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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read

    Does a CBD Massage Make You Sleepy?

    There are several health advantages of using CBD oil for massages on the body. It is absorbed via the skin when administered topically.

    According to recent scientific research, endocannabinoid receptors have been located in every organ and system in the body. When used in massage, Weston-Green et al. (2021) explained that these receptors are activated, resulting in favorable benefits on pain, stress, mood, sleep, memory, immunity, and even reproductive function. This article considers whether these CBD massage oils make people sleepy or whether it helps an individual with improved and better sleep.

    An Ideal Combination: CBD Oil and Massage

    Getting a massage is a wonderful way to pamper oneself. Whether you use it to alleviate everyday stress and tension, recuperate from an accident, or give yourself some much-needed me-time, this ancient therapeutic technique may help you achieve well-being and balance in your contemporary life, no matter your goals. CBD oil, like massage, has a wide range of advantages for the body and the mind. Shannon & Opila-Lehman (2016) established that CBD might be effective for mind relaxation. Some of you may already be using CBD oil to help you relax for this very reason. Adding it to your next massage would be a great way to get the benefits of CBD.

    A CBD Oil Massage: What to Expect

    The only difference in CBD oil massage is that the therapist utilizes the oil. You won't need to change your routine before, during, or after the massage; everything will go normal. You may anticipate a deeper level of relaxation and a more rejuvenated state of mind if you add CBD oil to a massage. You may be surprised by the advantages of a CBD Tincture massage if you're willing to try it.

    Is It Safe to Get a Massage with CBD Oil?

    After consuming CBD Tincture, some people experience diarrhea and other digestive issues; this isn't the case when using CBD Tincture on the skin. Hemp-derived CBD and a carrier oil, such as MCT, are often combined to create pure CBD Tincture devoid of other chemicals or additives. According to VanDolah et al. (2019), high-quality and lab-tested CBD Tincture products are essential for those looking to alleviate their symptoms using CBD Tincture. As long as the therapist isn't using any scented essential oils, the only thing to be aware of is the potential for allergic reactions. If you have any medical ailments or concerns, tell your massage therapist or doctor about them.

    Forms of CBD Massages

    Massage may help with various issues, including sports rehabilitation, injuries and aching muscles, overall well-being, and stress reduction. CBD Tincture massage is becoming more popular, particularly when combined with the most prevalent forms of massage: Swedish and deep tissue massage.

    • A Swedish massage is softer, full-body, and ideal for those with increased stress levels or who are very sensitive to pressure.
    • In hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on various body parts and used to massage certain muscles. The Swedish style relies on a gentler approach and is more suited for acute problems like aches and pains.
    • Sports massage: Repetitive stress injuries are frequent among athletes. Sports massage may help alleviate these problems by applying gentle or more severe pressure to the problematic regions or the whole body.
    • Trigger point massage: Some muscle tissues or trigger points can radiate pain into other body sections when strong and deep pressure is applied.

    One may achieve relaxation and well-being with massage therapy, no matter your preferences.

    Does A CBD Massage Make You Feel Sleepy?

    Many worries if falling asleep during a professional massage is appropriate. This is true for those who have gotten a  pleasant massage. Dozing off during a massage is not only okay, but it's also a positive indication.

    Common Behaviors during a Massage

    The Brains Are Programmed To Fall Asleep

    In addition to relieving muscular tension, a well-trained massage therapist may trigger the nervous system to enter healing and a relaxing condition known as the "parasympathetic" phase. Natural healing requires downtime for recovery, and sleep is the best way for the body's systems to obtain that time off. Shinde & Anjum (2014) noted that because massage helps you sleep better, it's a win-win situation. Relaxation and healing can only take place when you have a good massage. Even if you may feel sleepy after receiving a relaxing massage because of your biology, it isn't since you haven't been resting enough.

    The Tendency to Nod Off During a Massage

    It's uncommon for someone to fall asleep while receiving a massage, but it's not something that happens to everyone. A massage therapist will tell you that falling asleep during a massage is an honor, even though there haven't been any official surveys on the subject. It's a sign that you have confidence in your massage therapist and are at ease with them. If you wake up in the middle of a massage, don't feel bad about it. It's okay if you're a bit bummed that you didn't get the full benefit of your massage since you were dozing off for the remainder of it.

    Time taken For CBD Oil to Affect the Skin

    There is a lot of interest in finding out how quickly CBD Oil Tincture works when applied topically. As far as I know, there's no hard and fast rule about how long it will take. Generally, a 90-minute massage or topically applied dose produces the best results, although results may vary from person to person. Depending on the individual, the advantages of a massage may be felt immediately or may take up to a few hours. Using this oil during a massage will allow it to be absorbed into the skin and enhance the relaxing benefits of the massage. It's a great way to relax and unwind. Try making an appointment at your local spa and get a CBD Oil Tincture massage. THC-free has several health advantages and won't appear in a drug test.


    Whether a CBD massage makes, one sleepy will depend on the individual. If you fall asleep during other typical massages, you will also fall asleep during a CBD massage. You may combine the relaxation and health advantages of massage with the various health benefits of CBD by utilizing CBD Oil Tincture and mixes during a massage session. One may achieve all these benefits with CBD massage: relaxing muscles and fascia; injury therapy; pain alleviation; moisturizing of the skin; and more. CBD massage is a comprehensive method of treating the body and soul by combining nature's solution with expert massage methods.


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