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How Fast Do CBD Massage Oils Work?

September 14, 2022 6 min read

How Fast Do CBD Massage Oils Work?

How Fast Do CBD Massage Oils Work?

It is normal to have a tiresome day, making you want a little massage using CBD oil to calm and relax your muscles. However, you may be worried about the time it will take for the CBD to work and get rid of the fatigue. This article discusses how fast CBD massage oil work by providing information about what CBD massage oil is, how it interacts with the human body, and factors affecting how long CBD massage oil takes to work?

CBD products are the top trending herbal remedies on the market. If you have never heard of CBD oil, you probably know someone who does. Applying CBD oil to your skin can come with relieving pandemic problems such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, and fear. These days to calm your nerves you just go to massage therapy using CBD oil. However, the frequently asked question by massage benefactress is how long it will take to feel the effects of CBD oil. It turns out that CBD oil is not one size fits all. It depends on various reasons for how long you can harness its benefits after application.

What is CBD Massage Oil?

Johnson et al. (2010) said that CBD is a healthy chemical compound derived from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant, especially the hemp plant. Upon extraction, CBD compounds are diluted with an organic carrier oil, such as coconut oil or MCT oil to make CBD oil for massage. The hemp plant is suited to manufacture the latter because it contains a high level of CBD molecules and a low concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is famous for causing psychoactive effects such as highness in marijuana users. However, CBD is an exception; it is a non-intoxicating remedy that exhibits healthy features such as anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-oxidant, and pain reliever. These entire properties make it best suited to be used as a massage oil.

How CBD Massage Oil Interacts with the Human Body

Before understanding how long it takes for the effect of CBD massage oil to kick in, it is important to know first how it interacts with your skin for relaxing effects. When applied, it penetrates the inner layer of the skin where it binds with the cannabinoid receptors to induce a muscle relaxing feeling.  The receptors are components of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining body balance through eradicating pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and active mood. CBD also increases the release of anandamide by the ECS system that binds with the skin receptors to send an electrical impulse in the brain to block pain transmissions and reduce skin inflammations.  Other massage oil may have relaxing effects but CBD oil plays a beyond role by improving skin complexity and appearance.

Things that Affect How Long CBD Massage Oil Take to Work

A trial was done on different people of different ages, weights, and healthy statuses, and showed that after being rubbed with the oil, it took around 30 to 120 minutes for the calming effect to kick in. The range is caused by factors such as how you use CBD massage oil, dosage, CBD potency, frequency of use, body chemistry, and age.

How You Use CBD Massage Oil

The way uses CBD oil for massage can determine the onset period. There are 3 ways to apply the oil to your skin, namely:

Rubbing Directly to the Skin

 It is a common method of relieving muscle and joint pain, often administered in specific areas. According to Antonelli et al. (2020), once applied, CBD massage oil is absorbed through the skin's surface and slowly interacts with the localized cannabinoid receptors. It may take an hour or minutes for the effects to kick.


When you want to apply effective CBD massage oil dosage, transdermal patches have a lot to offer. Based on the principle of birth control patches, patches are infused with CBD and attached to the affected skin areas for relaxation.  The patches contain permeation enhancers that allow fast penetration of CBD oil into the bloodstream and within 30 min, body-calming effects kick in.

CBD Massage Oil Dosage

VanDolah et al. (2019) explained that hemp-derived CBD oil is not applied to give you an intoxicating feeling, so the dosage amount should not worry you. CBD dosage does not only affect how long the compound last in your system but also the onset time. A dosage of 10 MG of CBD cannot have the same onset as 50Mg. the high the dosage the less time it will take for effects to come to show

CBD Potency

Oxford dictionary defines potency as the power of an object to influence the result. CBD potency of massage oil plays a crucial role in the onset period.  It is possible not to feel the effects of massage oil with low CBD potency since the compound present in the oil is of low concentration and power. High potency CBD oil will take less than an hour for you to feel the therapeutic effects of massage. A prolonged time means your product is of no power.

Frequency of Use

If you take a medication regularly, your body system develops a craving for the drug hence any time you take it again your body is ready for a breakdown. The same case with CBD massage oil, the more often you rub it on your skin the less time it will take for the body receptors to interact and deliver the results. It can take almost two hours for Newbies to the CBD regime for the massage oil to work since your body will take more time to process the active compound.

Age of person

Kids tend to have a lively body system with quick responses to threats, drugs, and internal balances. Furthermore, the skins of young people are a bit soft and fragile compared to the elderly.  Therefore, children will feel the effect of massage oil earlier than seniors.


Body Chemistry

Romero-Zerbo et al. (2020) said that people have different body structure functions depending on their body weight and metabolism. Therefore, the time for the effects of CBD massage oil to work differs from each factor;

Body Weight

Fat affects the quantity of CBD doses needed to feel an effect; hence it can control the time also. The larger the body weight due to fat more CBD massage oil is required to feel the effect. Therefore, if people with different masses apply the same dosage, the one with high mass will take longer to feel the effects.


The metabolic rate of an individual also interferes with the period of CBD effects. The body's metabolic rate determines the time needed to break down and synthesize the CBD composition when massage oil enters the bloodstream.  Therefore, affecting the onset period a person processes the cannabinoids and the time taken to feel the effects.


CBD oil has found its way into people's lives as it can be used for massage therapy to induce relaxing and calming effects more than regular massage oil can do. However, the understanding of the time taken to feel the effects of CBD massage oil is still under debate. Mostly, it lasts an average period of 90 minutes but sometimes it can take 2 hours, depending on how you used it, your age and body chemistry, the frequency of use, the CBD oil potency, and CBD dosage.


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