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CBD Sublingual Vs. CBD Topical Vs. CBD Vapes

August 17, 2022 5 min read

CBD Sublingual Vs. CBD Topical Vs. CBD Vapes

CBD Sublingual Vs. CBD Topical Vs. CBD Vapes

Sublingual use is the most effective way of delivering CBD into your bloodstream. CBD topicals are for external use and take the longest time before the impact. Vaping is the most rapid way of delivering CBD to your bloodstream, followed by sublingual use.

After the legalization of CBD by the 2018 Farm Bill, there are multiple products you can use for your convenience. CBD is infused in various products, including gummies, tinctures, vapes, and topicals. The product type depends on the user's time to feel the impact. CBD is obtained from the organic hemp plant, which has an awful and unbearable taste. Although edibles deliver rapid effects, you might have to encounter the awful taste of the hemp plant. Sublingual use of CBD has been a common way to deliver CBD into your body system. The following insight will help you choose the best way of administering CBD in your body system, sublingually, topically, or through vaping.

Sublingual Use

Sublingual use is the commonly used method of taking CBD. Before CBD topical products, it was the fastest way of delivering CBD into the bloodstream. An individual can use it for CBD oil, tinctures, or gummies. It involves putting CBD edibles under your tongue and holding it for about 60 seconds before swallowing. However, this method is suitable for tinctures and CBD oil. Using a syringe or an accurately market dropper, measure the recommended amount and put it under your tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing. Maltke, Julie & Hindocha (2021) stated that this is one of the most effective methods. Sublingual use might not be effective for beginners. According to Subramaniam Venkat et al. (2019), THC has psychoactive side effects that can make you "high," especially when taken in high concentration. If you are using CBD for the first time, consider low potency levels of 5 ml. However, this might still trigger the potential side effects as a new element is introduced into the system.

Sublingual use of CBD allows the thin capillaries under the tongues to absorb it rapidly, channeling it to larger blood vessels. The impact for sublingual use is rapid, although it also clears faster in the body depending on the potency levels. Therefore, beginners are recommended to consider oral use than sublingual.

Topical Use Of CBD

It is also a convenient way of administering CBD to your blood system. Multiple products are designed for topical use, including CBD oil for massage. Topical products have active ingredients to suit topical use only. However, due to the entourage effect, they still deliver various health benefits of CBD, such as lowering stress, anxiety, and depression, as suggested by Maltke, Julie & Hindocha (2021). Entourage is the ability of various elements to work together to provide more than the suggested health benefits. Therefore, topical CBD products can offer more than skin benefits. However, they should be used by an individual in considerable concentrations since the negative impact of CBD might still occur despite being topical products.

The impact of topical CBD might not be rapid. Unlike sublingual use, the skin takes time to absorb the active ingredients from the hemp plant. The impact of using CBD topically might be within an hour or two, depending on the product. It is the slowest way of infusing CBD into your body, although the impact might last longer. CBD topicals are the best alternative for those evading the awful taste of the hemp plant. They are manufactured with other elements such as MCT or coconut oil for rapid effectiveness. MCT oil improves the rate of absorption due to its bioavailability features.

Vaping CBD

Vape products are one of the recent developments in the hemp industry. However, they are highly embraced, especially among the youth who find vaping cool. Although it involves many risks, vaping is the most effective way of delivering CBD to your body. The smoke is directed to the lungs, which are absorbed into the bloodstream within the shortest time possible. According to Hotz Janine et al. (2021), the impact of vaping CBD is within 20 minutes. Although vaping is the most effective way for rapid impact, it has potential risks. One of the common dangers of vaping CBD is choking, especially among beginners. Smoking is generally not healthy for our bodies. Frequent smoking damages interior body parts such as the lungs and the liver. Therefore, consider vaping CBD two or three times a week.

Is CBD Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD products. Schilling et al. (2020) explained that only hemp or cannabis-based CBD was legalized due to their low THC levels (0.3%). Marijuana, which also has CBD, was not legalized because its THC levels exceed 2.5%, which is more intoxicating. Besides, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp products at the state level. Therefore, CBD products are not legal in all 50 states. Only 38 states have legalized hemp products for therapeutic and recreational use. Before traveling to states such as Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, and 9 more, confirm whether they have lifted the hemp-based product restriction.

How To Determine The Best CBD Products

With over 180 hemp-based manufacturers, CBD products are flooding the market, making it difficult to differentiate between the best and poor quality. Carlos et al. (2019) explained that the first way of determining a safe CBD product is by the lab results from an IOS-certified lab. Avoid brands that have not posted their lab results since they might be using shortcuts to produce their products. Such products are likely to be contaminated with harmful chemical solvents. Use the lab results to confirm the potency and purity levels rather than relying on the labels, which can be misleading. Lastly, confirm the ingredients blended in are only organic. Artificial elements might lead to a chemical reaction, lowering potency and effectiveness.


Vaping is the best if you look for the fastest way to deliver CBD to your body systems. However, the impact will be strong depending on the potency levels. Unlike topicals, the impact for vapes lasts for the shortest time possible since it is also cleared out rapidly. Vapes are in various flavors, making them a suitable alternative to evade the awful natural taste of the hemp plant. Sublingual use is the second most effective way of rapidly delivering CBD into the bloodstream. However, the interaction with the awful taste of the hemp plant makes it unbearable to most people. Lastly, topical use is the slowest method of getting CBD in your body, and it's recommended for beginners and those targeting skin health benefits due to the hemp plants' anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


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