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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read


    Do you want to make your own CBD face scrub? Check out these CBD facial scrubs that leave your skin feeling healthy, glowing, and radiant. There are several recipes for CBD facial scrub, but this article will discuss two easy recipes that you will find helpful. These recipes are the CBD charcoal facial scrub ad CBD sugar facial scrub. By scrubbing the skin, you are undergoing exfoliation, which means your face will feel brighter and smoother. You do not need to buy an exfoliator when you can make natural homemade CBD facial scrub with basic ingredients that you can locate inside your kitchen pantry.

    You will also know how to make your own CBD facial scrubs by using charcoal and sugar as your main ingredients. You will learn about the ingredients needed. The ingredients you need are not complicated since they are found in the kitchen pantry, and you will not struggle to acquire them. You will also find out the benefits of CBD to your face.

    What Is CBD?

    CBD is the short form of cannabidiol. According to Burstein (2015), Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD is available in the hemp and also marijuana plants. The difference is that there is THC in the marijuana plant, which is tetrahydrocannabinol that gives the user the feeling of being ‘high’, while in the hemp plant, there is no THC. This is the reason why CBD is extracted mainly from the hemp plant.

    CBD can be infused in several skincare products such as lotions, facial masks, balms, scrubs, sprays, cleansers, and moisturizers. We are focusing on a CBD face scrub and how it is prepared.

    Types of CBD

    According to Li et al. (2020),there are three types of CBD: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and isolate CBD.

    Full-Spectrum CBD

    This type has all cannabis plant components, even a few amounts of THC, which is responsible for the feeling of being ‘high’.

    Broad-Spectrum CBD

    This version of CBD contains all cannabis plant components except the THC compound.

    CBD Isolate

    This is also known as pure CBD. This is because it has CBD only and no other compounds present in the cannabis plant.

    Benefits of CBD to the Skin

    Help reduce inflammation: Since CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, Baswan et al. (2020) established that it greatly benefits your skin if you are regularly experiencing inflammation.

    Regulates oil production: Sebum is overproduced in the skin and leads to acne. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD on the sebocytes which produce sebum, Peyravian et al. (2022) argued that it helps in oil regulation hence reducing acne formation.

    Hydrates dry skin: If you are experiencing dry skin, CBD can be the answer to it. The previous study indicated that CBD could help solve the problem of dry skin.

    CBD Sugar Scrub Recipe

    Apart from the CBD component, this recipe also has jojoba oil, orange peel, almond oil, and coconut oil. The named oils provide different benefits to your skin and work better when combined. Follow this recipe to achieve and enjoy your own homemade cannabis sugar facial scrub.


    Mason jar


    • Two tablespoons of almond oil
    • Food grade coloring(optional)
    • A half orange peel which is chopped finely
    • A quarter cup of coconut oil
    • 100 milligrams(mg) of CBD Oil
    • A half-cup of organic granulated sugar
    • Fifteen drops of essential oils
    • Two tablespoons of jojoba oil


    • Melt coconut oil, CBD oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil together under low heat. Make sure that the coconut is melted completely.
    • When the oil temperature returns to room temperature, you can add sugar, chopped orange peel, coloring, and essential oils.
    • Mix well using a hand mixer, then seal in your mason jar.
    • You can then apply it to your face and scrub gently. When satisfied, wash off, and do not forget to use your facial moisturizer.

    CBD Charcoal Face Scrub Recipe

    This DIY facial scrub gives you one of the best results. As your exfoliant, use sugar because it is a lighter exfoliant to the face. Charcoal helps in clearing out the impurities present in your skin. The most important ingredient here is CBD oil since it has amazing benefits for your skin. This facial scrub is very easy and quick to make. In just five minutes, you will be done.


    • Cane sugar: Cane sugar is a preferred exfoliant since it is light compared to coffee and salt. Hence, this facial scrub makes it a very good exfoliant to be used on the face.
    • Sweet almond oil: Sweet almond oil has a very amazing fragrance, which is why people prefer using it.
    • Activated Charcoal: You should be careful when using charcoal since it stains anything. After making your facula scrub, wash your utensils thoroughly to avoid staining.
    • CBD oil: CBD oil has amazing benefits for your skin, so we pucked it.

    Simple CBD Charcoal Face Scrub Recipe


    • Spoon
    • Measuring cups
    • A small mixing bowl
    • Four ounces of storage jar


    • Three drops of peppermint essential oil
    • The third cup of cane sugar
    • Two tablespoons of sweet almond oil
    • A half teaspoon of activated charcoal
    • Four ml of CBD oil


    • Mix the sweet almond oil, essential oil, CBD oil, cane sugar, and activated charcoal inside a small bowl. Make sure to mix them very well.
    • To use this charcoal CBD facial scrub, massage it onto your face very gently in a circular manner.
    • Remember to use this facial scrub after you have cleansed your face. Do not forget to use a moisturizer or a serum after scrubbing your face.


    The CBD charcoal facial scrub and CBD sugar facial scrub will leave your face glowing and healthy, giving you peace of mind because you know that you have benefited your skin. The next time you require a facial scrub, remember to try out these homemade CBD facial scrubs, and you wouldn't regret it.


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