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CBD Vape Cartridges vs. CBD Disposables

September 15, 2022 5 min read

CBD Vape Cartridges vs. CBD Disposables

CBD Vape Cartridges vs. CBD Disposables

CBD vape cartridges are less wasteful than CBD disposables since you can refill them. This guide explains what CBD vape cartridges are, what a disposable vape is, how CBD vape carts work vs. how CBD disposables work, and the benefits of vaping CBD carts and disposables.

Vaping CBD is one of the ways to consume your CBD dosage. Most people turn to vaping CBD as their preferred method because of its bioavailability; its effects are felt almost instantly. There are other ways you can consume your CBD, such as through; tinctures, oils, topicals, and edible such as gummies and capsules. CBD vape carts and disposable are the two most common products of vaping CBD. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It's up to you to know which one suits you perfectly and this guide will help you know more about both.

What Are CBD Vape Cartridges?

You have probably heard of CBD vape carts if you are not new to CBD vaping. You can't put your CBD oil in a vaporizer or pen and then vape it. It may lead to destroying your vaporizer. You should invest in a high-quality CBD vape cart that comes pre-filled with various flavors of CBD oil you want. If you have heard of an e-liquid, it is mostly referred to as CBD oil.

Vape carts are small cylindrical devices screwed to a vape or pen. Muthumalage et al. (2020)noted that CBD vape cartridges are normally available with pre-filled e-juice with CBD concentrates that are none intoxicating. It also contains terpenes, a cannabinoid responsible for flavor and taste. The CBD vape carts are connected to a standard 510 battery, or you can get it as a single device.

What Are Disposable CBD Vapes?

Disposable CBD vapes are devices that turn your carts into vaping machines. Leas et al. (2021)noted that although they are not all similar, most have a battery, an atomized heating element, a mouthpiece, and a chamber where the vaporizing substance is held. There are various types of disposable CBD pens. However, the most common one is the tank style. The tank's style vaporizer carts the disposable CBD once its battery is activated. The disposable e-vapes are meant to be thrown away once you are done with them. They are not meant to be refilled and are mostly budgeting-friendly.

How CBD Vape Carts Work Vs. How CBD Disposables Work

Disposable CBD vapes work similarly to a normal vape but are more convenient. You can purchase it individually or bulk or fill it with your desired vape juice. Once you remove it from its packaging, it is ready to use. It has its internal tank filled with your type of e-liquid and a fully charged battery. Once its battery dies, you should throw it away. They also do not come with an external connector for it to be charged. If your e -juice finishes, you should dispose of the disposable vape, too, since it contains sealed vape tanks that cannot be refilled,

On the other hand, CBD vape carts come with pre-filled CBD vape juice or distillate. They require a vape pen or 510 thread batteries compatible with a 510 cart. They normally have about 0.5 ml to one ml of CBD juice.

CBD Vape Cartridges Vs. CBD Disposable (Convenience)

Most vapers report that nothing can beat the convenience of CBD disposables since they contain a simple fluid design and perfectly fit in the hands and pockets. The good thing about them is that you cannot lose them. However, you can enjoy vaping CBD in total Discreetness. In terms of convenience, then the only way that CBD vape carts can beat disposables is that your van switches them between various strains. When it comes to CBD disposables, you will need to get another pen, while with vape carts, you can unscrew the valve cart and attach another one.

In terms of Customizability

A CBD vape cart is more customizable than a disposable one since you can attach a 501-threaded battery. On the other hand, disposables are inconvenient since you will need another disposable pen to experience another strain. Hence, they are more convenient since an increase in Customizability decreases convenience.

In terms of Discreetness

A CBD disposable vape is more discreet than a CBD vape cart. They are small enough; hence you can avoid unwanted attention, and they fit perfectly into your hand or pockets. Discreetness is a big priority in vaping CBD since CBD vapor smells similar to THC vapor.


Since disposable pens do not have temperature regulation, it lacks flavor. However, if you desire to fine-tune your vapor flavor, go for CBD vape carts since you can control its voltage.


When it comes to effect, both of them are similar. However, disposable vapes can be a bit harder because their higher voltage makes every hit stronger.

In terms of Variety

When it comes to CBD vape carts, you can acquire them in particular strains. However, with CBD disposables, there are various strains you can choose from.

Benefits of Vaping CBD Carts and Disposables

When it comes to benefits, they both offer the same benefits since they have a similar substance which is CBD. According to Skelley et al. (2020), some of their benefits include:

  • Alleviates anxiety due to anti-anxiety properties
  • Atalay et al.(2020) noted that it reduces pain and inflammation due to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps improve sleep

Disposable Vape and Vape Carts Pros and Cons

Even though a CBD disposable vape is the most convenient, when it is over, you have to discard the whole device since there is no way to refill it. Although carts are not that convenient since they require a vape battery, you can replace the cart once you are done with it. If you do not want a permanent device, you should go for disposable vapes instead, and if you do not love the hassle of filling vape tanks, use vape carts instead.


CBD vape carts and CBD disposable are the two most popular methods of vaping CBD. They all have their cons and pros. When it comes to convenience, you should choose CBD disposable since they are discreet enough and fit perfectly in your hands and pockets. Customizability: The CBD carts take the day since they can be attached to a 501-threaded battery. Also, with a vape cart, you can switch it between various strains since you must unscrew the cart and attach another one. However, with disposable ones, you will need a new cart. In terms of Variety, the CBD disposable is available in various varieties, while the CBD cart can be found in a specific variety.


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