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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Lotions have been in play for a long time, helping people keep their skin moisturized. More lotions keep coming to the marking, trying to provide the most suitable alternative for your skin. However, some lotions don't offer much apart from regulating moisture from escaping your skin, leaving it dry. Lotions with artificial ingredients expose the skin to chemicals that might damage it instead of protecting it from UV light and free radicals. People concerned about their skin's long-term health and wellness now go for organic lotions such as CBD. However, whether organic or not, the lotion skill remains on the skin.

    Benefits of Lotions

    Lotions have various impacts on our health, some positive and others negative. The following are some of the reasons you should always consider using lotions;

    Hydrate Dry Skin

    A harsh climate can damage your skin, making it dry more often. Too much wind, heat, or cold chips the skin diversely, making it nearly impossible to be regulated by common cosmetics. Also, some people's skins are very sensitive. Such people's skin gets irritated and becomes dry despite temperature regulation. Applying lotions after every bath can work best for such people to manage such conditions. Lotions help in keeping their skin hydrated and supple every time.

    Replenish Dry and Rough spots on the skin

    Thomsen (2014) reported that extra dry and rough spots on your skin are a common condition, even for those with normal skin. The common areas prone to dry and rough spots are around the knees and elbows. The best solution is to include lotions to such parts in your daily skincare routine, preferably at bedtime, for maximum absorption. Frequent use eases tough spots giving your skin a silky and smooth appearance, even on the rest of the body.

    Smooth Calluses

    Standing for long hours might result in rough calluses, which are painful and unpleasant. Removing the dead cells around such body parts without lotion might be difficult. Lengel (2009) noted if the calluses appear swollen, discolored, or have red streaks, see a doctor before trying to remove them yourself.

    Smell and Feel Good

    Applying creamy lotions around the arms, legs, and feet gives most people a relaxing sensation. However, people enhance their specialty using unique scents from amazing lotions. Besides your unique scent, some lotions provide a moisturizing environment that makes your skin appear pulpy at all times.

    Why You Should Wash Of Lotions

    According to White (2017), lotions are useful for skin hydration,  but they close the pores hindering the outward growth of hair. Therefore, washing off the lotions every evening before bed is healthy. This exposes the skin to fresh air and allows adequate oxygen flow in and out of the skin. However, this might not be enough. If you want to maintain your skin health and minimize irritation among other skin conditions such as acne, exfoliation must be on your weekly skincare routine.

    Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead cells, oils, and sweat accumulating on your skin with time. Daily usage of lotions creates a layer on the skin that hinders the penetration of active skincare elements for addressing certain skin conditions. Therefore, exfoliation helps remove dead cells and accumulated layers of the dead cells, which showering might not be fully achieved.

    How To Exfoliate Properly to Remove Lotions

    If you want to remove lotions and allow useful skincare products to penetrate, exfoliation is the best way to handle it. However, this skincare routine shouldn't be done daily since it might damage your skin, at most twice per week. Use the following procedure;

    Step 1: Wash Your Body

    For maximum effectiveness, clean your body thoroughly to remove a layer of oils that keep accumulating on your skin. For effective results, consider using warm water. Dry your skin using a soft, clean towel until your body is completely free from water.

    Step 2: Put Considerable amounts On Your Palm

    The amount to apply depends on the exfoliation cream and the directions given. If you are using CBD products, consider checking on the potency levels to avoid overdosing with CBD. If the scrub is thick, consider rubbing it in a circular motion, creating moisture, making it thinner, and easing absorption. Apply on the desired place, exerting minimum pressure in a circular motion. After application, give it about 20 minutes for the active ingredients to be absorbed.

    Step 3: Rinse the Cream

    After exfoliation, rinse the area to remove the dead cells and the accumulated traces of lotion, sweat, and cream on the skin. It is also recommended to use warm water for maximum effect. Before applying any other product, allow the skin to dry.

    Step 4: Apply a lotion

    Your skin is exposed because there is no other barrier between it and free radicals. Also, it is likely to be dry because the open pores lose a lot of moisture to the air. Skotarczak et al.  (2015) advised to prevent moisture loss, apply a lotion, preferably organic, with active ingredients such as vitamin C to protect you from UV light. Organic ingredients also minimize skin irritation from chemical solvents.

    Risks Of Using Lotions

    Before applying any lotion on your skin, take necessary precautions to avoid burnings. Confirm the ingredients used to ensure they are useful and less distractive. Also, confirm that an IOS-certified lab assesses their purity levels and that they are free from chemical solvents that might have infiltrated them during processing. Notably, contaminated lotions can cause burning, redness, or irritation.


    Although lotions are important for losing moisture, they can become a barrier to other skincare products. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate twice a week if you include lotions and creams in your daily skin routine. This helps remove the oils covering the pores for proper airflow in and out of the skin. CBD products are one of the best lotions for skin maintenance. They are manufactured using organic ingredients, and their potency and purity levels are assessed to ensure quality is attained, and they are void of chemical solvents. This is an important aspect of every CBD lotion, and ones without COA's report from an IOS-certified lab should not be considered.


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