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How Many Doses Are In a Gram of Shatter CBD

August 31, 2022 5 min read

How Many Doses Are In a Gram of Shatter CBD

How Many Doses Are In a Gram of Shatter CBD

The number of doses in a gram of CBD shatter depends on the amount of CBD shatter utilized per dose. Calculating is easy as it only involves dividing the amount of CBD shatter per serving by a thousand milligrams equal to one gram.

A few years have passed now ever since the legalization of CBD. It is past the era when CBD was bashed and labeled a danger because it is a product of cannabis. The better knowing that people have CBD is now being taken positively, which is mostly attributed to its health and wellness benefits. It is no surprise to now find CBD-infused products in the local store. CBD comes in different forms as many companies are now finding different ways to utilize this magic herb. One of the inventions scientists came up with is the CBD shatter, a concentrate of CBD utilized through inhaling. But since this product is foreign many will raise questions about it in the quest to learn more, and one of the questions is how many doses are there in a gram of shatter CBD.

What Is CBD Shatter

Shatter is a form of CBD isolate. This implies that it only contains CBD as the main and solemn ingredient exclusive to all other cannabinoids of cannabis. CBD shatter is named after its texture as it is hard and brittle and easily shatters when handled. It resembles wax in a solid state, but you can differentiate it when handling it. Temperature also has a big part to play as it influences its consistency. Shatter resembles wax when heated but looks glassy when cooled.

According to Sagar et al. (2018), CBD shatter is a concentrate classified under solvent extractions meaning that it is manufactured with a solvent, particularly butane. The process of extraction of CBD using butane as a solvent is known as butane hash oil extraction. According to Gauvin (2018), butane is highly flammable, and one should not try making CBD shatter on they risk explosion.

How to Use CBD Shatter

Shatter can be infused into cooking oil to make edibles. However, melting CBD shatter degrades the terpenes and cannabinoids present, reducing the potency of the edibles made from this oil. Cooking with CBD oil requires specially formulated CBD-infused cooking oil. The best way to take CBD is through dabbing, typically through inhaling. Dabbing entails using a Dab rig and torch to vaporize the shatter solid into smoke that can be inhaled. With dabbing, you will only need to scoop out a little 'dab,' place it in your rig, and then use the torch to heat the CBD shatter. Unlike vaping, dabbing utilizes live flame, so you must be cautious that your smoke lounge has nothing flammable. Using CBD shatter is hard to wrap your head around as it is somehow complicated. CBD shatter delivers highly concentrated CBD into the bloodstream; you only need small portions to achieve greater effects.

What Makes CBD Shatter Powerful

CBD shatter is a concentrate, and the most obvious reason they are so powerful is their potency. Cuttler et al. (2021) noted that Concentrates vary from 60 to 99% CBD. The other reason why concentrates are more intense is because of bioactivity. This is the rate and degree at which an active ingredient is absorbed in the body. The human body is mostly water, and cannabinoids are fat-soluble. This makes it hard for the body to use each cannabinoid in the dose. Inhaled Concentrates offer the highest bioactivity compared to all the other methods, estimated at 30 to 40% more. Edibles have the lowest bioactivity compared to tinctures as they interact with the digestive system and lose their potency in the process.

How Many Doses Are In a Gram of Shatter CBD

According to Cox et al. (2019), a gram of CBD shatter comprises 800 to 999 milligrams of CBD. Vaughn et al. (2020) suggested that one rice size dose delivers about 25 milligrams of CBD. Portioning the shatter CBD is the tricky part of dosing, as many factors will influence this. However, the portions you take per dose will only differ by a minute, considering you use the same equipment for portioning every time you dab, be it a scooper or spatula, or any other portioning equipment. Also, the dosage will depend on various factors, including weight, health, and metabolism. However, for beginners, 10mg is good. Always check on the label of the CBD product as it should comprise the amount of CBD in the product and the recommended serving amount.

In many cases, the recommended average dose is 10mg, and most manufacturers state 3-4 uses per day. The number of doses in a gram of your CBD shatter will depend on the amount you utilize per dose. To calculate the number of doses in a gram of shatter, you divide 1000 milligrams by the number of milligrams you use per dosage. For example, Hammond (2021) suggested that if you use 10mg per dose, a gram of your CBD shatter will have 100 doses; if you use 25mg per dose, then a gram of the shatter will have 40 doses. You can also go the extra mile to calculate the number of doses in the CBD shatter if necessary.

Safety of CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a concentrate of CBD, solvent-based concentrate, to be precise. However, if you are worried about overdosing, there is no cause for alarm. CBD has so far not proven to cause any adverse effects on its users. Mathur et al. (2020) stated that the common side effects of CBD include diarrhea, dry mouth, reduced appetite, and fatigue which fade off with time and can be taken care of by antibiotics. Also, considering CBD C shatter is a concentrate and contains CBD solemnly, you don't have to worry about intoxication as you cannot get high off CBD.


The number of doses in a gram of CBD shatter depends on the amount of CBD shatter utilized per dose. CBD shatter is a concentrate of CBD that is high in potency and high in CBD content; therefore, you only need a small amount of CBD to reap the health and wellness benefits of CBD. If you overdose on CBD, you have nothing to worry about, as CBD doesn't have any adverse side effects on the body. Users might experience a few side effects when using CBD, but these symptoms fade with time. CBD doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabis, so you cannot get high off using CBD shatter no matter the amount.


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