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How to Make Vape Juice More Powerful

September 01, 2022 5 min read

How to Make Vape Juice More Powerful

How to Make Vape Juice More Powerful

Vape juice is an exciting and potent new way to consume CBD, especially among youths and young adults, but one of the most common complaints we receive from customers is that the effects are not quite as strong as they would like them to be. Many might see vaping as a way of escaping from smoking addiction, so they want to vape to feel as strong as the feeling they get when they smoke. It is known that many people love vaping because it’s easy, convenient, and discreet, so if one is not feeling the effects they were hoping for when they pick up a bottle of CBD vape juice, here are some helpful tips to make it more powerful. This article explains how best an individual can make vape juice more powerful.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

Before diving into what CBD vapes, let us take a step back to the introduction to CBD. Atanasov et al. (2015) explained that CBD is one of the compounds in the Cannabis plant; this compound Is usually used because of vast medical advantages that come in handy when some chronic diseases are concerned. THC is one of the hundreds of compounds in the cannabis plant, and compared to CBD, THC is responsible for the high effect many users feel. However, CBD doesn't give off that 'high' impact people feel when they smoke. Instead, it gives off a calming and relaxing effect, a favorite amongst many.

 One way of enjoying CBD products is vaping; CBD vape juice is used on devices that heat up and vaporize this liquid to vapor that one can inhale through the lungs. It offers a variety of ways in which the users can enjoy CBD products; it also helps give those that don’t prefer other methods of taking CBD an easier way of taking CBD.

Making CBD at Home

Making CBD at home might be easier than one thinks; if a person finds vape oils sold in the market to be a little expensive and they wish to save some extra cash, then making their own CBD at home might be the most excellent choice made. Because as much as commercially available products have a lot of advantages, so much technology is used that makes them expensive. Evans (2020) explained that making your own CBD vape oil is a safer way to enjoy CBD than just going to shop for some mislabeled products in the market. All needed are a high-CBD hemp flower and a solvent such as alcohol and other carrier oils such as hemp seed oil and olive oil. Plus, making your own CBD will give you the freedom of getting to enjoy your ingredients and flavors, a wrong choice that might not be possible on some platforms.

So How Do You Do It?

First of all, what an individual need to do before starting making their homemade vape oil is to choose the right hemp plant. As the article shows in the beginning, the hemp plant contains more CBD than marijuana. CBD is present in marijuana and hemp plants, but the difference comes in the percentage of CBD in each plant. Krediet et al. (2020) explained that choosing the right strain of CBD is essential as one will want to go for a strain that is rich in CBD and low in THC because CBD vape oil isn’t supposed to make one high. A person can easily find a rich CBD hemp flower or bud online in states that have legalized the use of Cannabis.

However, Raw Hemp flower or bud doesn't contain CBD, so individuals need to make the hemp bud or flower through decarboxylation. It involves heating your raw hemp at a specific temperature to activate CBD, turning the natural hemp extract from its inactive form CBDA to CBD. Using a precision cooker, one can easily use their standard oven to heat your hemp extract at a moderate temperature or go off in a much more professional way. A precision cooker is a device one can use to maintain a specific optimal temperature to activate CBD. Because most people making their own CBD oil at home might not have the required tools and devices, sometimes placing hemp in the oven might not give it the right time or temperature it needs to be activated. It is essential to prevent the Hemp flower or bud from staying in the heat for so long to avoid damaging the terpenes.

The next step is inserting the activated CBD into the right concentration of alcohol for the extraction of CBD. Any method used effectively gives quality CBD vape oil that you can use instead of purchasing commercially available vape oil. One can use natural plant oils such as hemp seed and olive oils to extract the CBD instead of using alcohol as a solvent.

Making Your Juice More Powerful

Lazarjani et al. (2021) explained that the more concentrated and potent it becomes when using alcohol solvent or natural oils to extract CBD, the more time the activated CBD stays in the solvent. The longer the products sit, the stronger it gets. An individual can then use this knowledge to determine how robust the CBD vape oils are and calculate the time the products stay in the solvent for a controlled concentration. If one wishes to get a more powerful CBD vape oil, ensure that the CBD strain has a high concentration of CBD and be precise when the product stays in the solvent. If an individual uses natural Oil carriers, choosing healthier fat might give one quality CBD vape oils.


Using vape juice is a great way to get the CBD intake. When using vape juice, a person does not want it to be weak and diluted; they want it to be strong and pure. By following these steps, one can ensure that their vape juice will have maximum potency. When making their own CBD vape oil or increasing the strength of the CBD vape oil already in possession. Letting it sit more in the solvent will help make it even more potent. Let it sit there for as long as one wishes their vape oil, just like tinctures are made.


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