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How to Vape CBD Shatter

August 31, 2022 5 min read

How to Vape CBD Shatter

How to Vape CBD Shatter

Vaping is one of the best ways of enjoying CBD products. Can you vape on CBD shatter? What is vaping? How do you vape CBD shatter? The benefits of vaping CBD shatter and other things you should know concerning vaping CBD shatter are widely discussed below. 

CBD concentrates are the purest hemp supplements available on the market. They have numerous medical benefits and can be used for recreational too. Vaping CBD products is easy and delivers the quickest hits as the cannabinoids are directly absorbed in the blood. For those who have not tried CBD shatter, vaping or dab rigging is the perfect way to introduce yourself to one of the most purified cannabis extracts. CBD shatter comes in a solid state with a yellowish hue and brittle texture. Shatter can be used in multiple ways, including vaping, smoking, or infusing it in oils. These pure extracts are extremely potent; hence, knowing the best way to vape your shatter is essential.

Shatter Vs. Wax

According to Bell et al. (2015), the two popular CBD concentrates in users are CBD shatter and CBD wax. They both undergo the filtration process to create pure isolates before being converted to their final state. However, shatter has a stronger solid nature than wax, hence tends to last longer and is less messy. CBD wax is easy to use due to its soft and greasy state. Though shatter has a glass-like feel, it quickly cracks or shatters when touched. Vaping CBD concentrates is the most preferred method. Shatter is higher quality than wax as it contains fewer impurities and comes at a higher cost.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping entails sucking out cannabinoids in the form of vaping or hot air. For one to vape, a vaporizer pen is needed that is specially designed to facilitate easy intake of all the CBD content. Vaping can be in three different types, which involve different processes. The easiest is combustion heating, where you place or pour your CBD in the nail chamber for it to heat. This produces hot air that passes through the pipe for one to absorb on the mouthpiece. Conduction heating is a vaping form where the CBD products get heat directly from being in contact with the torch. MJ & Ramo (2018) added that combustion heating involves the heating device burning the powder to release vapes that, according to  All three techniques, can vape any CBD product and deliver similar effects.

Can I Vape CBD Shatter?

The most effective way to use CBD shatter is by dab rigging or vaping. The process entails vaporizing the CBD shatter to form hot air passed through the chamber and ingested through the mouthpiece.

How to Vape On CBD Shatter

According to Morean & Lederman (2019), one can either use a wax or vape pen when looking to enjoy shatter through vaping. There are other types of vape pens in the market to pick from. Portable and rechargeable pens are better as they are more convenient and easy to use. Here are some important you should know about wax pens before vaping shatters;


The part responsible for drawing out the vape or air. The mouthpiece consists of a tip placed on the mouth and is well-structured to promote smooth airflow or aid in temperature regulation.

Chamber and Heating Coils

The heating coil is found in a vape or wax pen chamber. Placing shatter in the chamber facilitates vaporizing as the heating coil provides light up the nail.

For the best result when using vape or wax pens to inhale CBD shatter, start by scooping fewer amounts of shatter and place them on the heating coil in the chamber. Turn on the pen by pressing the start button with the open chamber. Shut the chamber when you notice the shatter melting. Use low heat to avoid burning it completely. Turn off your vape pen and place it in your mouth to draw in the vape.

Alternatives to Vaping CBD Shatter

Dabbing is a vaping method that entails drawing the CBD shatter in vape form from a dab rig. With dabbing, it's easy to monitor the dosage one takes daily as you inhale small quantities per session. To use a dab rig for vaping CBD shatter, ensure you have an efficient dabbing device, heat the nail part with a flame torch till it turns red; when well heated, pour your shatter into the glass dome and inhale the hot vape.

Benefits of Vaping

DP Tashkin (2015) established several reasons why people opt to vape CBD shatter, which varies in individuals. Here are some benefits of using the vaping technique to consume shatter;

It Hits Faster

Vaping shatter has the quickest effects on your body as the cannabinoids flow directly into the bloodstream. Unlike other methods such as edibles or oils where the products need to be ingested, inhaling vapes goes direct to the lungs where it's absorbed in the blood delivering an immediate interaction with the endocannabinoid receptors to release strong effects.

Maintains the High Potency of the Product

CBD shatter, being a concentrate, is highly potent. Vaping effectively ensures that you use the shatter when fully concentrated and in small doses. Other methods such as infusing in cooking oils lower the concentration as the cannabinoids are broken down in the melting process.

Vaping CBD shatter can have several health impacts, especially due to its extreme potency. CBD shatter can be used to reduce anxiety and stress and relieve pain.

With vaping, there are plenty of options that you can pick from to enjoy your CBD shatter vaping sessions. Wax pens, vape pens, pods, and cartridges that are specialized to facilitate easy vaping of shatter are available in the market.

Those who prefer hitting their CBD shatter on the go can opt for vaping. More people are into vaping nowadays; hence fear less about being the source of attention.

How Does Vaping CBD Shatter Smell?

Hemp supplements tend to have a similar scent. The scent that comes from vaping CBD shatter depends on the types of flavor or ingredients used. The more the number of terpenes, the stronger the scent. The scent can be fresh, mild, or extreme based on personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Vaping CBD shatter is a highly safe and effective way of enjoying its benefits. Having the right devices to vape your shatter is essential for better experiences. Ensure you take the hits slowly and in the right doses to avoid unpleasant feelings. Vaping CBD shatter can have several health impacts, especially due to its extreme potency. CBD shatter can be used to reduce anxiety and stress and relieve pain.


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