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  • August 22, 2022 5 min read


    Hemp soap has become famous because of its undisputed benefits on the skin. It also can destroy bacteria on the skin. Principally, hemp soap acts as a degreaser that helps break down fats. It can also use to break down excess proteins and eliminate dead skin from the living skin.

    However, the soap is also made slippery, making it difficult for bacteria to attach to its spikes. It’s more advisable to use hemp soap in liquid form because it is a fast-acting soap for hand washing and other dirty surfaces. Additionally, hemp soap cannot harm the skin even if used repeatedly.

    Antibacterial Testing of Hemp Soap

    According to McPartland et al. (2000), hemp soap has been known to kill germs for a while now, making it one of the best antibacterial soaps available on the market. However, it can also assist in preventing bacteria or germs on the skin by giving extra protection. Hemp soap can be ideal for hand washing and nail scrubbing, helping remove germs or bacteria.  

    Warnock et al. (2015) established that hemp oil could also help deep-clean the oily zones of combination skin, leaving no unnecessary oils. Can use it in washing, cleaning, and shaving. Some of these hemp soaps are formulated to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria that gather in your home. Additionally, hand soap moisturizes and leaves the hands with the scent of the South Pacific Ocean breeze. Antibacterial soaps are no more effective than most plain soaps for killing diseases causing germs outside the health care setting. Furthermore, there is no evidence that antibacterial soaps can function better than other basic soaps.

    Hemp Antibacterial Soaps Uses

    Hemp antibacterial soaps are mainly formulated to prevent bacterial production and kill dangerous pathogens. However, the user can add hemp oil to a triclosan chemical, which can be found in many places. Baswan et al. (2020) argued that hemp could also help in killing healthy bacteria on the skin surface. Every user should know that using antibacterial soap can give a false sense of cleaning less and make you wash less frequently. A doctor mostly recommends hemp antibacterial soap for people in a health care setting. Hemp antibacterial soap is more effective in killing germs outside a carefully made health care setting. 

    Hemp Anti-Bacterial Soap Dangers

    Stanton (2013) revealed that continuous use of antibacterial soap could create antibiotic-resistant germs. However, the chemical known as triclosan can lead to the contribution of bacteria that can be resistant to antibiotics. On the other hand, this can have a major effect on the future of medical treatments. Generally, triclosan is an ingredient that has many regulatory academic and environmental groups. Moreover, more research must be done on human beings to determine their effects.

    Is Hemp Antibacterial Soap Better?

    Hemp bacterial soaps can be found in many stores and kill dangerous bacteria on the skin. However, it can also kill healthy bacteria on the skin, which help develop the skin. They also have added chemicals that can strip natural oils and make your skin dry. It's advisable to check the product's ingredients before purchasing to avoid any adverse effects. Generally, using antibacterial soap can give you a false sense of cleanliness, which may make people wash more frequently.

    For non-healthcare settings, plain soap is recommended unless the doctor recommends otherwise. They are mostly used to kill germs outside the skin and bacteria that can cause any skin illness.

    How to Effectively Clean Your Hand Using Hemp Soap

    Many people in the world, including grown-ups, wash their hands incorrectly. However, the following steps will ensure that your hands are always the cleanest.

    • Wet your hand with either warm or cold water.
    • You should also apply soap directly into your palms as per the manufacturer's recommendation.
    • Scrub your hands and the inner spaces of the finger, and make sure the soap reaches inside the nails to remove all the dirt.
    • Then rinse your hand in clean water carefully and remove all the soap.
    • Then rinse with a clean towel to ensure your hands are dry.

    Never doubt the power of hemp antibacterial soap in cleaning the grimiest hands. The soap is also great for scrubbing nails and is useful in maintaining clean nails. However, it's also ideal for frequent hand washers because it doesn't allow irritation to the skin. Generally, hands with embedded grime should use a nail brush over the finger pads and the nails. Hemp soap will clean your hands and nails without drying the skin or damaging the nails.

    Warnings of Hemp Antibacterial Soap

    It would be best not to let hemp soap be in contact with your eyes. If you get soap in your eyes, urgently wash your eyes with running water to avoid any adverse effects. However, keep the soap away from children or pets to avoid unnecessary accidents. Generally, hemp soap is not made to be ingested; it's a topical, so it is only meant for external purposes.

    Any accidental ingestion will lead to an unpleasant taste that will be irritating inside the mouth. Before purchasing, you should check the ingredients used in the hemp soap to avoid any allergic reactions. There should be no additive ingredients or perfume in hemp soap because it can lead to an allergic reaction. It would be best if you also stored it in a stable room with the right temperatures. Most hemp soaps have a shelf life of 12 months and should be used within 3 months of opening to get more of their benefits.

    The Bottom-line

    Hemp soap is antibacterial; it helps kill germs and bacteria on the skin. It can also be useful in cleaning clothes and the house to void any bacteria that can arouse any sickness. However, you should apply it to your eye because it may be pain full. But if you do, you should wash your face with running water. Hemp soap is also multipurpose; you can use it for shaving and any other task you wish to do. Generally, most of this hemp soap is packed in glass and dispatched or recycled packages for easy disposal after use.


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