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The Benefits Of Broad Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

August 18, 2022 5 min read

The Benefits Of Broad Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

The Benefits Of Broad Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

CBD products have various elements, each attached to various functions. The elements are terpenes, flavonoids, tetrahydrocannabinol, and cannabidiol. CBD is useful for delivering health benefits due to the entourage effect.

There are three types of CBD topicals; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. Although the full spectrum and broad-spectrum are slightly different, they share many similarities. The types of CBD are differentiated using the presence of either of the chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. The hemp plant has multiple elements, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), flavonoids, cannabidiol (CBD), and terpenes. The elements have different roles and have unique properties making either of them relevant. THC and CBD are mainly found in either cannabis sativa, hemp, or marijuana. Also, terpenes and flavonoids are found in most plants, including fruits and vegetables.

What is a CBD Topical Lotion?

A CBD topical lotion is crafted with hemp extracts and blended with other organic elements to improve quality and effectiveness. CBD lotions are only for topical use and are designed to improve your skin’s health and wellness. CBD has multiple properties suitable for improving your skin’s health. Besides, full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum offers entourage effect, providing more than skin therapeutic benefits. Liu Tina (2019) explained that, although CBD has potential health benefits, it also has side effects, including making you anxious and dizzy. CBD is the main dominant element of the hemp plant alongside THC. However, unlike THC, CBD is associated with numerous health benefits. It binds with B1 and B2 receptors, regulating hormone production.

Broad Spectrum CBD Lotion and Its Benefits

Broad-spectrum CBD is manufactured using all the chemical compounds of the hemp plant. It comprises terpenes, flavonoids, THC, and CBD. All the elements contribute to its entourage effect, including THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive element that can make you feel dizzy, anxious, migraine, and change in appetite, especially if taken in high potencies. Therefore, an individual should take it considerably to avoid either side effect. The role of each the element of full-spectrum CBD lotion is as follows;

THC for inflammation

Inflammation is one of the treatments for the eruption of skin diseases. Eczema, seborrheic, psoriasis, and dermatitis are some skin diseases caused by imbalanced inflammation. If not controlled, skin rashes can also be caused by inflammation and large bruises. Some inflammatory skin diseases are psoriasis, seborrheic, dermatitis, and eczema. THC has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for regulating inflammation, including skin inflammation. Minor skin rashes can turn them into bruises, increasing skin damage. However, THC can only be effective if its levels are below 0.3%. High THC potency levels harm your health since they might result in dizziness or anxiety.

Terpenes and Flavonoids

Unlike CBD and THC, terpenes are also found in other plants such as vegetables and fruits. They are responsible for the dark color of the hemp plant and its awful taste. However, due to their unique properties, terpenes and flavonoids have been used in multiple clinical research. According toSusmitha et al. (2013), terpenes and flavonoids have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that protect your skin against bacteria.


CBD is also widely used in clinical trials to address the world pandemic COVID-19. It is also considered for skin products due to its potential properties that hinder the skin from developing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and seborrheic caused by inflammation. According toJastrzab Anna et al. (2021), CBD has anti-inflammatory properties suitable for hindering various diseases by regulating inflammation. Also,  Wang Zhizhen et al. (2022) explained that CBD has anti-aging properties suitable for reducing the spread and deepening of wrinkles on your skin.

Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is the ability of various elements to work together to provide more than the intended health benefits. Although full spectrum CBD has THC, a psychoactive element, it has the most elements suitable for providing an entourage effect. Besides, the anti-inflammatory properties of THC are also significant in boosting the entourage effect. Therefore, full-spectrum CBD delivers more than skin benefits. According toBoehnke et al. (2022), it can help lower anxiety by creating a suitable room for mental alertness and sleep. However, more clinical trials need to be done on the health benefits of full-spectrum since neither of the above has been approved.

Broad Spectrum

Broad-spectrum CBD is manufactured using all the elements of the hemp plant except THC. Therefore, it can also provide an entourage effect but without THC-related risks. CBD is suitable for fighting stress and anxiety and creating a suitable environment for sleep. Therefore, broad-spectrum CBD will offer more than skin benefits. The absence of THC shouldn’t be a reason for taking high potencies. CBD could also cause anxiety, depression, and diarrhea, especially in high potencies.


Isolate CBD is rare since it requires a lot of critical extraction. It is also not highly embraced because it is limited to CBD health benefits only. The entourage effect limits isolate because it is void of other chemical compounds from the hemp plant, including THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. It is suitable for regulating inflammation and securing your skin from UV light and free radicals. CBD has antioxidant properties that protect your skin against harsh UV light and free radicals that destroy keratinocytes, protecting your skin. However, it should be in slight potencies to avoid the potential side effects.


Full-spectrum CBD topicals are highly embraced due to their potential health benefits. It is suitable for the entourage effect since it has numerous chemical compounds. However, the presence of THC makes it dangerous due to its intoxicating side effects. Full-spectrum CBD is manufactured alongside other elements such as terpenes. Most brands blend their topicals with MCT or coconut oil to improve their effectiveness. MCT oil is an essential oil suitable for improving the rate of absorption. The elements blended in your full spectrum topicals are important because they help determine the purity levels. Artificial elements are likely to cause chemical reactions making your full spectrum CBD less effective. However, the most important thing is the lab results. Avoid full spectrum topicals whose purity levels have not been accessed using an IOS-certified lab.


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