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The Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs You Won't Believe

September 05, 2022 5 min read

The Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs You Won't Believe

The Surprising Truth About CBD Bath Bombs You Won't Believe

CBD bath bombs have been known to have the benefits of purifying the skin and giving out relaxing sensations. Some of the facts about them are that they are always in a diluted form, cannot soak in the epidermis, and do not mix with water.

CBD products have been on the rise because of their benefits. Most manufacturers have started coming up with various products that work for the use of humans. CBD bath bombs are one of the multiple products CBD farmers have come up with. The great thing about CBD bath bombs is that one can include them in the bathing session and feel refreshed and relaxed. It is because of the relaxing properties that it has. They have become a great addition to the bathroom activities.  

What Is a  CBD Bath Bomb?

Bath bombs are mixtures of essential oils and herbs that are hardpacked and assist in adding aroma, color, and bubbles to the water. They give out fun and relaxed feeling to the human body. CBD bath bombs are infused, which is one of the most significant and active compounds of the cannabis plant.   

Benefits Of CBD Bath Bomb

Skin Purification

The skin is known to be the most significant part of the body. According to Cream (2020), CBD has the properties of repairing the skin and moisturizing it, giving them a glowing feeling. It also helps make the skin hydrated and prevents it from drying. CBD bath bombs are soaked in water, improve the skin's natural well-being, and make it moisturized.   

Relaxing Sensation

Introducing CBD bath bombs in the bathroom can help an individual relax and unwind their day after a stressful and tiresome day. It is possible when CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors and improves sleep by treating insomnia, reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing an individual's mood. 

Effects of CBD Bath Bomb

  • Herat health improvement
  • Moisturizes the skin and the hair
  • Assists in balancing the hormones
  • Soothes the joints, muscles, and bones.
  • Gastrointestinal health is improved

Are Topical CBD Similar to CBD Bath Bombs

Though they are sometimes seen to be similar and related, CBD topicals and bath bombs have some differences. The main difference is that the CBD bath bomb is used when one soaks themselves in the shower, while the topicals can be used after the shower or when one is in pain and would want to take the pain away. However, they do have some similarities. Topicals are in the form of lotions, balms, and creams. They are applied directly to the surface of the skin. They act on the skin's surface and endocannabinoid receptors, so their effects can be felt as the CBD does not get into the bloodstream.

How CBD Bath Bombs Work

Dunne et al. (2015) stated that CBD bath bombs are used when bathing. They are dropped in water, and their effects start to be noticed. It is because they give out some colors, a great aroma, and moisturizing oil that assist in taking the bathing moment to be a notch higher. Most people use it as part of their skincare routine. 

They Are Diluted

According to Evans (2020), the CBD present in the bath bomb is already in a diluted form. It means that when they are sold, they are at low strengths. It means that one does not need to dilute the CBD too much as its effects will be lost, and the results felt will not be from the fact that you have taken a bath from the CBD but because of the refreshing bath.

They Cannot Soak in the Epidermis

CBD bath bombs are not the same as CBD topicals. It can be noticed when the CBD topicals are applied, and they are allowed some time for them to dwell on the skin for some time and for the oil to soak itself into the epidermis, while CBD bath bombs cannot perform the same effect. When a CBD bath bomb is placed inside the water, it creates two layers; the top layer is CBD oil.

It Cannot Mix with Water

When CBD bath bombs are soaked in water, they turn into oil. The latter and water cannot mix. It, therefore, means that the CBD bath oil cannot mix with the water that one has soaked themselves in. it will, however, be in two layers. The CBD oil will be on top of the water, and thus, the skin's ability to absorb the ingredients of the CBD bath bomb.

Can CBD Bath Bombs Make an Individual High?

According to Shapira et al. (2020), the CBD bath bomb cannot make an individual high as they do not have the presence of the psychoactive ingredient that is THC on them. The only thing it will do is give a relaxing feeling and get one to feel some incredible sensations when they get the aroma and flavor that the CBD bath bomb gives out. They help one relax and get some sleep after unwinding on a stressful day.

Alternatives To CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are a great alternative for those that do not want to use CBD bath bombs. It is primarily of the end goal is to achieve healthier skin, treat some aches and pain and aim for glowing skin. CBD topicals have been linked to the ability to deal with inflammation in the body and the pain associated with it. It is because it has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. The only downside of using CBD topicals is that one can only rely on them when treating localized areas, as the effects will only be felt in the areas where the CBD topicals have been applied only.

CBD Basics

Individuals may opt for CBD because it is easy to carry, has the quickest relief, and is straightforward. These are the specific means of taking CBD. Some of them include capsules, oils, and CBD sprays.


CBD bath bomb is an excellent addition to the bathing experience. They are known to be great for aroma therapy sessions, providing relaxation and relieving some pain in individuals. There is nothing as great as unwinding from a stressful day with the bath bombs as they will make one be relaxed and enjoy the pleasant aroma they give out. The essential oils also allow the ingredients found in the CBD bath bombs to penetrate the skin and give out the benefits they are acclaimed to have.


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