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The Benefits of CBD Body Balm

August 31, 2022 5 min read

The Benefits of CBD Body Balm

The Benefits of CBD Body Balm

CBD products are gaining popularity due to their health benefits. CBD body balm is one of the products administered topically. This article highlights the benefits of CBD body balm.

CBD is gracing the beauty world at an alarming rate. An increasing number of cosmetic products are featuring this substance as one of the ingredients, thanks to its numerous purported health benefits. However, more research on this component is still necessary. One of the CBD topicals you can apply is CBD balm. Many manufacturers have CBD in the balms they produce. However, what exactly is CBD balm, and what are some of its benefits? Read on to discover these and much more.

What is CBD Balm?

CBD is one of the numerous components of the cannabis sativa plant. It lacks psychoactive properties, so you don't have to worry about getting "high" after its use. CBD balm contains CBD oil. Unlike CBD creams, CBD balms do not contain water nor have a thinner texture. Rather, they are thick and have a waxy texture.

So, how do you create CBD balm? The first thing is to have the CBD oil, which you obtain from extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, then adding a carrier or base oil. At this stage, the manufacturer can add the CBD oil into a balm, which will be applied topically. Some ingredients in a skincare balm are skincare butter, wax, e.g., beeswax, oil, and other active ingredients.

How to Use CBD Balm

If you have ever bought a CBD balm or any beauty cream or balm, you may have noticed a set of instructions on how to use the product. Therefore, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions on how best to use the CBD balm. Importantly, avoid the temptation of exceeding the dosage recommended.

Typically, just like any other topical product, take a small amount of the CBD balm on your hands, rub together then apply it to your skin in the affected area. As you do, you can massage it gently and slowly so it penetrates properly. Avoid applying the balm to open cuts and broken skin.

CBD Balm Dosage

As we mentioned earlier, it is good to follow the dose recommended by the CBD balm manufacturer. However, if you are a newbie, we recommend you begin with small doses of the balm, monitor your body's reaction then add or reduce depending on the effects it has on your body.

If you have sensitive or easily irritable skin, a patch test can help determine whether the CBD balm will react with your skin or not.

Benefits of CBD Balm

The research on CBD is still ongoing. However, the following are some of the potential benefits you can get from applying CBD balm topically;

It Can Help Reduce Inflammation

If you have inflammation on your skin or have conditions exhibiting inflammation, a CBD balm can come in handy. Research points to CBD's anti-inflammatory properties, which come in handy at such a time. Interestingly, Wang et al. (2020) suggested that CBD balms have been used for years as anti-inflammatory agents.

It Helps Reduce Skin Dryness

CBD balms contain nutrients that act as moisturizers, giving your skin the hydration it needs. Therefore, if you have dry, flaky, cracked, or patchy skin, a CBD balm can help rectify these problems, thanks to its hydrating properties.

It Can Help Reduce Pain

According to Khaleghi (2020), CBD is good for alleviating pain. Therefore, if you have aching muscles and joints, you can apply the CBD balm to the affected areas. It will relax your muscles and the area of skin it is applied to. Moreover, the balm's CBD will interact with CB2 receptors to reduce pain.

It Can Help Reduce Acne and Blackheads

If you have acne-prone skin, you may wish for clearer skin. Acne and blackheads can lower your self-esteem and thus affect your social life. Unfortunately, they can advance past puberty into your adulthood. Your skin can have acne scars and marks in the end. The good thing is that CBD balm can help reduce acne and blackhead, so you have radiant skin.

According to Peyravian et al. 2020, CBD body wash might reduce inflammation, thus reducing acne. If you are adolescent battling acne and blackheads, why not give CBD balm a chance?

It Quickens Recovery and Repairs the Skin

CBD balm can help hasten the recovery and healing process if you have wounds and burns. It enhances the replacement of the burned or wounded skin with a fresh one. Notably, the nourishing properties of CBD balm can help your overall skin, giving you a degree of radiance.

It Can Help You Have a Soft and Nourished Skin

Evans (2020) claimed that CBD balms are infused with natural essential oils that can aid with skin softness and nourishment. These properties help give you the benefits naturally. The good thing is that any skin type can benefit from the moisture and nourishment of the essential oils.

Side Effects of CBD Balm

When taken in its pure form, CBD does not cause any harm to the user. Unfortunately, research on topical CBD's proper dosage and side effects are still insufficient. An advantage of applying CBD balm topically is that the risks of having it enter your bloodstream are minimal. Also, when you use the topical over a short period, you won't experience any side effects.

However, if you are already under certain medications, we recommend you first talk to a professional healthcare provider before using CBD balm. This is to avoid any potential interactions with the prescription medication you may be taking already.

There is no sufficient evidence on the exact effects of long-term use of CBD topicals such as balm. This means that more research is necessary to conclude. Importantly, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, the FDA advises you not to use CBD products, including CBD balm.


CBD balm is a go-to product for a good skincare routine. Skincare keeps your skin moisturized and nourished, reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and can quicken the wound healing process. Moreover, thanks to the balm, you can have soft and hydrated skin. Anyone fighting acne and blackheads can also benefit from this topical product. You can apply it to the affected area topically and in small amounts. Importantly, more research on CBD balm is still necessary. For example, researchers are still unsure of the long-term side effects of applying CBD balm topically.


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