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How Will CBD Gummies Make You Feel?

September 29, 2022 5 min read

How Will CBD Gummies Make you Feel.edited

How Will CBD Gummies Make You Feel?

CBD gummies are popular chewable CBD products that have various therapeutic benefits. This article will discuss CBD gummies, how they make you feel, their benefits, and how to buy high-quality ones.

Congress passed the Farm Bill in 2018. Therefore, the decriminalization of hemp had a global impact on how the world viewed hemp and hemp products. All along, hemp was considered a harmful drug and was listed on the Controlled Substances Act with LSD, marijuana, and heroin. It was stigmatized because it was believed to have psychoactive properties like marijuana. The legalization of hemp not only led to the increase in users but also to industries that sought to produce CBD in the forms that were most desirable to the user. CBD gummies are an example of the CBD products that have been produced. They have various therapeutic properties, such as pain relief. Read on to know how CBD gummies will make you feel.

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is among hundreds of chemical components known as cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp. Marijuana and hemp are often confused as the same plant, but they are not the same, although they both belong to the cannabis family. The difference between cannabis and marijuana is based on the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical substance responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana. Federal law legalizes the sale and production of hemp-based CBD. However, several states have developed regulations to control the use of CBD products. Most states have legalized hemp-derived CBD, while others have legalized marijuana-based CBD. Marijuana has higher levels of THC, reaching up to 90%, while hemp has higher CBD and lower THC levels (below 0.3%).

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are chewable, candy-like edibles infused with an exact amount of CBD oil. They relieve anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation and alleviate neurological disorders.

Factors Determining How CBD Gummies Will Make the User Feel

Are CBD Gummies Hemp-Derived or Marijuana-Derived?

The difference between the hemp-derived CBD gummy and the marijuana-derived CBD gummy is that the user will feel 'high' after consuming marijuana-based CBD gummies because they contain THC. While hemp possesses traces of THC (below 0.3%), the user cannot have a psychoactive reaction since the amount of THC in hemp is negligible to cause a psychoactive response.

The Type of CBD Gummy

CBD gummies are grouped into categories known as spectrums. The following are the main types of spectrums and the reactions that they cause in the user;

The Full Spectrum CBD Gummy

The full spectrum CBD gummy is considered the most effective as it has plenty of cannabis chemical elements, including THC. The user experiences the entourage effect since the other cannabinoids and chemical components enhance CBD's medicinal effects.                             

Working et al. (2022) opined that the full spectrum CBD gummy contains THC, but the amount is too little to cause a psychoactive reaction. However, if they are a first-time user and are sensitive to THC, they may experience a chemical reaction.

The Broad-Based CBD Gummy Spectrum

The broad-based CBD gummy spectrum has as many chemical elements as the full spectrum CBD gummy but lacks THC. Users enjoy the entourage effect but not as much as they would want while using the full spectrum CBD.

The CBD broad-based gummy does not have THC and therefore causes no psychoactive reactions.

The CBD Isolate Gummy

The CBD isolate gummy only has CBD since all other cannabinoids are extracted from it. It's the purest and mildest of the three spectrums.

CBD isolate gummy will not have any reaction on the user and is the most preferred among the three spectrums for first-timers.

The Quality of the CBD Gummy

CBD gummies with contaminants, harmful ingredients, and additives may influence the reaction of the CBD gummy on the user. These ingredients include pesticides, heavy metals, and molds. The added contents in the CBD gummy are caused deliberately as the manufacturer intends to make an easy kill by duping users, or the contents may incidentally contaminate the CBD gummy through poor processing methods.

The Age of the User

A child using the CBD full spectrum is expected to be more sensitive to THC and may have a psychoactive reaction.

How to Buy High-Quality CBD Gummies

CBD gummies should not cause any response to the user besides providing medicinal benefits as CBD does not have intoxicating qualities. You can use the following tips to buy a high-quality CBD gummy.

Buy from a Reputable Company

Reputable companies tend to sell the best CBD gummies. The following are the features associated with reputable CBD gummies;

Do CBD Gummies Have a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

Lo & M (2022) stated that COA is an authenticated document indicating the fundamental components of the CBD gummy. The information in the COA is helpful because it provides the user with the knowledge they need to decide if they will purchase the CBD gummy or not. When a company is reluctant to give the COA, it is best to avoid the product since it may contain harmful ingredients.

Testing by a Third-Party Laboratory

The company may have its products tested by a third–party laboratory to confirm that the contents in the CBD gummy are as indicated on the COA. Third-party testing implies that the company is credible and transparent.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential, especially for first-time users. You should only buy the CBD gummy if the reviews are positive, but it will be best to avoid the product if the reviews are negative.

Seek the Doctor's Opinion

Legal & C (2022) stated that even though the user does not need a doctor's prescription to buy CBD gummies, the first-time user should seek the doctor's opinion before using the CBD gummy to treat an ailment. The doctor can also check if the prospective user has an underlying health issue that can be worsened by CBD or a medication that can interact with the CBD gummy. The doctor can recommend high-quality CBD products and where to purchase them. However, Delta et al. (2021) highlighted that the COA is sometimes falsified.


CBD gummies are probably among the most popular CBD products. The first-time user may be concerned about how the CBD gummies will make them feel, as most people expect that the CBD gummies will make the user feel intoxicated.

The factors determining how the user will feel are the type of CBD gummy if the CBD is derived from marijuana or hemp, the quality of the CBD gummy, and the user's age. To buy high-quality CBD gummies, the user should find out the company's reputation, the availability of the COA, and testing by a third-party laboratory. It is also essential to seek a doctor's opinion before using CBD gummies.


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