands can be painful and stressful. Read this article to know more about what causes dry hands, the benefits of CBD cream and dry hands, and how to buy the best CBD skin cream for dry hands.

Hands are always in water and sometimes in harsh detergents, which strip them of moisture. The hands will look dry and wrinkly, age notwithstanding. Applying some lotion occasionally on the hands is enough to make the hands look moisturized. Treating dry hands will also take a while because it takes time for the skin to regain all the lost moisture. The CBD skin cream has medicinal properties, making it a beneficial skin care product for dry hands. Including CBD skin cream in the skincare routine will benefit the user in the long run.

What Is CBD Skin Cream?

CBD skin cream is a cream that has been infused with CBD (cannabidiol). As the CBD market expands, users can benefit from using CBD in the form they want. There are CBD edibles, sublingual, topicals, vapes, etc. CBD skin cream is a CBD topical that a user may prefer to purchase to experience the benefits of CBD. CBD is a chemical component found in cannabis alongside THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and hundreds of other chemical components. CBD and THC are the chemical components determining whether cannabis is hemp or marijuana. Hemp has plenty of CBD and less THC, while marijuana has plenty of THC and less CBD. THC and CBD differ from why hemp is legal in many countries while marijuana is not. It is important to note that THC is the substance responsible for the user's psychoactive effects. You will not have the same experience with hemp because of the low THC content, at only 0.3%. Therefore, CBD derived from hemp is more common than CBD derived from marijuana. If you buy your CBD skin cream and it is indicated that it has 0.3% THC, it means that the CBD skin cream is hemp-derived. Hemp-derived CBD products are popular among users because they lack the psychoactive properties present in marijuana. It is important to note that CBD skin cream only works on the skin and cannot reach the bloodstream.

What Causes Dry Hands?

Dry skin is also known as xeroderma and can affect anyone regardless of age. The causes of dry skin include harsh weather, detergents, and soap. Dry skin may be prone to flaky, cracked, and scaly injuries. The symptoms are determined by the person's health status, age, and environment. Dry skin can be mild, meaning that the body naturally restores the oils, or it could be chronic and result in sores. Baswan et al. (2020) concluded that CBD is helpful in skin care.

Benefits of CBD Skin Cream on Dry Hands

Casiraghi et al. (2020) stated that CBD is used for its therapeutic properties, which are beneficial in skincare too. All the medicinal benefits of CBD skin cream on the skin are derived from CBD. The following are the benefits of CBD on the skin:

CBD As a Moisturizer

According to Cream et al. (2020), CBD is useful in treating damaged skin. The body naturally keeps the skin moisturized with water and body fats, but constant exposure to harsh detergents will strip the skin of its natural oils and water. CBD skin cream has natural oils and hydrating properties, which will help restore the water lost in the skin. Using the CBD skin cream is therapeutic and is therefore not a one-off event and should be applied for some weeks or can be permanently included in the skincare regimen for better results.

CBD Skin Cream for Relaxation

Broers et al. (2019) showed that CBD is used to relax the patient. CBD skin cream is topical and may not provide relaxation like an edible or an injection. The Cream does not reach the bloodstream, but the effect on the skin provides some relief from the pain and inflammation that the dry skin manifests.

CBD as an Antiseptic

When skin is dehydrated, it is prone to unexplained injuries as it may have cracks and wounds from the tightness. Untreated injuries may cause infections when exposed. Lim et al. (2020) showed that applying the CBD skin cream loosens the skin as it gets moisturized while also healing and protecting it from diseases.

As a Pain Reliever and an Anti-Inflammatory

According to McFadden et al. (2021), CBD is helpful as a pain reliever. The skin may cause pain and inflammation, leading to itchiness. CBD skin cream will make the skin less itchy and soothe the wounds hence reducing the pain

For Managing Insomnia

Dry skin will not cause insomnia. The symptoms associated with dry skin, such as cracked skin, itchiness, and pain, will be unbearable at night and keep the person awake. CBD skin cream reduces the pain the itching and heals the skin so that the person can sleep.

How to Buy the Best CBD Skin Cream

Knowing how to buy the best CBD skin cream is important because dry skin is sensitive. The CBD market is broad yet not regulated and is therefore flooded with fake CBD products which may harm the skin. Finding the best CBD skin cream is especially difficult for first-time users. The following are some valuable tips for buying the best CBD skin cream;

Research About CBD Skin Cream

Find out more about CBD skin cream. Find out more about CBD skin creams and the best places to buy CBD skin creams. While researching CBD skin creams, the online CBD skin cream buyer must read customers' reviews. You can also seek a Certificate of agency(COA) to know the components in the CBD skin cream. You should also find out if a third-party laboratory has tested it to ensure that the details are as indicated on the COA.

Do a Patch Test

When you buy the hand test, do a small patch test before you spread it on the hand. Apply a small amount of CBD skin cream and be keen on any sensation you may feel. However, if you experience some burning, itching, or tingling, it will be best if you do not use the product.


The main reason dry skin is treated is that the symptoms may be unbearable. The signs not only affect the skin but may also cause distress to the person, as they include inflammations, pain, and itchiness. CBD skin cream can therefore be used as a pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-inflammatory. When buying CBD skin cream, the person should first embark on some research to know the product better. Some of the valuable information gathered during the research is enlightening themselves on CBD hand creams and the best places to buy them.


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