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  • August 22, 2022 5 min read


    Do you know about CBD lotions? Herein is what to know; what is CBD, what is CBD lotion, CBD lotion application, and what benefits does it have on the skin.

    CBD can be used orally in the form of tinctures or gummies or applied topically to the skin through topicals. CBD products come in a variety of formats. Despite this, CBD products are quickly gaining popularity and can now be found in many homes thanks to their numerous advantages. They are designed to be used in various ways that involve applying them to the skin. CBD can be the only ingredient, or the user can add certain skincare formulae to increase the level of comfort and relief the product provides.

    What is CBD?

    There is a lot of information about CBD, some of which you might be familiar with already. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the most frequently found in cannabis products. Cannabinoids are chemicals that can interact with specific receptors located throughout the body. In most cases, the endocannabinoid system is formed by the body's natural production of molecules that cooperate closely with the receptor for cannabinoids. The system reacts with CBD to supply the user with relief or other solutions that the user may require. Elms et al. (2019) addressed that CBD has been shown to work with the endocannabinoid system in the body to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and pain. The impacts of stress hormones like cortisol can be mitigated by another powerful property of CBD: its ability to act as a potent adaptogen.

    What is CBD lotion?

    Although CBD lotion is not as well-known or calming as full-spectrum CBD, Maghfour et al. (2021) established that it may be exactly what dry skin and skin itches need to feel better. Because of its creamy consistency, it can hydrate and moisturize dry skin, improving its appearance. Additionally, it has a wide variety of essential components, including jojoba, cherimoya, and aloe Vera, all of which are beneficial to the skin's condition. In addition to this, it can assist in regulating the amount of sebum that the glands produce. Cream (2020) commented that it might diminish acne formation and the appearance of dark patches on the body. In addition, it enables the skin to retain its natural lubrication for a longer period and brings comfort to problem areas. The skin shield from any potentially harmful microorganisms as an added benefit.

    CBD Lotion Application

    Because CBD has a small amount of THC, consuming it in any form does not result in the intoxicating high that smoking marijuana produces. Since cannabinoid receptors are present in the skin, CBD is beneficial when applied as a lotion or topical application. These advantages can be different depending on how they are put to use. Stella et al. (2019) noted that one of the most frequently reported advantages of using CBD cream is improved hydration. These formulations are made to nourish and assist in moisturizing dry skin. On the other hand, they can provide gentle care to even the most sensitive or irritated areas of the skin. CBD lotion can be applied multiple times daily for optimal results, and it works to soothe and calm the skin.

    You can utilize CBD lotions before applying a preferred makeup or skincare product. Because of its calming effects, they can alleviate the rough and irritated patches you can see on the face and the skin. The best thing about it is that people of all ages may enjoy it. Some advantages of using CBD lotions are alleviating the discomfort caused by aches and pains that are not particularly severe. In addition, it has been established that using these products can alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis and inflammation. As a bonus cream, Zenone et al. (2021) explained that it helps reduce the pain and discomfort caused by minor scrapes and bruises. According to the findings of earlier studies, it assists in recovering major muscles and healing skin abrasions.

    What Benefits does it have on the Skin?

    There has been very little research conducted on the effectiveness of CBD; nevertheless, some of these studies, such as the one referenced earlier in the previous paragraph, suggested that it shows potential as a treatment for inflammation and other chronic illnesses. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of the lotion would relax the skin and minimize redness, resulting in clear skin for the user. It does this by lowering the amount of oil the skin produces, which helps clear up acne. CBD creams are excellent for sensitive skin because they contain antioxidants, which help reinforce the skin barrier and keep moisture in the skin. Additionally, it prevents the entry of germs, providing you with healthy skin that is less likely to become compromised or irritated.

    CBD contains antioxidants that are effective ingredients in anti-aging products as its most significant advantage. The antioxidant protects cells from damage produced by free radicals, which can be brought on by environmental causes such as overexposure to the sun and pollution. It slows down the skin's aging process and makes the user appear years younger.

    Is CBD Lotion Legal?

    Even though the production of CBD made from hemp was legalized by the Farm Bill of 2018, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about CBD in many areas. It’s recommended to consult your state government's website to learn the precise legal standing of CBD in your state.

    In addition, the FDA does not currently have plans to regulate CBD. In September 2018, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent a request to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that the agency give temporary advice on how it will police sales of CBD products. The Food and Drug Administration has approved one CBD product so far: a medication that treats epileptic seizures in people with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome.


    CBD creams can be helpful for many people, but the quality of the cream itself is the most important factor. It is important to pick the best quality to provide the best experience. Because of its benefits, it can be used effectively with people of any age. Several CBD cream skincare products are incorporated into beauty equipment for improved beauty modification. An essential thing to remember is that you should see a dermatologist if you develop any skin irritation or adverse response after using any CBD cream products. Because individuals are unique, their responses to various stimuli might vary greatly. Take precautions before using this product, such as avoiding it if you are pregnant or currently taking any medication that can cause an adverse reaction.


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