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Do You Think CBD and Fitness Are Made for Each Other?

August 30, 2022 5 min read

Do You Think CBD and Fitness Are Made for Each Other?

Do You Think CBD and Fitness Are Made for Each Other?

Most of the time, you may find someone on the fitness journey but finds it hard to trust that CBD products may help them. CBD can be a great addition to an individual's fitness journey. This can be seen through their different benefits, like relieving pain, dealing with issues regarding stress, and helping with the soreness of the muscle joints.

CBD can bring out the creative side of an individual that they never thought they had. This can be seen through their benefits too. In most cases, CBD products have been associated with medicinal benefits in an individual. They work so great in that space. However, most fitness fanatics have brought their creative minds to the task and have found ways to use CBD products to help them in their health benefits or fitness journey. This article delves deep into the different ways CBD and fitness are mad for one another and how great they complement each other.

Ways CBD and Fitness Are Made for Each Other

Relieve Pain

According to Wallace et al. (2020), CBD has always been acclaimed for assisting in relieving pain in individuals. It can help deal with almost any type of pain one may experience or diseases may cause. When it is all about fitness and exercise, CBD may play a very big role in this, especially for those that feel pain when exercising. There is always that possibility that one may feel some pain when they are exercising. Most wellness and fitness practitioners have suggested using CBD to aid in preventing or treating the pain felt by individuals. For the effects to be efficient and fast, one must check how they consume CBD.

There are different ways in which one can use CBD during pain. They include;

  • assists in tolerating pain, especially during training.
  • Help an individual to manage the pain felt after training or exercise.

Joint Health and CBD

Fitness and the different exercises one may go through may take some toll, especially on the joints. It can be through running, serious and challenging movements, lifting weights, and some stress that soccer individuals go through during vigorous training. This may get those into these activities to experience some wear and tear, especially on the joints. They may have some issues with their shoulders, hip, or even knees. Most of the time, you may get that those who are into the fitness journey and go through all the fitness activities may have issues associated with arthritis. This may make the joints very delicate and sensitive. It may even bring about an inflammatory effect.

Jikomes (2016) stated that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and has anti-inflammatory effects. It destroys the harmful substances that may cause inflammation and helps minimize bones' breakdown. This is due to the endocannabinoid system's ability to control the bones' metabolism. The joint friction is also improved by reducing the excess weight present in the bones.   

CBD, Sleep, Stress, and Too Much Training

The body will always demand an individual have proper training and exercise to be fit and healthy. It is always great as it works for the better of the body. However, there should be a balance between the stress of aiming to be fit and exaggerating it. Most people aim at giving their best at training and exercising to become fit, but at times the training may be so extra that it comes with a cost. For the balance to be optimized, one should check on how they can take away their stressors about fitness and adapt to the benefits they bring.

One of the stressors that one has to deal with is insomnia. When one fails to get enough sleep, it will be difficult to get a hormonal balance. CBD is known to have some calming effects that may help in soothing the mind and help in getting some sleep, minimizing stress, and calming the body and mind, especially after training.

CBD in Helping with the Soreness of Muscles and Its Recovery

An individual who is too much into training and personal fitness knows it all comes with a price. At times, the price may be the body's pains, aches, and soreness. This especially happens after vigorous training. In such a situation, it is always better to embrace the idea of the CBD benefits after exercising. No matter the type of exercise that you may go through, there is always that probability that the muscles may become sore. This is because the muscles go through so many contractions. Byrareddy & Mohan (2020) suggested that CBD has some anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing the swelling and soreness of the muscles. It is known to activate the different channels by allowing the flow of calcium into the body, making them concentrate, and making the bones strong.

CBD in Improving Flow, Focus, and Fitness Performance

A fitness fanatic will know for sure how important focus is when they are doing their exercises. This is where they deeply get immersed in the activities; nothing matters to them as long as they achieve the goal. Flow state is also important as it helps in the fluidity of the exercises and the ability to perform their tasks effortlessly. Ibeas Bih (2015) explained that CBD plays a big role by interacting with the neurotransmitters in the brain, giving them the needed flow. The most used transmitter, in this case, is the anandamide. When doing the different exercises, most of the time, the anandamide production is stimulated. CBD is also known to increase the production of anandamide in the body. Therefore, combining CBD and fitness exercises can greatly increase anandamide production, which may help improve flow, focus, and fitness performance.


As the article states, CBD has a lot of benefits for an individual on a fitness journey. The benefits discussed in this article have given the final answer to whether they are made for each other. CBD and fitness seem to complement each other through the different benefits that they have. Fitness has benefits on a person as well as CBD does. The benefits combined help boost a person's health and physical state.     


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