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How to Use CBD Shatter

August 31, 2022 4 min read

How to Use CBD Shatter

How to Use CBD Shatter

You just purchased CBD shatter, probably wondering how you use it, or, from the various recipe, you have made a homemade concoction of CBD shatter and are wondering how you use it. This article considers ways to use the product to gain the maximum experience from CBD shatter use.

CBD shatter is consumed through dapping, also called vaping. Whichever name you settle on is up to you as long you get the desired outcome. Dapping or vaping is a new method of smoking that has been embraced by people who know CBD shatter. In this act, the product of CBD that is CBND shatter is placed on a metal surface plate or using tools such as the dab ring. Before I continue my procedural look into how dapping is done, you should know the equipment you should arm yourself with to get the maximum benefit of dapping as a form of ingestion.

Dapping in Details

You will need a dapping tool, dapping erring, the intended type of CBD shatter from a retailer, and a torch. After making the specific CBD shatter, place the required amount of CBD shatter on the dapping ring. This is after you have heated the dapping ring for a while until it has become red hot by using the dapping torch. Each tool used in administering CBD has its work, such as the dapping tool is used to scoop the required amount of CBD shatter into the dapping ring, whereas the torch is used to light up the dapping tool until it reaches the required amount.

While red places the CBD shatter, smoke is emitted, which is consumed through the mouth or the nostrils that contain highly potent CBD. Heating the components in the ring is advisable to rotate the ring to ensure that most of the CBD shatter gets burned down and remit the smock. CBD shatter then turns to an oily honey-like liquid that settles on the ring bottom surface.

Dapping is one of the CBD consumption methods showing a high potency rate and bioavailability. In its consumption, it is estimated that over 80% CBD rich in smoke is taken in the body when this method is used; highly concentrated amounts are ingested through the lungs. A few biological processes occur when CBD shatter is ingested.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

After inhaling either in the mouth or the nostrils, the CBD rich in smoke enters the trachea, where it eventually splits between bronchitis and flows to the network of alveoli. It is in this part that CBD has the opportunity of entering the bloodstream. As a result of the counter-current flow between the bloodstream and the lungs' alveoli. Farokhina et al. ( 2020) explained the effect of oral and vaporized smoke and how it is taken into the ECD.

In the bloodstream, it is carried to the heart and pumped to the rest of the body. It is in the body that the CBD comes in contact with the endocannabinoid system. Two major systems control the body: the central nervous system and the endocannabinoid system. According to Antonides et al. (2019), the endocannabinoid system comprises receptors known as CB 1 and CB 2. Where CB 1 is spread out in all body parts, CB2 is found mostly in the brain.

The receptors are capable of the effect; you feel once you have taken CBD-derived product, the body has ways of maintaining homeostasis as it can be able through the cannabinoids. But the presence of CBD in the body once in contract with the CB1 influences how hormones are secreted, the homeostatic balance, and the message is signaling to the brain.

For instance, the CB1when combined with CBD influences the release of sorting and reducing cytokines. These two hormones are responsible for maintaining stress levels where, when balanced; it reduces the stress level and overall anxiety reduction.

What To Look for While Purchasing CBD Shatter

The Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a term used to describe the amount of time the product takes in the body; different CBD products have different bioavailability, resulting in different products in the market. Bioavailability can also be used to mention the time taken for the effect of the CBD to be felt in the body.

For CBD shatter, Sussman (2021) found that the CBD compound is taken in the body faster, which results in the body feeling its effect in minutes. Such happens with other CBD products, such as tinctures and alcohol-based CBD-derived oil. For tinctures, they are ingested sublingually, a method where the CBD product is placed on the lower surface of the tongue. The CBD can get faster into the bloodstream due to the thin membrane on the mouth surface.


The right amount of CBD should be well stipulated. The manufacturer of the CBD shatter should have a COA which is the certificate of analysis that shows that they have a third party approval that shows laboratory checks on the accurate amount of CBD content; precaution should be undertaken in the amount of dose that you take. Triantafylla Tiberio &Zou (2019) explained the effect of vaping on acute lung injury.


CBD and its other products can be used in various ways. The difference accrued from the time that you want the effect to kick into the location that you are in. for instance, CBD candy is preferable when you are in a public place. At the same time, dapping, a common way that CBD shatter is ingested, is preferred at home.


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