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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read


    Most people nowadays are talking about the benefits of CBD for our bodies and minds. The good thing is that CBD skincare is also available for use. If you need to pamper your skin extra, you can use CBD toner as a part of your night skincare routine. By using CBD toner, you get to refresh your skin before bed. You also get the soothing effects that CBD provides for your face.

    This article will discuss CBD toner, the benefits of using CBD toner on the skin, and how you can use it to reap the maximum benefits.

    What Is CBD?

    CBD also referred to as cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound found in marijuana and hemp plants. CBD in products cannot give you a high effect since it is extracted from the hemp plant, which does not have tetrahydrocannabinol, the THC component. THC is the reason CBD is not extracted from the marijuana plant since Maccarrone et al. (2017) stated that it contains high levels of THC. CBD can be found in three forms: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Knowing more about the types of CBD helps you choose a product that will satisfy your needs. Full-spectrum CBD has all the parts that are available in the cannabis plant. It also contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD has many compounds found in the cannabis plant except for THC. CBD isolate only contains CBD and no other compounds, which is why it is also known as pure CBD.

    The CBD Toner Routine

    CBD toner is made for the skin, which needs extra calming, and the good thing is that you can use it for any skin type. By using then CBD toner, you give your skin a little refreshing glow boost. To get the most out of a CBD toner, you should add it to your nighttime skincare routine.

    Directions on How to Use Your CBD Toner Every Night

    To acquire the maximum benefits of CBD toner, adding it to a night skincare routine is important. An exfoliator helps clear the dead skin, making the toner work better. Below are easy instructions on using your CBD toner before going to sleep each night:

    • Before using it, make sure to shake your toner very well.
    • Then spray the toner on your face, and do not forget to use it on your neck.
    • Use your toner after using your cleanser and before you use a moisturizer.
    • You can use it twice a day or even as much as you need it.
    • After you are done using it, store it in a dry place away from the direct heat rays of the sun.

    Steps on How You Can Use A CBD Toner

    Step One

    Before applying anything to your face, ensure you have cleaned up to get rid of the dirt absorbed into the skin pores during the day. After cleaning your face using a cleanser, rinse your face well to get that extra cleanliness. Afterward, use a scrub but not every day, for some days during the week. Using a scrub helps your skin brighten up and feel refreshed.

    Step Two

    Here is where you use your CBD toner. You need a few spritzes of CBD toner to restore the natural glow of your skin, and it also helps clean your pores, making your skin have a healthy appearance.

    Step Three

    If you have included a serum in your nighttime routine, put it on before your moisturizer. Apply the serum in an upward movement, and do not forget to apply it to your neck area.

    Step Four

    After using the serum, you can also use your night moisturizer to help give your skin that extra boost of hydration when you are sleeping.

    Step Five

    Here is where you will use products such as eye cream.

    It is okay if you do not want to undergo all these steps. If you are one of those who love quick and easy steps, the CBD toner is very convenient. This is because it comes in a very convenient spray form. If you are too tired or busy, you need to cleanse your face, pat it dry then spritz a few sprays of CBD toner. Close your eyes while spraying. After spraying, allow the product to dry while it sits on your face. Just that, and you will still get the maximum benefits of using the CBD toner, such as giving you a healthier and brighter complexion.

    Benefits of Using A CBD Toner

    Helps in Relieving Acne

    Due to the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD contains, it can help any user who has acne because acne has been confirmed to be an anti-inflammatory condition. When you use the CBD toner, Burstein (2015) established that it helps reduce inflammation and soothes your skin, visibly reducing breakouts that come to be due to acne. Another reason is that acne is caused by excess oils produced in the sebocytes' glands. CBD decreases the exceeded oils by regulating the oil production in sebocytes,

    Helps In Antiaging and Reducing Wrinkles

    CBD has antioxidant properties since it comes from the hemp plant. These antioxidants present help reduce the visible signs of aging. According to Gabardo et al. (2017), it is made possible by its anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce wrinkles, ruddy skin appearance, and skill dullness.

    It Contains Soothing Properties

    If you have sensitive skin, consider using CBD toner. Due to its soothing properties, Sarker & Nahar (2020) stated that it helps in calming your skin, which helps minimize factors related to skin sensitivity, such as skin reactivity and redness. The good thing about using the CBD toner is that it can be used in any skin type; hence everyone can benefit from it.


    Using just some spritzes of your CBD toner makes you set for a refreshing and peaceful slumber. Adding the CBD toner to your nighttime routine makes it possible to give your skin the most supportive care at the time since at night, your skin goes through regeneration hence living your skin replenished.


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