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  • August 22, 2022 4 min read

    The Benefits of Using CBD Face Scrub

    Can a person use CBD for face scrub? Herein is about CBD for a face scrub, including; choosing the CBD product, source, and purpose.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is an activecompoundderived from the cannabisor hemp plant. a Farm billwas passed in 2018 where CBD   extracted from hemp plants with THC less than 0.3% is legal.Many productsare infused with CBD ranging from gummies, coffees, soap topicals, tinctures, and many other body products. CBD and THC are extracted from the same plant (cannabis), although CBD does not have the psychoactive property which gives the user the 'high feeling'. Three types of CBDgive the consumer a choice on whichproduct will serve their need. Full-spectrum isa type of CBD that contains all the components of the plant, including THC. Broad-spectrum has all the components except THC. CBD is 99.9% pure CBD; it has no additives. A user who chooses to use the two types of the spectrum will benefit from all the plant components.

    What does CBD do, and why is it good for your skin?

    According to Oláh et al.(2014),CBD is associatedwithmany benefits; for example, CBD helps the skin by reducing the production of sebum, which most cause acne. Therefore, it can be effective in treating acne. CBD can also help many in their health and youthful look.According to Burstein (2015), CBD has an antiinflammatoryeffect,helpingreduceredness and puffiness andsoothing the skin. CBD is accepted, and studies have shown its effectiveness, and more research is being carried out to find out more about it. The study above also showed that CBD helps muscle relaxation and soreness and relievestension and pain.

    CBD Face Scrub

    People might feel they havedouble skin on the face or long to haveflawless, clear, and smooth skin.Someface scrubs can make people feel like their face is stripped of nourishment, leavingthem uncomfortable.People can feel their skin's full potential when theyuse CBD facescrub, making themmore refreshedand brighter. According to Sarker&Nahar (2020), scrabis formulatedwith theorganicallygrown plant's natural ingredients, soothing the skinand leaving itin itsnatural state.According to Trak & Chauhan (2022),hemp seed oilhasan antibacterial andnourishingeffect, making the skin blemish-free.Evans (2020) noted that  CBD facescrub exfoliates the skin, sucking outall the moistureand having the skin look more radiant; dead skin makes theskin look dull. CBD-infused face scrub has a gentle touch on delicate facial skin. It can be used m lore often to get the desired results. CBD scrubcan be used daily ortwicedaily (in the morning and evening). Cleansingthe skinisavitalroutine that mostpeopleconsider because thefaceiswhat peoplesee before getting to the other body parts.

    How To Choose The Right CBD Skincare Product

    The Type OfCBD

    All the products in the market are formulated based on the three types of CBD; broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate oils. The full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the hemp plant's active compounds, including some traces ofTHC. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all theplant's componentsexcept  THC. While the CBD isolates are thepurest form of  CBD, it has no othercomponent from thehemp plant.

    The Source of CBD

    Considering the source of cannabidiol used in the product is important. CBD from the hemp grown in the USA plant is the most recommended since it is grown under agricultural regulations. Theproduct shouldbespecific about the source.forexample,"cannabidiol" and "hemp extract".

    When buying a skincare product suchasoil, it should be noted that hemp seed oil isnot the sameas CBD oil because CBD isextracted from the leavesandthe flowers of theplant.

    The Purpose of the Product

    Knowing why you are getting CBD products will help determine the amount of CBD you need. According to Millar et al.(2019),the CBD concentrationshould be high to beeffectiveif you get the product for pain relief or anxiety.

    Always Read the Label

    The government ismaking  CBD   and  THC less than 0.3% legal,and many companies are interested in making CBD  products. There isan increase in mislabeledCBD  products; therefore, iftheproducthaslabeledthat itcontains CBD, it can bea red flag. Most companies have labeled their products as hemp extract even when they are not because of the pressure exerted on companies by the FDA.

    The Quality of the Product

    It is good to get the product from a reputable brand and company. Avoid getting products online because some are mislabeled. Check what other buyers say about the product to get therightproduct. Also,test the products in the third-party lab.

    Get the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    A certificate of analysis helps to justify if the information on the product is true. Buy CBD products from companies thatprovideup-to-date COA that thecompany and the only brand thatcan betrusted. The information on the COA should bethesame as theone on the product's label. Also, look at the potency; if there is CBD, consider the concentration. Look for total CBD on the COA.

    Some products get contaminated, but the company will not inform their consumers. On the COA, confirm the availability of any contaminants such asheavy metals or pesticides.


    While you want a glowing look and nourished skin,ensurethe product you buy is safe because CBD extractionuses harsh chemicals. Your body is your responsibility,and do not bescared tocontact CBD oil company directorsso that you can findanswers to your questions.Choose a product with a high concentration of CBD. Get a certificate of analysis to ensure that the CBD product is legit. It helps to avoid buying fake CBD products. CBD has natural ingredientsbut has some side effects, includingdizziness, change in appetite, increased fatigue, anddiarrhea. Consult yourdoctor before using any CBD  product to confirmif there is a possibility of any reactions if you are under medication. Use CBD for face scrub to maintain a well-toned. Apply CBD face scrub in the morning and evening to obtain the best results.


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