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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    CBD contains various properties such as antioxidants that are beneficial to your body. They relieve pain and relax both the skin and body muscles.

    CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid from the hemp plant. THC is the most abundant compound from the same plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. It contains properties that treat different conditions and diseases. It also contains therapeutic effects that relax the brain and other body parts. However, CBD products contain 0.3% of THC or less. Combining the two compounds increase the effectiveness in treating diseases and conditions. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using CO2. The extraction process is very expensive. It involves subjecting CO2 to very high temperatures and pressure. After its extraction, it is used to make various CBD products, including pure CBD oil, edibles, tinctures, topicals, balms, lotions, and gummies. CBD can either be ingested or applied to the skin, depending on the intended effects. 

    What is CBD Lotion?

    Since CBD is legal, different companies use it to make different products such as lotion. CBD lotion falls under the category of topicals. It is applied directly to the skin to treat various skin conditions. CBD lotion contains oil and water that helps maintain moisture in the applied area. Lotions might also contain other compounds from the hemp plant, such as terpenes and other ingredients that help the skin and make you feel more relaxed. Many CBD lotions in the market differ in fragrance, consistency, and ingredients. They are applied directly to the skin and should not be ingested as they contain some dangerous ingredients.

    How to use CBD Lotions

    CBD lotions are easy to use. After the user identifies the source of discomfort or pain, which may be in a joint or on the skin's surface, they apply the lotion to that area. However, CBD lotion should not be applied just like any other lotion since it is more of medicine. Knowing how much lotion you should apply to a given area is important. The amount of CBD in the lotion determines how much lotion you apply. Some lotions have a higher concentration of CBD than others. A low-dose lotion will be less effective than a higher concentrated lotion. To start, use a low dosage and gradually increase until the intended effect is achieved. It is also important to check the ingredients in the lotion. If you are allergic to any ingredient, avoid the lotion. To aid the absorption process, apply on a wet surface after a shower.

    Does CBD Lotion Cause Relaxation?

    CBD lotion is absorbed through the skin to deliver the benefits of CBD to the body. Muller & Reggio (2020) established that the skin has receptors that take in the CBD. CBD applied through the skin does not go into the bloodstream but sinks into the skin through the pores. CBD lotion can relax you and relieve pains on the skin and joints. Martinelli et al. (2021) mentioned that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain, soothe the skin, and treat conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Hammell et al. (2016) claimed that it also treats joint pain that is caused by inflammation. The calmness brought by the lotion may also soothe you to sleep with ease.

     How long does it take to feel the Effects?

    The effects of the lotion will be felt depending on several factors, which include:


    The more times you apply the lotion, the higher the chances of feeling the effects. If you apply a few times, it might take longer to feel the effects. Apply the lotion twice or thrice a day to feel the effects faster.

    Amount Used

    Applying a high amount of lotion will make you feel the effects faster than applying a little amount of CBD lotion. However, it is recommended to start with a low dose, then increase gradually until the effect is felt.

    Individual Skin

    Some skins might be more sensitive than others. For those people with more sensitive skin, the effects might be felt faster.

    The Concentration of CBD in the Lotion

    Some lotion contains a high amount of CBD than others. The higher the concentration of CBD, the faster the effects.

    How to Choose CBD Lotion

    There are many CBD products in the market. Choose high-quality CBD lotion, and consider the following criteria:

    Extraction Method

    CBD extracted using CO2 makes high-quality products. This extraction method isolates the purest CBD compared to other cheaper extraction methods.

    Hemp Source

    USA hemp is non-GMO, and it is grown using organic methods. CBD lotions made from USA-grown hemp are of good quality.

    Brand Reputation

    Companies might make deceitful claims about their products. Some of these claims might not be true. When buying any CBD product, check approval from third-party laboratories. Sholler et al. (2020) addressed that the FDA does not approve the efficacy of CBD products. Most of the information about the effects of CBD products is derived from the consumer's experiences.

    Lotion’s Strength

    Some lotions are of higher potency than others. Choose lotions that are of higher strength since they are more effective. Their effects are felt quicker than those with less strength.

    Type of Hemp Extract

    There are three types of hemp extract: The full-spectrum extract contains all compounds from the hemp plant, including THC, The broad-spectrum extract contains other compounds from hemp apart from THC, and CBD isolate which only contains CBD. Experts claim that full-spectrum products are preferable since hemp plant products work better together than alone.  Lotions made from CBD isolates may be less effective in relaxing your body.


    CBD lotions can relax you by relieving pain and soothing your skin. These effects can also improve your sleep. CBD lotion is applied to the skin. To its absorption, apply it to a wet surface. When buying CBD lotions, buy those with a higher concentration of CBD, check the company or product reputation from third-party laboratories and the source of the hemp plant. The effects of the lotion may take different times depending on the individual's skin type, the concentration of CBD in the lotion, the amount of lotion applied, and the frequency of applying the lotion. 


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