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How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke?

September 01, 2022 5 min read

How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke?

How Much CBD Vape Should You Smoke?

Vaping delivers the quickest results onset and is a healthier alternative than smoking. It influences youths and adolescents greatly following its captivating experience. Enthusiasts desire to reap more cannabidiol benefits through vaping. Vaping devices come with unique cannabidiol amounts. Also, consumers have different health goals and respond to such compounds distinctively. Newcomers are concerned about the amount they should smoke. This article explains the impact of quantity on the user, and recommends the right quantity for beginners. 


Vaping is an interesting method of taking cannabidiol (CBD). It delivers incredibly quick results onset and is a healthier alternative than smoking. CBD comes with incredible health benefits that consumers seek to experience. Various vaping devices like disposable and refillable vape pens have unique benefits and drawbacks. Newcomers are encouraged to start with disposable devices because they are cheap, easy to operate, pre-filled, and pre-charged. In addition, they provide significant experiences to consumers while delivering the intended results. Unfortunately, individuals are unaware of the CBD vape amount they should smoke.


How Much Cannabidiol Should Individuals Vape?

Experts have not determined universal cannabidiol serving size or dose for vapes. This is explained by different factors influencing how cannabidiol affects consumers. According to Wang et al. (2019), body weight, CBD quality, liver health, and metabolism affect smoked cannabidiol's effectiveness in the body.

Body Weight

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsed Epidiolex as the only legal cannabidiol-related medication. This anti-epileptic drug treats two rare types of epilepsy among children; Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes. Epidiolex medication has certain guidelines showing its proper dosage. If you cannot understand the appropriate dose seek medical advice. These experts recommend a suitable dosage considering fundamental factors like your metabolism, body weight, and CBD quality.

CBD Quality

Most reputable brands extract their cannabidiol from non-chemical hemp plants. These herbs are cultivated in certified hemp farms like Colorado. Cannabidiol, with poor quality, contains little CBD, and its elements might have lower bioavailability. The cannabidiol product particle size is critical when determining the absorption time. Reputable cannabidiol merchants prefer microencapsulation, which metabolizes cannabidiol into small particles, resulting to higher efficiency and faster absorption. Consider buying your vape cannabidiol oil from trustworthy trademarks. The products must have passed through third-party laboratory testing for potency and safety purposes. In addition, request a certificate of analysis (COA) showing precise ingredient percentage. Consider products without contaminants, microbials, or heavy metals.

Furthermore, check customer reviews on your preferred products and avoid those with repeated negative reviews and vice versa. High-quality CBD is extracted through the carbon dioxide extraction method. This technique is pure and leaves no harmful chemical residues on the end product. You can consider products with the highest positive ratings as they have promising benefits.

Liver Health

Consumers with medical impediments are less able to process compounds than healthier people. The liver functions to eliminate cannabidiol from the passage and prepares it for transportation in the body. Consequently, living with unhealthy liver function slows cannabidiol's effectiveness and the interval it remains in your system. Scientists have scrutinized cannabidiol's effects on individuals with severe and moderate liver damage. Some experts report that such consumers have higher blood cannabidiol concentrations and longer clearance intervals after consuming 200 milligrams of cannabidiol than healthy users.


Metabolic rate involves generating and breaking down compounds to assist the human body in functioning suitably. Individuals with superior metabolism make the body absorb cannabidiol faster. Nonetheless, if the body metabolizes any drug fast, the person cannot enjoy the full experience of the recommended dose. Thus, with more cannabidiol, you will require to manipulate the same results as those with low metabolism. According to Ramelli et al. (2013), lifestyle, digestive tract health, genetics, and age interferes with human metabolism. Furthermore, these cannabinoid effects last for a shorter duration. 

Since vaped cannabidiol offers its effects instantaneously, consumers can determine the amount consumed easily. Although some cannabidiol benefits are not felt, Van de Donk et al. (2019) showed that CBD vapers experience calming effects. The type of CBD in the vape helps the user to moderate the dosage. For instance, certain vape pens contain 34 or 250 milligrams of cannabidiol per milliliter. The cannabinoid amount in one puff varies depending on the vaporizer's power. Also, your draw or puff's duration and various factors differ, although certain consumers acquire about 100 to 200 draws in one milliliter. The lesser the cannabidiol concentration in the e-juice, the more consumers need to smoke to achieve greater levels. Therefore, choose a greater concentration if your vaping period is limited. The quickest way to determine your appropriate vaping dosage is by inhaling some wafts and confirming the experience. Cannabidiol is tolerable, meaning you can escalate the cannabinoid amount until an optimum level is attained. However, some consumers inhale multiple wafts separately during the day to sustain a consistent cannabidiol amount in their bodies.

Why Vape CBD?

According to Tasty (2016), cannabidiol vape oil provides a quick effect to the body alongside a pleasant lingering smell. Vaporizers function by burning cannabidiol vape substances until they vaporize. This develops an inhalable cannabidiol-enriched vapor. Since vaporizers do not burn cannabidiol to combustion, they cannot generate smoke or harmful by-products and chemicals. The inhaled CBF absorbs via your lungs and interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol in vaping bypasses the liver and digestive system, thus producing almost instant results.


Vaping cannabidiol offers an excellent method of acquiring proper CBD dosage. However, no universal cannabidiol serving size or dose is established. Body weight, cannabidiol quality, liver health, and metabolism determine CBD's effectiveness in the body. Since vaped cannabidiol delivers effects instantaneously, consumers can determine the amount consumed easily. Vaporizers carry specific vaping substances that help users moderate their dosages. Also, the cannabinoid amount in one puff varies depending on the vaporizer's power. The CBD concentration in vape compounds affects how much the consumer should smoke. For instance, users will smoke more in the low cannabidiol concentrated compound and vice versa to get the desired results. While the body tolerates CBD, improper usage could irritate the lungs.


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