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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    For many people, dealing with anxiety can be difficult and even debilitating. In some cases, it could even be fatal if one does not handle it correctly or seek medical attention from an expert who knows how to deal with anxiety attacks and other anxiety symptoms in the body. This article will discuss CBD balm, its benefits, why people love it, and its side effects.

    CBD balm is becoming very popular, and some great brands are on the market. CBD balm has been used to help people with anxiety and depression, stress, and even insomnia, among many other ailments. With so many people using CBD balm, know the facts about what you are using before making any purchases. This article provides an in-depth look at CBD balm, what's in it, how it can help with anxiety, and where you can get it safely and affordably.

    What is a CBD Balm?

    CBD is a compound of cannabis that was discovered to have mind-blowing help on the health of humans. This compound is confused with THC, another compound in the cannabis plant, although these two products are different. The CBD compound can be used to help those with medical conditions and diseases. According to Überall et al. (2020), CBD balm is a topical product that you apply to your skin to get relief from pain and discomfort. It’s essentially one of CBD’s best uses. These ointments contain high levels of CBD and little to no THC, which means they won’t get you high or change your state of mind (CBD balm is non-psychoactive). Many people turn to balms because they don’t want to take synthetic or prescription drugs.

    According to FDA laws, CBD products must have a THC level of less than 0.3% to be legal. Patients can use these CBD products without worrying about testing positive in the next drug test.

    Why do People use them?

    Many people use CBD for pain relief without realizing it's also a powerful anti-inflammatory. This has led to an interest in products like hemp salves and balms. According to Kuhathasan et al. (2019), if you're suffering from inflammation and want to get rid of it fast, CBD products might be what you need. Not only will they reduce inflammation quickly, but studies show that they also can improve sleep quality while helping to relieve stress. Combine these three great health benefits for great health outcomes. Johnson (2013) noted that they're particularly helpful for those suffering from sore muscles or pain. Those who exercise regularly know how hard it is to get up after exercising if you don't use anything to help your muscles heal. Many people opt for CBD products because they offer quick relief from pain and inflammation. Peyravian et al. (2022) suggested that they help eliminate inflammation that may lead to acne and eczema.

    What are the Ingredients in a Balm?

    The most popular balms are beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, and argan oil. These natural ingredients can do a lot for the skin, but they create an even more effective product when combined with essential oils. The essential oils in these balm products vary depending on the manufacturer but can include soothing combinations like lavender and rosemary or orange, peppermint, and eucalyptus. While coconut oil has the most beneficial properties for skin care products due to its antibacterial abilities, it also has a faint scent that isn't always appropriate for topical use. Shea butter is another common ingredient in balms because it locks in moisture but doesn't leave as strong a scent as coconut oil.

    How are CBD Balms Made?

    CBD balms are made using a base of olive oil or coconut oil, sometimes both. To them, CBD-infused products—or just CBD products in general—are gaining some traction and becoming a quick go-to for people looking to ease anxiety or other pain symptoms. CBD balms aren't likely to give you the same relief as pharmaceutical medications. They might not be as effective as antidepressants at lifting your mood and helping you manage your stress levels (although some say they've had great results). The main perk is that CBD balms have no serious negative side effects, unlike prescriptions or OTC drugs like antihistamines.

    Can you use it for Anxiety Disorder?

    While some people use CBD for anxiety, there is currently no conclusive scientific evidence to support this claim. Many people using a hemp-derived product see some benefits from its calming effects, but other conditions might provide similar benefits without the cannabis element. Many people have opted for CBD products for anxiety and other diseases such as arthritis. You are good to go by applying your CBD balm or lotion to the area of concern or ingesting the edible products through the mouth. This magical natural remedy will calm you down.

    Are there Side Effects to using CBD Balms?

    When using any CBD product, it’s important to be cautious and aware of potential side effects. In this case, it’s best to ensure that your skin is clear of any breakouts or rashes before applying this balm. Additionally, suppose you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies/hives. In that case, you should do a patch test on your arm to ensure there aren't any adverse reactions after application.

    According to Liu (2019), CBD products have general side effects, including dry mouth, diarrhea, and a change in appetite. However, most of these side effects are manageable and unlikely to happen. If you were given other drugs to take for anxiety, inform the doctor you are using CBD products to prevent drug reactions.

    The Benefits of using CBD Balms

    With CBD balms, it is possible to reap a whole host of benefits without the need to smoke any actual cannabis. Unlike many other CBD products on the market, this balm is formulated using naturally-derived ingredients that are completely safe for your body. The non-psychoactive benefits of using this balm are endless and can benefit your physical and mental health.

    The CBD balm is not only an amazing way to treat inflammation but also a great way to keep your skin refreshed and moisturized. Applying the balm to inflammation or area of pain will also have a quicker effect than ingesting them if you don't have any reason not to opt for the CBD balm.


    CBD is becoming a wonder compound, with researchers puzzled by how much it positively affects human health. The calming fragrance of the CBD balm is a natural way to control your panic attacks and anxieties. Regular CBC products will make your anxiety or depression even easier to handle. Take control of your health by opting for CBD products.


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