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Should I Take CBD Gummies in the Morning or At Night?

September 29, 2022 5 min read


Should I Take CBD Gummies in the Morning or At Night?

CBD gummies are one of the more efficient ways to consume CBD. While some argue it is best to take them in the morning, others claim the nighttime routine is the way to go. This blog has a wealth of information about CBD gummies, including the best time to consume them, their benefits in the morning or at night, and how to purchase high-quality gummies.

CBD is increasingly becoming popular in the health and wellness industry. It is obtained from marijuana and hemp plants and occurs in various types, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. These forms of CBD are set apart by their content. Some have all compounds found in cannabis, including THC, while others are isolated. Regardless of the type you choose to work with, you have different products to enjoy. All forms of CBD are available in gummies, oils, vapes, tinctures, and capsules. For CBD gummies, you can consume them in the morning or at night, depending on your preference.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are the most popular CBD-infused edibles. According to Kolen et al. (2020), they are ingested and gut-processed; hence their effects are not instantaneous. Fortunately, their effects last for six to eight hours. They are popular because they are delicious; hence they mask the earthy taste of CBD oil.

Furthermore, they are easily portable and discreet. They can also be prepared and customized locally. Other CBD edibles you will likely meet in local and online stores include cookies, hard candies, and chocolates.

What Are the Benefits of Taking CBD Gummies in the Morning?

Improves Your Creativity

According to Suraev et al. (2020), CBD gummies promote blood flow to the frontal lobe, a part of the brain that regulates problem-solving abilities, spontaneity, and creativity. Increased blood flow to the frontal lobe allows chemical compounds to circulate in the brain more efficiently. This improves communication in the brain, positively affecting your creativity. While there is a need for more research on CBD gummies and cognitive function, it won't hurt if you take it before that creative project.

Boosts Your Energy Levels

According to Ashton et al. (2021), CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Since this system regulates the sleep-wake circle, there is a good chance you will feel more energized in the morning after consuming CBD gummies. It is also believed that CBD gummies promote protein synthesis in the basal forebrain, the part of the brain that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Enough protein in this part of the brain affects your energy levels positively.

Promotes Relaxation

Lillo et al. (2022) suggested that CBD affects serotonin receptors. This results in increased production and release of a feel-good chemical called serotonin that promotes relaxation. CBD gummies are also associated with increased levels of anandamide. When the levels of this natural endocannabinoid are high, you are also more likely to experience relaxation. This explains why some people take CBD gummies or other products before stressful events.

Enhances Morning Meditation

As briefly mentioned, CBD gummies promote relaxation, enhancing your morning meditation. Taking CBD gummies is also linked to increased awareness and focus, which promote mindfulness.

Reduces Coffee Jitters

Coffee jitters are common after taking large amounts of morning coffee. Although they are not life-threatening, you may want to eliminate them before they ruin your day. Both CBD and caffeine found in coffee interact with the endocannabinoid system. For this reason, it is normal to assume CBD gummies are one of the safe and effective ways to get rid of coffee jitters.

Why Should You Take CBD Gummies in the PM?

Promotes a Good Night's Rest

CBD gummies induce muscle relaxation that alleviates stress. The gummies calm your mind, promoting a good night's rest. If your partner is the barrier between you and quality sleep due to snoring, you may also want to turn to CBD gummies. Studies show that CBD gummies can reduce snoring, promoting quality sleep.

What Is the Best Way to Consume CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are chewable. For this reason, you can consume them like food.

How Many Gummies Should You Take Per Day?

You can take two gummies daily, one in the morning and another before bedtime. However, the number of gummies you should take per day can vary depending on your needs and wants.

How to Buy CBD Gummies

Look for "Full-spectrum or Broad-Spectrum" on the Label

If you want to enjoy the effects of CBD and other compounds, including THC and terpenes, buy CBD gummies made with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. The two types of CBD are also the best way to capitalize on the entourage effect.

Ensure the product has undergone third-party laboratory testing

While some CBD products are clean, others contain contaminants, including molds, pesticides, and heavy metals. Third-party lab testing ensures you walk away with products that are fit for human use.

Confirm if the Brand Offers its Certificate of Analysis (COA)

After the third-party lab testing, the company gets the Certificate of Analysis. This shows the exact potency of CBD and THC in the product. A company that values transparency will display the Certificate of Analysis on its website or deliver a copy of it to the customer if necessary.

Dosing with CBD Gummies

Dosing with CBD Gummies is easy. CBD gummies are pre-dosed by manufacturers, making them the best CBD products to consume on the go. On the other hand, CBD oil does not have a precise dose, so manufacturers leave the dosing part to the consumers. You should start small until you get the dosage that meets your needs and preferences.

The Bottom Line

There is no specific time of the day you should take CBD Gummies. Because CBD gummies pass through the digestive system, you may want to consume them in the morning to address your stress or anxiety accordingly. If sleep problems are your concern, you may want to take CBD gummies in the PM to get a good night's rest. CBD gummies are the easiest way to consume CBD because they come pre-dosed. With these products, you can also go much lower in dosing if you cannot work with the dose suggested by the manufacturer. One thing to keep in mind is that the effects of CBD gummies are not thoroughly studied. For this reason, it is not yet time to make these products your permanent stress relievers or sleep aids.


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