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How Long Will the Cartridge Last

September 15, 2022 5 min read

How Long Will the Cartridge Last

How Long Will the Cartridge Last

Vape carts are available in different styles; hence there is no standard answer on how long a vape cart will last. However, factors that affect how long a cart last include; how often you use it and its content. Herein, you learn what a CBD vape cart is, vaping and vape pens, types of vape carts, how long a CBD vape cart lasts, and how to get the most out of your CBD vape cart.

You’ve probably visited your local dispensaries and seen various cannabis products ranging from flowers, bongs, distillates, CBD products, and vapes. You know they are not easy to use if you love vape pens. However, they are portable and functional, making that a good thing. Most people new to CBD vape cartridges always wonder how long the carts last. A vape cart is a device used for vaping, and it either comes prefilled with an e-juice or gets to refill it yourself. There are two types of vape carts disposable and refillable. Newbies recommend disposable carts since they are convenient, easy to use, and budget-friendly. How long your carts last depends on several factors, which you will learn more about in this guide.

What Is a CBD Vape Cart?

A CBD vape oil cart is a device with a mouthpiece e and prefilled with CBD oil or another thinning agent. This cart fits into your vaping device for inhaling.

Vaping and Vape Pen Carts

According to McNeill et al. (2021),vaping is inhaling vapor from a smoking device. Vaping is slowly becoming a popular way of consuming CBD oil. It is because it is a discreet way of taking your CBD for medical and recreational use.

Vape carts are becoming more popular than the joins and spiffs. Most people see it as a safer option than consuming a cigarette that uses hot combustion while vape pens vaporize CBD at a lower temperature. Leas et al. (2021) noted that vape carts have more CBD oil than flowers. Also, its vapor has no scent like that of using a joint or blunt. This is good news for individuals who want to vape their CBD discreetly.

Types of Vape Carts

Vape carts exist in two forms:

  • Carts that are inserted in a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Disposable carts (they are mostly for single use)

Disposable carts are budget friendly for individuals who want to inhale cannabis, while the battery-charged ones are a bit costly.

How Long Does a CBD Vape Cartridge Last

There is no standard answer on the period that a CBD vape oil cart lasts since there are various types of carts. According to Ali et al. (2020), prefilled carts are available in two sizes: 500 milligrams and 1000 milligrams. There is no standard formula for the number of puffs your carts have. The study above also suggested that an average individual needs not less than 75 and not more than 150 puffs from a 500 milligrams cart. It is based on a three to five milligrams puff that varies from one individual to another.

Other variables that determine how long your cart lasts include:

  • The battery’s temperature
  • How much CBD is in the cart
  • How often do you use your cart
  • The type of cart you are using is either rechargeable or disposable

If you inhale around thirty puffs daily, your cart will last for around three to five days for light inhalers.

How to Get the Most out of Your CBD Vape Cart

The shelf life of your cart depends on whether:

  • You puff it correctly
  • You take either low or higher doses
  • You use the right battery
  • You leave it in hot places

Ensure you prevent it from leaking by storing it in a dry and cool place to get the most out of your cart. Also, clean it frequently. Unbolt used arts, replace it if it may be leaking, and always hold it vertically while using it.

How Do I Know If My Cart Is Empty?

Below are a few tips that will help you know if your vape cart has oil:

Focus on the Light

Vape carts are available in various shapes and sizes; some contain a light option. The light on the carts shows that there is less vapor remaining in them, meaning you need to refill them, or you will be surprised the next time you want to enjoy your carts. When the indicator light lights up, you need to get rid of your empty cart or refill it.

Check the Viewing Window

You will notice if your cart has a viewing window once the oil is almost over. It means that you should refill your cart if its inside is orange. Also, know if your oil is finishing up, it has a smoky smell.

Know the Expiry Dates

Users who do not vape frequently may forget when they last used your cart. You might discover it has already expired if you go back to vaping. Treat it like an empty cart and dispose of it immediately if you notice.

Other reasons why your vape cart is not working

If your cart is not producing any smoke, it may be due to:

  • Dead batteries
  • Defectiveness
  • Clogged cart

Once you notice your cart is not functioning, you can begin by recharging or replacing its batteries. Ensure that it is not clogged in its airways from its atomizer to the mouthpiece if the problem is not fixed. It is easy to notice a clog since air will not flow.

It may be due to an empty cart if these two do not fix the issue. In rare cases, it may be due to a defective cart.

How Many Hits a One-Gram Cart Last

According to Khan et al. (2019), a one-gram cart may last around 100-300 hits before it ends. The study above also suggested that the number of puffs your cart lasts depends on the number of times you puff and its battery voltage. Depending on your usage, a one-gram cart may last you around two days, or it can last you for a month if you are an occasional vaper.

How to Know When the Vape Is Finished

Below are some signs that will let you know whether your vape is over:

  • Your cart produces hot and smoky vapor
  • Your cart becomes hot when its battery is activated
  • You do not see any distillate on its glass walls.


Various factors will affect how long your CBD vape cart lasts. These factors include; how much you use your cart, the type of carts you use, and the amount of CBD in the carts. A frequent vaper’s cart may not last if the amount of CBD content in your cart is little. There are various ways you can know whether your cart is empty. They include checking its viewing window and its expiry date.


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