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How to Smoke CBD Wax?

August 17, 2022 5 min read

How to Smoke CBD Wax?

How to Smoke CBD Wax?

This article will guide you if you want to learn more about CBD wax. It also discusses the different methods of smoking CBD wax and other questions such as what CBD wax is and the different methods of manufacturing CBD wax.

CBD wax is becoming one of people's favorite because of its high potency. Many people love it since you need a little of it to get the desired results, hence making it another way in which people can acquire the benefits of CBD, such as pain relief and alleviating stress through consuming CBD wax. Other popular forms of CBD include CBD oil, gummies, and CBD. It's up to you to find out which type of CBD product you love consuming. All CBD products will provide similar health benefits since they all have the CBD compound. Since CBD's new product, many people are unaware of its consumption methods.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the over eighty compounds in the cannabis plant. According to Hegazy & Platnick (2019), cannabinoids interact with the body's receptors, providing people with various benefits such as pain relief, an increase in appetite, boosting our moods, and relieving stress and anxiety. CBD cannot be found naturally in our diet, but a person can get it through supplements.

Types of CBD Concentrate

CBD concentrate exists in three types. These types include:

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate only has CBD compound. It does not contain other cannabinoids, which are also referred to as pure CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum contains another compound of the hemp plant, including THC, essential oils, and terpenes. Consuming the full-spectrum CBD means a person feels its full effects because of the compounds that work together with CBD to benefit their users. This type of effect is known as the full entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD

This type of CBD concentrates all the other compounds except for the THC compound. According to Teräsvalli (2020), the full entourage effect can also be felt when consuming the broad spectrum CBD wax. However, it is much less since it does not have the THC compound.

What is CBD wax?

CBD wax is one of how cannabis exists. According to Raber et al.(2015), CBD wax is manufactured by extracting the concentrate from the hemp plant using butane or carbon dioxide. It is referred to as CBD wax because of its consistency since it is thick and gummy. CBD wax is becoming a popular way in which THC and other cannabinoids are ingested. CBD wax is more potent than CBD forms, such as CD gummies or smoking CBD flowers.

There are various ways in which you can decide to smoke CBD wax. They include; dabbing and vaping. Below is a comparison of these various methods, which will help people know how they prefer smoking CBD wax.

Types of CBD Wax

A person cannot find the product labeled CBD wax when walking into the store. Instead, expect to find names such as CBD Budder, CBD shatter, live resin, and CBD Crumble. These are the various ways in which CBD wax exists. Let us talk more about them:

CBD Budder

As the name suggests, CBD budder has a consistency similar to butter. CBD Budder is manufactured by heating CBD oil at very high temperatures. Air pressure is also used. Its result is a smooth texture that is fluffy too.

CBD Shatter

It is known to be one of the purest ways CBD wax exits. It is because it is continuously refined until the final texture is produced. CBD Shatter is harder and brittle hence making it easy to be broken.

CBD Crumble

The CBD Crumble is processed the same way shatter is. However, its final result is a more crumbled wax. It is not recommended to use CBD crumble because of its texture if a person prefers dabbing CBD wax.

CBD Live Resin

The hemp plant is frozen to reduce CBD Live Resin since it retains many natural flavors compared to other types of waxes. Therefore, it makes it the best compared to other waxes.

Methods of Smoking CBD wax


Some people prefer smoking CBD wax through dabbing. Dabbing provides higher effects compared to other forms of ingesting cannabis. A single puff will give you stronger effects. Due to this reason, it makes it a popular way.

A dab rig is used during dabbing. Morgan et al.(2022) stated that a dab rig is a piece of smoking equipment that utilizes water and high temperatures, which leads to cannabis vapors. A person requires wax, a butane torch (or another heating method), and a rig to smoke from a dab rig. A user can heat the nail so that vapor is produced. Using the mouthpiece, a user inhales its vapors, simultaneously spinning the dabber.

Dabbing needs expensive equipment, although most people find it enjoyable and effective.

Nectar Collector

The nectar collector is also referred to as dab straw. It is similar to a dab rig; however, it is portable. It uses the same method as that dabbing. An amount of CBD wax is put on a flat surface, and then you heat its tip with a piece of heating equipment such as a torch until it gets hot. When fully heated, you inhale the vapors using the mouthpiece and at the same time, you place its hot tip in the wax.

It is similar to dabbing, so a person should not be worried about its effects.

Electric Wax Vaporizer

Dab pens are simpler and easy to use compared to dab rigs. A user opens the wax pen and then puts the required amount of CBD wax so the coils can heat it.

Users can inhale a vape mouthpiece slowly until they get the desired hit when the wax is already inside the pen and heated up until vapors are formed. A user can adjust the temperatures to get their desired hits.

Another reason that makes wax vaporizers popular is that they are portable; hence one can use them anywhere.


Smoking CBD is not that effective if you want to get the best results of CBD. Regardless of whether you are dabbing or vaporizing it. It would be best to look for other ways of taking CBD to give you the desired results. Always remember to communicate with your physician first before trying a new product. It will help you know if it may cause a negative reaction in your body. Also, do not purchase just from any brand to get high-quality CBD wax. Make sure that the brand is well-known, trusted, and reputable and provides proof of third-party lab test results to confirm the quality of the CBD wax. Consuming low-quality CBD wax can provide your body with negative effects; hence not recommendable.


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