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How Long Does CBD Shatter Last

August 31, 2022 5 min read

How Long Does CBD Shatter Last

How Long Does CBD Shatter Last

CBD shatters are one of the most efficient methods of getting CBD into the bloodstream through the lungs. Although its effects peak faster, CBD shatter does not last long in the bloodstream compared to other methods of CBD intake.  

Out of all the products of CBD, CBD concentrates are the most ambiguous and complicated. You can tell from the name 'concentrates' that they're characterized by high purity and high levels of CBD. While CBD slowly dominates the market, many industries are getting in on it. Innovativeness and creativity with products and the different strains of CBD make the brand stand out, and one of the inventions of CBD is the CBD shatter. CBD shatter is claimed to be one of the purest and most potent concentrates of cannabidiol. Shatter can be dabbed or taken in vapor form to provide the benefits of CBD. However, one of the major concerns that CBD users raise is how long CBD shatter lasts. 

What Are CBD Concentrates 

CBD concentrates, also known as CBD Dabs, are the most potent forms of CBD. CBD concentrates are produced by filtering out cannabinoid-rich resin from hemp flowers to get CBD together with other cannabinoids. There are compounds known as Trichomes which are translucent glands that naturally occur on the surface of cannabis flower and are what make up resin. The greater the number of Trichomes on a plant, the higher the potency of the concentrate obtained. CBD concentrates include shatter, wax, or powder, which may extend up to 99% of the active compound.     

How CBD Concentrates Are Made    

CBD shatter is one form of concentrate. Concentrates are classified into two based on the method of extraction.  

Solventless Extractions

Solventless extractions are claimed to create the purest form of concentrates. These extractions are easy enough to be done at home. You don't need an advanced knowledge of chemistry to make up your CBD extract. Solventless extractions are aimed at isolating glandular Trichomes through the law of physics. Loose resin or klef can be individually consumed, pressed to make CBD hash, or melted into a live resin.     

Solvent Extractions 

CBD shatter belongs to this class of solvent-based extractions. The concentrates obtained from solvent extractions have an oily consistency, but they may consist of different types and textures depending on how they are created. Azwanida (2015) noted that solvent extractions melt and vaporize into the air after consumption. The most effective method to use these products like CBD shatter is through inhalation since it offers the greatest bioactivity of CBD. This means your body would receive more CBD than other consumption methods. Remember that solvent extractions, unlike Solventless extractions, require more knowledge to be performed at home as you risk explosions.  

What Is CBD Shatter 

Shatter is one of the purest forms of CBD concentrates. It resembles amber glass in appearance and candy in texture. When heated, it may appear like honey; when cooled, it gets glassy. Shatter provides uncommon high CBD potency of up to 80%. However, the potency comes at the expense of flavor, which occurs dull, unlike other concentrates such as wax or budder. According to Varlet et al. (2016), CBD solvent is produced with a solvent, particularly butane, to obtain CBD with few terpenes and cannabinoids. This method of extraction is called butane hash oil extraction. Rossi et al. (2020) stated that the main reason why CBD shatter should not be manufactured at home is that butane is highly flammable. However, making CBD shatter requires skill and knowledge as it involves extensive purification from the solvent beforehand. CBD isn't the favorite ingredient to work with due to its solid state. Nevertheless, once melted in a dab rig, CBD shatter provides high concentrations of CBD to the body in minutes.          

How To Use CBD Shatter 

Some studies suggest that shatter can be utilized through infusion with cooking oil to make edibles. This would need to melt the shatter beforehand, which will, in turn, cause other terpenes and cannabinoids to degrade; this will hinder the potency of the edibles. Cooking with CBD is best with quality hemp flowers or tinctures. Dabbing is the most efficient way of using CBD shatter. This method involves vaporizing the CBD concentrate using a device known as a dab rig designed specifically for cannabis extracts. Dabbing CBD shatter involves scooping out little amounts of' dab' and then dropping it into the red-hot nail, where it will vaporize instantly into a cloud of smoke inside for you to inhale. Vape pens can also serve the same use in vaporizing CBD shatter. 

How Does CBD Shatter Work 

CBD generally provides health and wellness benefits to the body through interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Since the endocannabinoid system is in charge of regulating several systems in the body, including memory, immune response, cognitive response, and body temperature, CBD work to boost its functions. However, you must understand that CBD is not fully understood how it works in the body as it is still a new concept under research. 

How Long Does CBD Shatter Last

Although inhalation of CBD is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of taking CBD, the effects are not long-lasting. This is compared to other methods of CBD intake, such as sublingually or through ingestion. While ingesting CBD may last up to seven hours or so, the effects of dabbing CBD shatter will only last half the time, about three hours. However, the effectiveness and how long CBD shatter will last will depend on the body chemistry and the amount of CBD shatter taken. According to Häuser et al. (2018), inhaling CBD vapor is preferable to ingesting edibles since CBD reaches the bloodstream faster and efficiently through vaping. Bioactivity in the lungs is greater than in the stomach. Higher bioactivity means you will only use a small amount of CBD concentrate for greater results. Vaping CBD shatter maintains the potency of CBD as opposed to ingestion, where the potency can be lost through digestion. The effects of CBD shatter through dabbing are stronger and faster.   


CBD shatter is one of the most efficient ways of utilizing CBD. Shatters are CBD concentrates, meaning they are CBD's purest and most concentrated forms. By using CBD shatters, CBD reaches the bloodstream faster through the lungs. CBD shatters are not long-lasting, and their effects fade off faster than other methods of CBD intake. Beginners might find CBD shatters challenging as they are hard to break up smoothly. Another downside of CBD shatters is that they require special equipment such as a dab rig or vape pen, which can be costly. CBD shatter should not be manufactured at home as you risk explosion as production utilizes highly flammable butane.    


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