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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    For the people who may want to begin a good skincare regime and have questions about the number of skincare products, you may have to apply. Which is the best for your skincare? The order in which you should be applying the products? And also what the products can do. Whether you are interested in a 3-step routine for the morning, half time, or a full 10-step regime at night, your order of application matters. But there is no point in having a skincare routine if the products don't penetrate through the skin. Whether it is tried or true skincare regime, how you wash your hair, or the cosmetics you are curious about, beauty is personal. The article explores the main skincare routine steps for the day and night application.

    Three Major Skincare Regime Steps

    To achieve the most benefits from a daily skincare routine, no matter the skin type, start with three steps which are: Washing, treating, and moisturizing.

    Cleansing means the same as washing the face and moisturizing is hydrating the skin. On top of keeping the complexion of the skin in the top shape, the objective of a skincare regime is to focus on the specific problem areas. Treating is incorporating serums and creams that are usually packed with full of benefits of skincare ingredients such as vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, and many more. based on the type of skin and the results you need to achieve. Adding a step between in between washing and moisturizing is very important. It might make a big difference after some time in health, aging of the skin, and appearance.

    Stick on the product

    The best skin care products may take some time to function, you should not expect to see the results overnight. Le Quéré, et.al (2020) explained that once you stick to a product consistently, or in a daily regime. You are likely to see positive results after 6 to twelve weeks. It can take 3-4 months to know if the new regime is working for you. Below are some approved daily care regimes to apply in the morning and night, and the major steps to be applied in every home regime for the oily, dry, or a combination of acne-prone skins that is available.

    Morning Skincare Regime Steps

    Poon et.al (2020) explained that the morning skincare routine is all about prevention and protection. The face is going to be exposed to the outside environment. So, necessary steps that may be required include applying the moisturizer and sunscreen.

    Basic Morning Routine


    Its work is to remove grime and residue that may have built up during the night.


    It hydrates the skin and can be found in form of creams, balms, or gels.


    It is important in protecting the skin against the damaging effects of the sun.

    Night Skincare Regime

    You may need to change the skincare regime during the night. The nighttime regime is the best time to ensure the skin is getting many ingredients and nutrients as possible. Because the skin regenerates and repairs itself as you sleep. You have to apply the three main steps: wash, treat and moisturize. During the night, the regime may be different.


    You need to first remove any makeup you may have used for the day regime. Start by using a different makeup remover if required. Start with the cosmetics and cleansers as they are not usually designed for dissolving makeup, more so on the eyes. You need to follow the same cleanser in the morning as well. Work from the inside of the face upwards. Then up and down with the hairline and the perimeter under the chin.


    If you choose the toner. You need to use it the same way as in the morning. Since they are liquids, they should avoid heavy formulas such as serums and also moisturizers to allow them to be absorbed.


    Fu, & Lu, (2021) explained that the nighttime is the ideal time to apply products with ingredients that work to slow down dead skin cells or stimulate cell turnover as you sleep like alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, or retinol. The smooth texture brightens and minimizes pores. Some serum products may be used during the day or night. You need to follow the treating hyperpigmentation and change between retinoid and spot-fading active ingredients hydroquinone.

    Using The Eye Cream

    Dab a small amount of facial CBD serum or treatment, or eye cream you are using once during the morning as well around the eyes. Avoid using too much of it but when you begin training the skin to adapt some more active products near the eye, you may see some more changes.

    Acne Treatment

    Hebert et. al (2020) said that for the people who are currently having a blemish, use acne treatment. In chronic treatment, you need to be proactive instead of treating pimples start to appear. If you treat the spots, you can get acne next, and skin is clogged up. You get breakouts due to oil buildup. So, you need to be consistent with the routine to maintain the pores clear all over the face.

    CBD Serums Provide Powerful Treatment Options

    One of the main benefits of CBD serum is that it acts not just as a moisturizer, but also as a highly effective daily treatment. Perez et.al (2022) explained that some CBD serum products use powerful natural and organic ingredients in targeting specific skin concerns such as anti-aging, dryness, and acne-prone skin. The beauty of serums is that they are weightless and can easily penetrate the surface of the skin and address issues at the source. They pair incredibly well with other moisturizers you may already be using in your daily routine.


    For most people, a good rule of thumb is to apply products from the thinnest to the thickest for the many products that may be available as they move through the skincare routines. The most important thing is to find a skincare routine that can work for you and also that you can follow. Whether it involves the whole shebang or a simplified ritual.


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