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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read


    CBD lip balms have come with a lot of benefits to consumers. One does not have to worry about chapped and dry lips is something to be proud of. Some ways the CBD lip balm can be efficient include; knowing the benefits of the CBD lip balm, choosing the best CBD lip balm, and having an idea of how it works.

    When CBD is used with a lip balm, it works by moisturizing dry and chapped lips. Leizer et al. (2000) noted that CBD has anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. This helps to soothe the damaged lips and make them smooth. It also works by hydrating the lips. The CBD lip balm moisturizes the lips, makes them smooth, and prevents them from being flaky and dry. Evans (2020) suggested that the CBD infused in the lip balm has the antibacterial and antioxidant property that helps to keep the lips protected. CBD lip balm helps stabilize the free radicals and protect the lips from being exposed to the elements. Most are when we get a cold and end up with red and irritated lips. The dehydrated epidermis can cause the lips to be inflamed.

    How To Choose The Best CBD Lip Balm

    When planning to settle for the best CBD lip balm, always check on the ingredients used to make the lip balm. The benefits of the CBD lip balm will depend on the composition of the mixture that makes up the CBD. The marketing of the CBD lip balm will also play a role. Goyal & Jerold (2021) stated that the best CBD lip balm is made from natural and organic ingredients. Some of the best ingredients include coconut oil, beeswax, and avocado oil. They do not affect the lips and always leave them smooth and supple. One of the ingredients that one should avoid is alcohol. They may give you a great feeling on the lips, but they may still dry and damage the lips.  

    Benefits of the CBD Lip Balm

    Antibacterial Properties

    The CBD infused in the lip balm acts as a stabilizing agent. The body has free radicals and unstable cells that move around and damage the healthy cells. CBD lip balms have an advantage on the lips by helping them be neutralized and stabilize the free radicals, which assist in protecting the lips. According to Khan et al. (2014), CBD's natural antibacterial property is the one that makes this effect possible. They help in supporting the lips against bacteria, irritation, and infection.

    Improves Plumpness And Appearance

    Plump and beautiful lips have become the new trend. Whichever the gender, the first thing that people focus on is the smile and healthy lips that one has. If you aim to enhance the lip's natural beauty without using cosmetic injections, the best thing to use is the CBD lip balm. Gyawali & Paudel (2022) noted that CBD oil in the lip balm has an advantage to the lips by moisturizing them and working on their appearance and plumpness enhancement.

    Protects Against Sun Damage

    The lips have only a thin layer of skin to cover them and offer protection. This makes it impossible for the lips to be protected from the sun's harmful rays when it is hot. They are at a very high risk of getting affected, making them dry. They can even suffer from premature aging, cracks, and color pigmentation.

    The presence of antioxidant properties in the CBD can help protect and repair damaged lips from the adverse effects of sun exposure. CBD extract combined with hemp oil is rich in omega 6 and omega 3 and has the vitamins A, B, E, and D that help heal and repair damaged lips.

    Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Function

    According to Pellati et al. (2018), the most talked-about benefit of CBD is the ability to promote healthy inflammatory functions. Most people use CBD lip balms to relieve pain in the lips. When one gets a cold, they are likely to have chapped and dry lips; at times, they may become swollen and red and cause them to burn. CBD can heal the chapped and dry lips and calm the uncomfortable pain one is experiencing by contributing to the healthy and inflammatory functions.

    Moisturizes The Lips

    The lips are not the same as other parts of the body. They do not have a gland that secretes oils to moisturize them. Therefore, they are not protected, and it is up to an individual to protect themselves. Several things contribute to the softness and moisture of the lips. Some include diet, genetics, and the amount of water one drinks daily. However, sometimes you may feel you are doing everything right but still not getting anywhere with the lips. CBD lip balm can be of great handy in such situations. CBD lip balm can help moisturize and hydrate the lips.

    How Does CBD Lip Balm Work?

    CBD is gotten from hemp in a concentrated form and then mixed into a highly moisturized lip balm formula. The most used ingredients for CBD lip balm are hemp seed oil, Shea butter, and coconut oil. They help keep the skin dehydrated and form a protective barrier on the lips.

    Since the lips have cannabinoid receptors, CBD does not need to be inhaled or injected into the skin. It can be applied to the lips, and the effects will be felt. The comfort and the relief will be felt in the area where the CBD lip balm was applied. The interaction between the endocannabinoid system and CBD may be minimal, but the effects are great and powerful. The CBD lip balm will improve the irritation and redness and help soothe the damaged skin.


    Once the stigma about CBD products started to diminish, people started to develop different ways to get the product's advantages. Manufacturers came up with ways to make CBD lip balms to protect the lips and improve the look of the lips feel and look by reducing discomfort. Whether you get chapped lips from a cold or are a result of genetics, you will likely benefit from using CBD lip balms. However, you should check the CBD ingredients and content before settling for one. Most brands have started making a profit by knocking off people into purchasing ineffective CBD products. 


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