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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Everybody wants to have smooth, attractive skin all the time. The dream of having smooth skin has made many go looking for the best skincare products. Many lotions in the market can help to keep your skin glowing.

    However, you need to know how and how often you should lotion your body. Once you apply lotion to your body, you feel a difference as the lotion calms and cools the skin. If you do not feel the difference, you probably do it the wrong way or use the wrong moisturizer. You also need to know that some areas need to be moisturized than others.

    Factors to consider when applying lotion to the body

    It might not be easy to tell how often one should lotion their body. The best way to go is hydrating it when need be. However, the following factor might guide us on how to do it.

    Skin Type

    Some people have very dry skin, while others have relatively oily skin. Zirwas& Stechschulte (2008) noted that individuals with dry skin, need to apply lotion more often when they feel the skin needs to be moisturized. People with oily skin need it less frequently, at least once a day. It is not advisable to stay longer than 24 hours without applying oil on the skin, regardless of your skin type

    Weather Condition

    Story et al.(2003) noted that individuals in a cold or windy area should moisturize their skin more often. Wind can easily strip off the moisture from your skin. Again, if you are working in a very sunny area, very moist skin might bother you due to excess sweating. However, you need to apply some lotion to the body at least once a day to avoid sunburns.


    Bensadoun et al.  (2013) noted that men's skin tends to be drier than women's skin. If you are a man, you need to apply lotion more often to keep your skin hydrated. Women's skin is relatively soft. They do not need to apply lotion more often like men. 

    Body Parts

    Some parts of the body need to be moisturized more often than others. Body parts are exposed to different conditions making some drier than others.


    Lotion your hands more often than any other body part. Daily activities, the hands get dirty. Therefore, people need to wash their hands in soapy water regularly. After washing hands in soapy water, results in dryness. Regular washing of hands strips off natural oil and moisture that keeps your hands smooth and soft. Therefore, apply oil every time you wash them. You will be able to replace what is lost. Choose a cream that the skin can easily absorb.

    Arms and Legs

    Arms and legs are not prone to regular washing like hands. Most of the time, they are covered with clothing keeping them away from wind and dust. Therefore, you need to moisturize them once a day. You can either do it just before retiring to bed or early in the morning as you start your day. However, during the dry season, your body loses a lot of water. Sometimes, you take a bath during the day to calm your body. Under such circumstances, you can apply lotion more than once, probably after every time you keep them in water.


    The face needs more attention and care than any other part of the body. The face is the most noticeable part of the body. It is easier to notice a dry face than other body parts. The face is usually exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as sun, dust, and cold. You need to help your face survive in such conditions. Some people have a very sensitive face. They easily develop sunburns or dark patches after long exposure to cold. Applying lotion to the face can help you overcome such reactions. Wash your face at least twice a day and moisturize it. Preferably in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Do not apply any makeup when going to bed, but you can moisturize your face with a mild lotion that will help your face to relax.

    The trunk

    The trunk is a large part of the body. This part is not exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as cold, hot air, and dust. Most of the time, it is covered by clothes. It does not lose moisture like the hands and feet. Therefore, you can apply lotion to it at least once a day after taking a bath.

    Different Occasions, When You Need to Lotion Your Body

    Apart from the normal routine of moisturizing the body, there is some special occasion when you should apply body lotion. these include

    After shaving.

    After shaving, your skin might feel dry and uncomfortable. Applying lotion in such areas makes you feel relaxed and moisturized. It also helps keep the area soft, giving room for hair to come out easily.

    After Swimming

    Swimming involves immersing the whole body in water. Water will wash off the natural oil and any other oil applied to the skin. After swimming, moisturize your skin to replace the lost moisture keeping your skin soft.

    Is Too Much Lotion Dangerous?

    According to Deighton (2008), there are no known side effects of applying too much lotion to the body. CBD products are very expensive, you should ensure every single coin counts by using it sparingly. Apply just enough.


    We all like having good skin that has no wrinkles. A major secret to having soft skin is applying the right lotion. However, you need to know how often you should lotion your body. Different parts of the body are exposed to different conditions. Therefore, you need to apply lotion when need be. Apply lotion every time you wash your hands to replace the lost oil. The trunk is less exposed to harsh environments; you only need to apply lotion at least once a day.


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