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Getting To Know Full-Spectrum CBD Terpenes and the Benefits They Offer

August 31, 2022 5 min read

Getting To Know Full-Spectrum CBD Terpenes and the Benefits They Offer

Getting To Know Full-Spectrum CBD Terpenes and the Benefits They Offer

Terpenes are mostly known for the distinct smell and aroma that they give out. When present in the full-spectrum CBD, they come with many benefits. The issues discussed include; the definition of terpenes, types of terpenes, and the benefits they offer.   

Full-spectrum CBD is also known as whole-plant cannabis. This is because it has all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. Some of the compounds that are present in CBD include; terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. The presence of terpenes in the CBD has a lot of benefits for an individual. They interact with the other compounds to give out fulfilling benefits. There are different types of terpenes, each of which may have similar or different properties. Many terpenes are present in the full-spectrum CBD, and most are responsible for boosting an individual's health, providing relaxation, and improving sleeping patterns. This article highlights almost all the different types of terpenes and their benefits.   

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are known to be the compound that is responsible for the distinct smell and aroma of CBD products. The presence of terpenes in CBD helps bring out the entourage effect, and one can get the benefits of the Full-spectrum CBD faster than the other types of CBD. They are of different types, and each has some characteristics that define them according to the benefits they offer. Most people who use the full spectrum CBD use it because of its abundance of terpenes and medicinal benefits. They are beneficial not only for their distinct smell and aroma but also for their medicinal properties.

Types of Terpenes


Linalool terpene is mostly known for the floral and lavender-loke scents. They are mostly found in the lavender plant. At times it may have the scent of citrus and some spiciness involved.

Benefits of Linalool

Used in Aromatherapy Sessions

Most people rely on the linalool terpene for an aromatherapy session. This is made possible through the calming and soothing smell that it gives out. Most people have even resulted in introducing them into their homes. Spas and parlors have also started introducing terpenes by using terpene candles so that they can give out a sweet aroma.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Most manufacturers have started using the linalool terpene in self-care and wellness products. The lavender plant is the most used, especially in making oils. They are known to help reduce stress and anxiety through their anti-anxiety properties.

Treats Insomnia

Insomnia refers to the long hours one can stay without some sleep, even after a long day at work. The calming effects have helped relax the mind and make one fall asleep easily. It also soothes the mind.


The caryophyllene terpene is mostly found in herbaceous and vegetable plants. They are mostly found in chili pepper and cinnamon.

Benefits of the Caryophyllene

This is the only terpene that can stick to the endocannabinoid system. They are mostly found in cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon. Below are its benefits

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Campos et al. (2015) suggested that Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory properties. They help prevent harmful substances from contacting the healthy cells and blocking the means of damaging them.  

Analgesic Properties

According to Matacchione et al. (2021), Caryophyllene is also known to have analgesic properties. When inflamed, the body will likely become sore, swollen, or even accompanied by some pain. The analgesic properties of the caryophyllene help relieve the pain that the body feels.

Relieving Stress

Caryophyllene is known to have some calming effects. This helps in relieving stress in an individual and making them have a calm and relaxed mind. 


Myrcene is another type of terpene that is produced on the cannabis plant. They are also found in the full spectrum CBD because this type of CBD has all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. They are known to have a spicy feeling. Mixed with the full-spectrum CBD may help bring about the entourage effect.  

Benefits of Myrcene

Sedative Effects

Full-spectrum terpenes act as a sedative. This is most important to those with difficulty getting some sleep even after a long day at work. They help to sedate an individual and also minimize locomotion.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Surendran et al. (2021) suggested that the anti-inflammatory properties found in the myrcene terpene assists in slowing down the damage that the harmful substances may cause when they get into contact with the healthy cells. They also assist in slowing down the possibility of a person getting a disease through inflammation. 

Antioxidant Effects

Myrcene is another type of terpene that is produced on the cannabis plant. They are also found in the full spectrum CBD because this type of CBD has all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. They are known to have a spicy feeling. 


The limonene terpene is mostly recognized by its name. Its name suggests that it is found in lemon fruits. Other fruits that have the limonene terpene include oranges and citrus. They are also found on the peels of these terpenes. They are mostly used to add flavor to food. 

Benefits of the Limonene

Pain Reliever

When one has inflammation in the body, they are likely to feel some pain associated with the swelling and soreness of the body. When limonene terpene is used, it may lower the inflammation in the body and may help in improving an individual's health; thus, no pain will be felt.  

Antioxidant Properties 

According to Kalam et al. (2012), Limonene has the antioxidant properties that assist in eliminating the dangerous free radicals on time before they can be able to harm healthy cells. They are most effective when they are mixed with CBD as they may be able to fasten the benefits they offer.


Full-spectrum CBD has all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. This includes the terpenes. The great thing about the full-spectrum CBD is that it is the least processed, and even when processed, it is only to eliminate the extra lipids found in the CBD. This means that the most important compounds like the terpenes are not lost in the process. The terpenes, as mentioned above, have a lot of benefits to the human body. However, one should avoid taking the full-spectrum CBD, especially in high dosages, as it may bring about a high effect and may even give out positive results in case of a drug test.  


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